The Rules of Medieval MMA – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains, the Rules of Medieval MMA
The object of the game is for a fighter to win by points, knockout, submission or death.
Medieval Mixed Martial Arts, sometimes referred to as Medieval MMA is a twist on regular mixed
martial arts. Where fighters don the traditional armour of a European knight, and are armed
with a sword and a shield. A contest is between two fighters in a multi-faceted
cage, similar to that used in boxing or regular MMA fights.
In Medieval MMA, fighters fight within a weight class and are a similar size and weight to
each other. Once the referee tells you to go … you must
begin fighting. You are allowed to punch your opponent, kick
your opponent, elbow knee or wrestle your opponent, strike them with your sword or shield,
throw them to the ground and you are allowed to attack them on the floor. You can use virtually any strike that you
can think of and even though these guys have full suits of metal armour – this hurts
like hell. One on one fights are usually contested in
3 rounds of 3 minutes each, but can vary depending on the organisation. There are four ways to win a fight.
Knockout If you manage to knock your opponent down,
they’ll have a limited amount of time to get back up. If they cannot do this and show
that they can carry on fighting, you win by Knockout. You can also win by knockout if
you trap the opponent on the floor, and strike the head or torso three times in succession
without reply. Submission
If your opponent has sustained too much damage so that they cannot continue, they can indicate
this to the referee. The referee will end the fight immediately and award you a win
by submission. Points.
You get points depending on how many clean hits to your opponent’s armour you make,
how many times you knock your opponent down to the ground, and points based on your overall
performance. If a Knockout or Submission hasn’t happened
when time runs out, a group of judges will have scored each fighter based on their performance,
for every round that they have fought in. The fighter with the highest amount of points
at the end of time – wins. This is known as ‘winning by decision’.
Death Should your opponent die during the contest,
either accidentally or by you killing them … you win … obviously. Holy fuuuuuck! That’s bat shit crazy. Hell yes it is, and it’s pretty awesome.
But there’s a few other things you’ll need to know before contesting in or watching
Medieval MMA. For example:
Disqualification (DQ). A fighter can be disqualified for failing
to make weight, or by being given three warnings for illegal moves. Some illegal moves include
intentionally trying to remove your opponent’s armour, submission style choking, and intentionally
trying to pierce the weak parts of your opponents armour, such as the holes around the eyes.
Forfeit. A fighter can announce his own defeat before
a match begins, if he is injured or unable to fight. This is known as a forfeit and his
opponent automatically wins. Melee Most contests are one on one, but if you want
to take on more than one person, you can do that.
This is known as a melee and the rules are generally the same. Except that an entire
team of knights fight against another team of knights. How many fighters? So long as
the numbers are even, any number that both teams agree on. You can attack anyone and at any time, and
you can choose to use different weapons too. Battle axes, maces and lances … whatever
you feel causes the most damage. The team that has the most knockouts, strikes or points
at the end of time … wins. This video is a general summary of the rules
‘Medieval Mixed Martial Arts’, but rules differ between organisations so check your
local organisation for the specific rules that you must abide by.
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  1. Ninh explains – the bat-shit crazy event that is Medieval MMA.
    The days of old are back, whereby knights slaughtered each other in full metal mortal combat.
    This is brutal … and totally awesome!
    Seriously guys, like share & subscribe. Also post on Reddit!

  2. You should talk about the rules of HEMA. Rules video and Some HEMA tournaments ,,,

  3. I don't know how to feel about that new kind of MMA / combat sports medieval. Obviously you can really get hurt deadly as hell and on the other side it's like back to the roots of comabt.

  4. Death should result in a loss for both. Otherwise they are incouraging death by making it an option for victory.

  5. Because we all know how well helmets prevent brain damage… These guys are going to be drooling in a wheelchair within three years. And this gimmicky bullshit will be worth it right?

  6. If killing your opponent is a legitimate way of winning then there is no way it would be a legal sport in the western world.

  7. I heard that the weapons are not edged for the sake of the safety. Or there would be many player win by death in REAL……

  8. I really wanto to try this out because it seems really intense, but at the same time, I don't want to go to the hospital

  9. So I’ve always thought LARPing was stupid and now this video has without a doubt confirmed that! This is the real f***in deal!!

  10. Yea ladies and gentlemen! 😉 Wor er… Ninh?? Has shown wor a more or less realistic version of Soul Calibur! ????????????

  11. This actually reminds me of the many Roman gladiatorial events that occurred throughout the history of Ancient Rome.

  12. If you'd like to see what a medieval duel would have actually looked like, look up HEMA. this stuff is literally just mma in costume, not at all representative of medieval combat.

  13. This sport looks exciting and awesome but i will never do this in real life. I think its the sword and the fact that i can die in the ring.

  14. Can you use any weapons you like or does it necessarily have to be a sword and how sharp can they be? Can you use whichever shield you like too?

  15. why the fuck do they use swords…..not real swords…but the chaos of combat those can still go inbetween the eyeslits and blind someone….

    this is the pinnacle of irresponsability…they should use BLUNT they end up bashing their heads in anyway..and they have no technique or no finesse whatsoever…

    this is worse garbage than pro wrestling..

  16. Sorry to be a buzz kill, guys, but I think the sport is effectively dead. No matter how much I google it I can only find several videos of fights – most of which have been used in this video…

    It's a damn shame, because this looks like it has great potential!

    UFC was the big new thing in the 90's and it feels like there haven't been many new badass sports since then…

    Medieval MMA seems like an amazing attempt and if they could just give it a few years and do some mad advertising, it could easily be the next big thing.

  17. Quick question, can the armour be customized? Say like, a clonetrooper inspired templar armour variant, or must they be historically correct?

  18. STOP CALLING IT MMA! It's fucking medieval sword fighting! You think it's funny and cool but wait till you start having real injuries and deaths then you will be fucked because the law will come down real hard! As for using battle axes and maces in a melee that's a recipe for death! Those two weapons were designed to crush and break bones through armour! The fact you haven't had a slew of deaths already means the weapons must be blunt and fairly light because armour did not protect the knights from a proper sword or lance back in the day! Let's just bring back duels with two guys and two guns! Make it a PPV event for the whole family! The undercard could be knife fighting in alleyways! If MMA or boxing isn't painful and dangerous enough for you then join the fucking army or become a mercenary and just hope a deadly war breaks out!

  19. I was thinking the fourth way to win was death, but I didn't actually think that was an official rule.


  20. so what your saying is aside from the legal rules and illegal fighting move, i can legally intentionally kill him without consequence in that ring? excellent.

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