The Real Reason Marvel Didn’t Bring Back Snipes For Blade

After years away from theaters, the Blade
franchise is coming back – but it has a new leading man. Why did Marvel decide to go with Mahershala
Ali as its new Blade instead of sticking with Wesley Snipes? While we wait for the character’s Phase 5
MCU revival, here’s everything we know. By August of 2019, Wesley Snipes will be 57
years old. Granted, Snipes has aged well and we’re willing
to bet the guy who gave us the martial arts moves we saw in his many action flicks can
still throw a mean kick. Also, age is meaning less and less these days
when it comes to casting. Harrison Ford was 65 when Indiana Jones and
the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was released in theaters, and even though he’s now in his
late 70s, he’ll return to the role again in Indiana Jones 5. Not to mention the impressive advances in
de-aging technology – something Marvel Studios has already used successfully a number of
times to impressive results. “Do me a favor? Try not to burn the house down before Monday?” “OK, so it’s Monday. That is good to know. I will plan my toga party accordingly.” But there are differences between those examples
and the potential of casting Snipes as Blade – the most glaring issue being that Blade’s
part vampire. A 77-year-old can play Indiana Jones because
Indy’s human. In the first Blade film series, it’s established
Blade ages normally. But in the comics, while Blade isn’t immortal
like full vampires, he ages slower than humans. The new Blade films may be closer to the comics
in this way. If so, having a 57-year-old half-vampire who
looks like he’s 57 doesn’t work. Largely thanks to a 2012 A.V. Club interview with Patton Oswalt about his
most memorable roles, Wesley Snipes’ supposed behavior on the set of Blade: Trinity has
become absolutely, hilariously infamous. “If you sit and watch Blade Trinity, it’s
a D-. It just doesn’t work. But if you know what they went through to
get that movie made… it is an A.” Snipes and Trinity director David Goyer didn’t
get along behind the camera. According to Oswalt, Snipes accused Goyer
of racism and at one point sat down with the director and tried to convince him to quit,
only to have Goyer retort that since they’d already filmed all of Snipes’ close-ups and
could use a stand-in for everything else, Snipes should quit instead. Oswalt said after that confrontation, Snipes
refused to communicate with Goyer directly. “After a while, he resorted to just – he would
communicate with Post-Its that he would give to the director… and each one he would sign
‘Blade.'” Blade: Trinity came out well over a decade
ago, and it could be that Snipes has mellowed with age. Regardless, Marvel will probably try to recruit
some impressive directorial talent for their new Blade film, and doing that will probably
be easier without a lead actor you can’t even get to use his words. “Come on – use your words, buddy.” It could be that any concern about Wesley
Snipes returning to play Blade is baseless – but that still doesn’t change the reality
that we got to see Snipes play Blade in three films. Bringing him back to the role would waste
the marvelous opportunity of finding a new actor to give us a different shade of Blade. Mahershala Ali is a tremendous catch. We don’t know much about the film yet, including
its release date, but we know plenty about Ali’s talent. He’s got two Academy Awards for Best Actor
in a Supporting Role under his belt – one for 2017’s Moonlight and another for 2019’s
Green Book. He’s brilliant as political consultant Remy
Danton in House of Cards, as well as the villain Cottonmouth in the first season of Luke Cage. Any Marvel fan, any Blade fan, or just any
person with even slightly good taste should be thrilled about the casting. “It looks like you brought your own hat, Mahershala. You did? What is that?” Just because Wesley Snipes won’t be returning
as Blade doesn’t mean he won’t be in the film. When it comes to paying tribute to writers,
artists, and actors, Marvel Studios has a fine track record, and there’s no reason Snipes
couldn’t fill another role in the upcoming Blade. One perfect choice could be the role of Whistler
– Blade’s mentor-slash-father figure. Kris Kristofferson played Whistler in the
original film trilogy, and Snipes could be perfect casting for the rebooted character. “How do you feel.” “Like hammered s—.” We’re not the first ones to have the idea. Immediately following the news of Ali’s casting
as the new Blade, Snipes fans reacted quickly. Many accepted the new casting but with the
preference that they wanted Snipes in the film in some capacity, even if it was just
a cameo, and more than a few fans named Whistler as a perfect fit. Since we know Snipes talked to Marvel about
something, this may already be in the works. In a couple of years we could see Snipes yelling
at Ali for saving vampire-bite survivors and chain-smoking while spilling gasoline all
over the place. Whatever his reputation for on-set shenanigans
might be, you’ve got to give Wesley Snipes this much: After the news broke that Marvel
had hired Mahershala Ali to play the rebooted Blade, the O.G. Daywalker took it publicly in stride, waiting
a few days for things to settle down before talking to the press and assuring his fans
that he supports the studio’s decision. Snipes addressed his fans in a statement,
writing, in part: “To all the DAYWALKERS losing their minds
right now, chillaaxx. Although the news comes as a surprise, it’s
ALL good. Such is the ‘business’ of ‘entertainment!’ Much peace to the MCU crew – always a fan. […] Congratulations and Salaam to Mahershala
Ali, a beautiful and talented artist whose expressions I look forward to experiencing
for many years to come.” Whether Snipes’ magnanimous reaction stems
from a secret involvement in the new Blade or simply some good old-fashioned maturity
is anyone’s guess at this point. Either way, it looks like everyone’s happy
with the way the future of the franchise is shaping up – even if the man who originally
brought the central character to life has ended up losing the role in the process. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about your favorite
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100 Replies to “The Real Reason Marvel Didn’t Bring Back Snipes For Blade

  1. Snipes will always be THAT DUDE! His authenticity as a martial artist validated him playing the role and there will never be another! I like where they're going but it'd be great to thank Wesley for making the character iconic!

  2. Bad enough No Ron In Hell-Boy But Wes NOT In Blade, That's Sin-Full, But Then Hollywood Owns the record  Of SINNERS

  3. Most people think Mahershala Ali will try to bring originality as Blade,
    but ironically, originality is the last thing that develops in an artist when playing someone else's role.
    The uncertainty principle leads to all sorts of paradoxes…
    Ultimately, only time will tell if omitting Wesley Snipes was their biggest blooper!

  4. Age? Fair point. I dont care what anyone says, my man is getting old. I dont want to see a senior citizen up there 1 v 50 vampires like he used to do.

    Blade Trinty drama? So what. RDJ broke into someone house and did time in prison for drugs. So anything Wesley Snipes did is null and void in light of that.

    I support the change. Bring back Wesley Snipes as Whistler. End of drama.

  5. Wesley Snipes did an incredible job as Blade, unfortunately the later chapters sucked. Mahershala will be awesome as well. If he plays the role like he did CottonMouth in Luke Cage, he will definitely make the character of Blade badass. I'm fricken ecstatic with the choice

  6. Blade is not only Snipes. Dont forget about good Martial Arts and a good Soundtrack or you will fail even with your 2 Times Golden Boy

  7. Wesley Snipes is the only actor I can visualize playing Blade even if he wasn't in the first three films. The MCU is going to rely on CGI rather than real life martial arts to do there first movie.

  8. Only person that can come close to playing blade besides Wesley is none other person than drum role….michel jai white

  9. Yeah Wesley Snipes was a good blade he was the best blade.. I don't believe the story about his age what it could be is that he is a royal pain in the ass he is a fucken unbearable diva

  10. I seriously hope they reconsider Wesley Snipes as blade he was the best and one and only blade, this new guy won't even hold a candle to Snipes portrayal!!

  11. They've tried to do blade as a series without wesley snipes and it failed horribly. It just doesn't feel right seeing blade played by someone else. Wesley brought a swag to the role

  12. Ali, i am coming preloaded with boos and prepared to hated you. 2 minutes in, a alonggg time ago everyone knew wes was Blade and that he was good. TEAMWESLEY

  13. It's because Wesley Snipes' Blade isn't MCU … do you see Eric Bana playing the Hulk now? Do you see Toby McGuire playing spiderman now? So why the hell would they recast Wesley Snipes. He's already done Blade in a different cinematic universe, plus he's old

  14. When Mr. Ali calls Marvel and says he wants Blade Marvel listens… All we need now is Mr. Reeves to call them next for MOONLNIGHT!?????????

  15. Ziar. Yes I. Instead of making a movie more modern and you are considered what's the age, they make the movie sometime in the future. Carson play in the part of Whistler, don't make sense. Like I say make the movie sometime in the future. It's not rocket science. Just common sense.!!!!???????????

  16. Nah dey won't let snipes play whistler u knew they always gtta have a white person playing a black person wit power teacher/mentor in a movie u would think they would do that with Wesley but I bet not and dude playing the new blade look older then snipes

  17. Sounds as though because Wesley Snipes is so hard to get along with, he won't be cast as Blade in the MCU. That is sad. Maybe Wesley Snipes could have sat down with Marvel or Disney executives to convince them he can play the lead role WITHOUT having conflicts with others (directors,etc.). Then he have shown them he is still very agile, despite his age, so there would be no doubt he could still play the character. Jason Statham , Daniel Craig, Vin Diesel, are all in their 50's.(BUT DISNEY, Marvel, can be sensitive about that AGE issue, by the way how old is Hugh Jackman?)

  18. WS is the best Blade, period (that other guy doesn't… doesn't count).


    Having WS as Whistler!? I'm down!

    Btw, how bout Ryan Reynolds reprising his role as Hannibal King? Hahaha Watching Blade 3 couldn't stop laughing cause all his jokes reminded me of Deadpool!!

  19. Never watched Blade, so I really don’t care. I don’t care to watch it either. People need to stop being cry babies because it has been decades.

  20. Oh heaven forbid ……….., they can't have a negro on the set being confident , assertive and showing a high level of self esteem.
    A few things change and more things stay the same. Welcome to America !

  21. I just hope they don't screw up the vibe of series with the new film, Blade is all about the cool factor and badassery of the character and the story and fight scenes of the series is just an added bonus.

  22. He probably wasn't cast because he is just too old and wanted to try new blood. Hopefully he is cast as the Whistler but I would prefer to see him as the bad guy. He has the chops for it. He looks menacing and his martial skills back him up

  23. I want Wesley Snipes! He was/is a star. Snipes has been screwed due to racism and persecution by the racist government. I don't care what he has been accused of. He is a top-notch talent and I want to see him act. Please. And get off his throat. He is a good man!

  24. I know that most of us are pretty mad about Wesley Snipes not being Blade, but seeing a different take on Blade might not be so bad? Some marvel characters look NOTHING like the comic's versions, but we still love them… So I'm willing to give the MCU's Blade a fair chance at this

  25. IDK if anyone could top snipes' blade he played the character very well i grew up loving the 3 movie the best but if he's giving his blessing like passing the torch to another i respect that

  26. Is the new guy is he a Martial artist. Becuase Snipe is. I am not worry about which black guy is playing blade but he has to be a martial artist to put some flair into the action.

  27. If you need an a eample of when something was just before it time… It's BLADE! The M.C.U simply wasn't ready yet! He's probably a better character match then Robert Downey jr. As Tony Starks, who gets all the credit for the now, MCU

  28. I’m gonna need to see Snipes as the mentor to Ali’s Blade passing him the torch in a dignified manner to hold the designation of The Blade. I would throw money at that. In fact, keep him on for a few films to get the new Blade out of tight spots once in a while. They look good together and would pull off amazing stunts in combat as a team. The audience would go apeshit. Marvel do us a solid. He is the father of the Marvel Cinematic Universe after all.

  29. Blade = Wesley Snipes. Wesley Snipes builds a platform for the Marvel guys and they burned his glory to redeem his character.

  30. Wesley is getting a role in the new Blade so marvel ask Wesley to make that statement but if wesley ain't blade I'm not watching it he pissed off a white director and he get rejected to ever play Blade again

  31. Message to Ali: I'm not gonna suggest that you leave this one alone. But do not expect for anyone to feel you as Blade in this movie from the beginning, middle or end brother. But hell, get cha money!

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