The orchestra in my mouth | Tom Thum

My name is Tom, and I’ve come here today to come clean about what I do for money. Basically, I use my mouth in strange ways in exchange for cash. (Laughter) I usually do this kind of thing
in seedy downtown bars and on street corners, so this mightn’t be
the most appropriate setting, but I’d like to give you guys
a bit of a demonstration about what I do. (Beatboxing) And now, for my next number, I’d like to return to the classics. (Applause) We’re going to take it back, way back, back into time. (Beatboxing: “Billie Jean”) ♫ Billie Jean is not my lover ♫ ♫ She’s just a girl who claims
that I am the one ♫ ♫ But the kid is not my son ♫ (Applause) All right. Wassup. Thank you very much, TEDx. If you guys haven’t
figured it out already, my name’s Tom Thum, and I’m a beatboxer, which means all the sounds
that you just heard were made entirely using just my voice, and the only thing was my voice. And I can assure you there are absolutely no effects on this microphone whatsoever. And I’m very, very stoked — (Applause) You guys are just applauding
for everything. It’s great. Look at this, Mom! I made it! I’m very, very stoked to be here today, representing my kinfolk and all those that haven’t
managed to make a career out of an innate ability
for inhuman noisemaking. Because it is a bit of a niche market, and there’s not much work going on, especially where I’m from. You know, I’m from Brisbane, which is a great city to live in. Yeah! All right! Most of Brisbane’s here.
That’s good. (Laughter) You know, I’m from Brizzy, which is a great city to live in, but let’s be honest — it’s not exactly the cultural
hub of the Southern Hemisphere. So I do a lot of my work outside Brisbane and outside Australia, and so the pursuit of this
crazy passion of mine has enabled me to see so many amazing places in the world. So I’d like to share with you,
if I may, my experiences. So ladies and gentlemen, I would like to take you on a journey throughout the continents and throughout sound itself. We start our journey
in the central deserts. (Didgeridoo) (Airplane) India. (Beatboxing) (Sitar) China. (Guzheng) (Beatboxing) Germany. (Beatboxing) Party, party, yeah. (Laughter) And before we reach our final destination, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to share
with you some technology that I brought all the way
from the thriving metropolis of Brisbane. These things in front of me
here are called Kaoss Pads, and they allow me to do a whole
lot of different things with my voice. For example, the one on the left here allows me to add a little bit of reverb to my sound, which gives me that — (Trumpet) — flavor. (Laughter) And the other ones here, I can use them in unison to mimic the effect of a drum machine or something like that. I can sample in my own sounds
and I can play it back just by hitting the pads here. (Noises) TEDx. (Music) (Applause) I got way too much time on my hands. And last but not least, the one on my right here allows me to loop loop loop loop loop loop loop loop my voice. So with all that in mind,
ladies and gentlemen, I would like to take you on a journey to a completely separate part of Earth as I transform the Sydney Opera House into a smoky downtown jazz bar. All right boys, take it away. (Music) Ladies and gentlemen,
I’d like to introduce you to a very special friend of mine, one of the greatest
double bassists I know. Mr. Smokey Jefferson, let’s take
it for a walk. Come on, baby. (Music) All right, ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you
to the star of the show, one of the greatest jazz
legends of our time. Music lovers and jazz lovers alike, please give a warm hand of applause for the one and only Mr. Peeping Tom.
Take it away. (Music) (Applause) Thank you. Thank you very much. (Applause)

100 Replies to “The orchestra in my mouth | Tom Thum

  1. Mom:Tom what do you do for a living?

    Tom:I do strange things with my mouth in exchange for money

    Mom:oh…ok sweetie

  2. Человек за всю жизнь: выделяет целый бассейн слюн
    Том Там: Выделил океан слюн

  3. Orchestra in the mouth of every person calling you by your name, "Tom Thum… Tom Thum… Thum Thum Tom… Thum!" ?

  4. 5:57 Was very funny because I live in Germany.

    Grüsse an alle deutschen Freunde. Wir sind nun Ma das geilste Volk. ?

  5. Back in 2013 i thought he was the best beatboxer in the world but after watching beatbox Championship on swissbeatbox channel now he sound kinda amateur to me..

  6. 2 minutes in and the audience seems incredibly unimpressed

    Another 30 seconds, alright there they are lol

  7. 画面見てるとどうしてもボイパかぁって思っちゃうけど、途中の機械使ったところでやべぇ本物じゃんってなった

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