The Real Reason Jet Li Looks Completely Different Now

Li Lianjie is one of the most well known faces
in martial arts movies, but you probably know him better as Jet Li . From martial arts movies
in the ’80s and ’90s up to modern-day franchises like The Expendables, Li has been an action
star for as long as many moviegoers can remember. But fans were sent into a frenzy after a 2018
photo of the actor appearing aged beyond his years went viral. The snapshot was almost unrecognizable as
the great martial arts star. Born in 1963, the martial artist would have
just turned 55 at the time the buzzworthy picture was posted, but many thought he appeared
to be 20 or 30 years older. People made their concerns known all around
the world, but is there really any reason to worry? Here are the real reasons why Jet Li looks
completely different now. Kung fu cult master Jet Li is an actor with a rare résumé. Born in Beijing, Li grew up practicing martial
arts on a nationally competitive level, transitioning to a movie career in his late teens. Since then, he’s appeared in both Chinese
movies and Hollywood productions, but he slowed down his Hollywood output around 2010. Li’s partial withdrawal from the spotlight
had to do with a diagnosis of hyperthyroidism. When he announced he was suffering from the
illness, Li said that the condition left him feeling uncertain as to whether or not he
could continue working as an actor in martial arts movies. Despite this setback, Li seemed content about
the situation, saying in 2013, “I’m in pain, but I’m not suffering. I’m happy.” Concerns gone viral Li’s diagnosis again became cause for concern
in May 2018 when a photo taken of him at a Tibet temple went viral. The photo, which showed the five-foot-six
star hunched over, with short gray hair and glasses, made him look remarkably older than
his age. Li’s relative absence from American movie
screens in recent years, coupled with the implied notion that he was gravely ill, helped
the image to circulate rapidly. Suddenly, a man who had convincingly defended
entire nations on the screen looked like the sort of person you would help to cross the
street. Fortunately, things aren’t nearly as bad as
they might look. While an overactive thyroid can cause drastic
changes in one’s weight and resting heart rate, it’s a treatable condition. While the disease has required Li to change
up his lifestyle, it’s reportedly never threatened his life. As his manager told The Washington Post, “He has hyperthyroidism that he’s been dealing
with for almost 10 years. It’s nothing life-threatening and he’s dealing
with it. He’s all well and good.” A painful career Li has a lot more going on with his body than
an overactive thyroid, and he’s been building up the damage in plain sight, for our entertainment,
his whole life. As a result of his many injuries, Li has said
he suffers from problems in his legs and spine, with the issues keeping him from being able
to stand up straight for too long. The damage is part of a history in martial
arts that goes back decades, earning him a torn knee that required surgery to fix at
the age of 18, and a major back injury by the age of 23. According to the South China Morning Post,
Li has said he was told by doctors in 2013 that he would end up in a wheelchair if he
continued to work in martial arts films, which helps to account for his slowed output in
the genre since then. Who could blame him? The movies he’s already done get to live forever,
but Li himself only gets one chance. From a bad angle Li’s public relations people were quick to
pounce on the emerging viral story, with his manager telling USA Today that his client
was “completely fine.” Though Li’s manager assured readers that Li
appreciated the outpouring of concern, he also made it clear that the rumors of Li’s
declining health were greatly exaggerated, not to mention a snap judgment, based on one
photo of questionable composition. As Li’s manager put it, “It’s one picture and people are making these
interpretations from it. If you took a picture [of] me at the wrong
angle and wrong time of the day, I could look frail as well.” As the photo gained traction with news outlets
around the world, social media commentators pointed out that much of Li’s appearance could
come down to issues of lighting, posture, and other external factors not indicative
of failing health. The bad photo theory has merit. In December 2017, Li shared a video on Instagram
wishing his fans a Happy New Year. While his appearance in the video is similar
to his look in the viral photo, he appears considerably healthier, older, but not in
trouble. “Dear fans, this is Jet! I wish you happy holidays in the great year
2018.” Romeo is fine While Li does look different now, it doesn’t
appear to be because his health is declining, nor are things as bad as one photo makes it
look. Li is still working as a filmmaker, though
he’s kept most of his work aside from the Expendables series in China. That may change soon, as the actor is reportedly
in talks to star in the live-action version of Disney’s Mulan, set for release in 2020. Li may be getting older, but rumors of his
condition have been greatly exaggerated. Just because he’s cooled it with the high
kicks doesn’t mean he’s done kicking around. Thanks for watching! Click the Looper icon to subscribe to our
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100 Replies to “The Real Reason Jet Li Looks Completely Different Now

  1. I watched him in the movie "The One", fan from since that time. He and jackie chan is a living legend.

  2. Yeah, Hypoparathyroidism, or hypothyroidism for short, is not life threatening at all, it just means you may end up fat, along with some dental issues and tiredness, it just requires a daily dose of Levothyroxine to treat! I should know, I've been taking Levothyroxine for my Hypoparathyroidism for about 15 years now, recently upped to 125mg per day!

  3. No one stays the same, they get old. Hair falls out, wrinkles come, and bones become fragile. Natural process.

    I LOVE YOU JET LI😍💕👋😄👍👏😊💓💕💕

  5. I’m devastated he has been in a hero in my mind as a kid growing up and it pains me to see him not in 100% tip top shape… he’ll always be that hero to me… jet li is amazing and he will always will be

  6. Both Jet and Jackie haven’t been on many new movies lately. They’ve gone through a lot injury wise. Jackie’s old Hong Kong movies truly show it through the outtakes sometimes.

  7. The 50's must be that "wall" asian men hit. He's still alive though, and has no life threatening health issues, so that's a very good thing! Now we can all continue our day. Yay!☺️

  8. One of my favorite martial arts movie is of course “The KISS of the Dragon”
    I mean he took out a whole room of French Police Men during a martial arts class. Damn

  9. Jeso am 43 and look nothing like u did when I was 23…. A wonder why ??…. Oh thats it i got older ….🤦‍♀️

  10. Not buyin' the hyperthyroid, I'm putting my money on spending the last 10 years in a Chi-comm gulag. Commie torture will do that to a person.

  11. Blacks and Asians have one incredible benefit over whites, they often look younger for a lot longer.

    Thing is age catches up with us all, so for some of them, when it does it's a big difference.

    Ming Na is another that doesn't look her age.

  12. Rest in Peace Jet Li 🙏🏼

    I know he aint dead but I know they all asleep in china right now and im wishing him a goodnights sleep 💯

  13. The answer is he's playing the emperor in the upcoming Mulan movie. He's making himself look the part

  14. Love Jet Li,I know he has health issues and his appearance has changed.But he is still the same person.He probably still could kick your ass hands down.Much respect for a true warrior.Dont care what he looks like.

  15. Wow. I was watching Fearless and wanted to see his top ten and ran across this. Thank God he is okay. Now fixing to watch Unleashed. He is a bad mother…..shut your mouth.

  16. I love you my idol….you are my idol since I'm 7 years old until now..I'm so very sad to hear about your condition 😭😭😭please idol get will soon 😥 I want to see you again in your movie.. even I can't see you in person I love you so much…I Always watch your movie again and again…

  17. i almost confused him with vruce lee….strange how thier last names are almost the same…n…both are martial arts pros….both oriental….

  18. You know, I grew up with so many recognizable action star heroes.
    Sly Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Bruce Willis, and more.

    There really hasn't been anyone to replace them. The closest thing to replacements we have are the avengers actors like Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt, etc but they are more of half-serious half-comedy and silly-style action movies. They never portray characters in a real world setting. I can't even name an actor that does to be honest. All modern action movies have to be forcibly injected with silliness and inappropriate/unrealistic humor.

  19. We love and respect you Jet li , Bruce lee , Jackie chan , Donnie yen and the list goes on all the great legends out there we will never forget you !

  20. So weird how strange things happen to are best kung Fu masters we love you man make a new game you said if you can't do kung Fu you would make games to further preserve your kung fu

  21. Some people lose their hair and go grey way early hes been shaving his headfor a while leave the guy alone lol he can still kick your ass

  22. He did a amazing movie with the Detroit born singer Aaliyah… BASICALLY he is a living legend to Americans and all across the WORLD 🌎 Master Li is a 🐐 plus when u lose hair u do tend to look much older

  23. Jet Li was a wushu champion of China at the age of 19 ……. he has been in countless Martial arts movies. Countless memories for many different lifetimes and as long as their is DVDs his legacy won't be forgotten. Huo Ya Jia… His best role, Fearless.

  24. One shouldn’t be too involved in the life of celebrities. Taking away the fame and camera, they are just humans like you and me.

  25. Jet Li is my favorite movie star.I alway's liked how calm, serious and cool he be in his movies.Will alway's have respect for him,Jackie Chan and the King Bruce lee.P.S ,living to see old age is a blessing,many people can't make it to 30 anymore.

  26. People jet lee is human, humans get old, so why don’t you all go duck 🦆 fucking on Friday like you always do. Jet lee told me to say that.

  27. Soooooo. Why didn't he gain weight💭💭💭💭??????
    They either did something to him to make him old or jet li been dead. This satanic industry do stuff right in people face and people dont see it.

  28. He will forever be Hero, the best, the legendary. He is like Bruce Lee, no one will ever take their place in the annals of martial art movie history. Jet Li is a true role model on and off the screen and that can't be said to others

  29. If you are a true Jet Li fan then you know that after Hero, The Bodyguard From Beijing and My Father is a Hero are his best films

  30. He was dying his hair for movies…doing all those stunts would do a number on anybody's body…my Mother has Hyper Thyroidism…she takes medicine to keep it from messing with her heart rate….he is also a very small guy in stature..he .never really has been big and bulky…he was slim and cut up…I am in my 40's…Military service, Construction work, even playing sports like Football and running Track…in my early years took a toll on my body…also breaking limbs like arms, ribs, and legs will eventually make you more suspectible to having Arthritis earlier than someone who never broke a limb…the bones are set by doctors and heal but never go back to the original configuration…your balance and posture changes with every serious injury….especially back injuries…alot of actors who were former stunt men or action stars earlier in their careers like Burt Reynolds ending up walking with canes or even in wheelchairs later on!

  31. I love Jet Li he & JC are my heros since childhood. Get well soon and come back with a great movie we are waiting for you

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