The Legend of Korra: A New Beginning (Live Action Korra – Art School Dropouts Fan Film)

Don’t worry okei? We’ll get there, I promise you this is a shortcut! Well, if you actually woke up at the time you’re supposed to, we wouldn’t HAVE to take a shortcut! Are you even sure this is a shortcut? Relax hun, I promise you I know where I’m going! Just enjoy the view! I worry about Korra. The world is changing so fast and even though she’s the Avatar, it’s not like the olden times anymore. Technology is shaping the world, people’s mindsets are different now… Some people are beginning to think that the world doesn’t need an Avatar. That we don’t need that sign of hope anymore. The world is at a crossroads. And I’m afraid that the world will one day make her choose a path that will change her life, and the world’s, forever. What are you looking so worried for? Korra, I was just thinking that— What are you looking at? You look so adorable when you’re worried, you know that? I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I think you’re mistaken, this isn’t Republic city, you hear? Look, if you don’t want any trouble from us or anyone else, you gotta pay protection money. But we already gave the Triad money! We don’t have any more to give! That was the old gang, we’re running this area now! We have nothing else to give… Then, I guess we have to teach you a lesson. A firebender, huh? Let’s see how you can handle my flames. Trust me, I can do more than that. Did she just air bend? Air bending? Water bending too?! She’s the Avatar! (villagers cheer) She’s….she’s the Avatar? Thanks, Asami. Looks like you needed help there. See? Told you guys, I can do more. We should hand these guys over to Chief Beifong. No one is handing us over to anyone! Doesn’t matter if you’re the Avatar OR the police… We’re prepared to stand up to anyone. You guys take care of the other girl. I’ll handle the Avatar. KORRA! HEY! Boss said to take care of you. You really think you can stop me? Well, you’re no Avatar. The Avatar is MY girlfriend. Who do you think wins all the fights at home? GET HER! They’re right! We need to stand up for ourselves! Thank you, but we can handle it from here. You should go and help the Avatar. You’re a Chi Blocker too?! Guess you didn’t block ALL my bending. Don’t you see, Avatar? The world doesn’t need you anymore. Even the common man can fight now without bending. Or, they can buy weapons to even the odds. Face it, you’re something we don’t need anymore in this new world. You’re wrong. The Avatar was never a sign of power. But a sign of hope. I expected more from the Avatar. So much for being a shortcut. Well, at least we have an excuse now. And there are times when I see her smile, with the strength and hope for the future in her eyes… And realize… that she’ll be alright. That everything…will be alright. What? What’s wrong? So….where were we when we got rudely interrupted? And what was that for, Miss Avatar? Wait, what? What’s going on? Oh no, KORR—- we’re lost aren’t we? I swear, there was a path….right over here…. Korra! Bleh, that was ughhh stupid Haha, that was way too bad. Are you serious?! Waterbending too?! Did she just airbend?!

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  1. I love the fact that the special effects are so realistic looking that was where the uh… Movie that we shall not speak of fell down. 😀 🙂

  2. I enjoyed the entertainment of the video, a work well done! Though the Lesbian take on Korra is agenda driven story that ruins the admiration of millions of young boys now realizing their hero is Gay!

  3. Some people said that this movie was better than Airbender? Are you fuckin idiot? I know Airbender not too good, but don’t fool your self. I’m an asian, and this movie shit just weird. Low budget and they have no skills in acting. This is worst movie i’ve ever seen..!!

  4. Ya'll are so awesome!!! I seriously got goosebumps when Intern said the Avatar is a sign of hope!!! You all rock (or wind, or fire, or water, whichever way you bend)!!!!

  5. nice FXs!
    poor story
    not that bad acting!
    "The avatar's my girlfriend" didn't like that, it's almost like "because we're lesbian, and you shouldn't care about that but i'm telling you anyways, because she's gay and me too" got it?
    bad fighting sounds!
    Fun short!

  6. I just had a great idea! What if Nickelodeon made a live action movie based on this franchise? Maybe they can get M. Night Shyamalan to direct it. I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

  7. Love your adeptation to The Legend of Korra. The sweet interaction between Asami and Korra was adorable. And the fact that the characters were very much in character was very pleasing. Also the fact that you didn't whitewash the characters. I looked for a second episode, but I didn't see one and was wondering if you plan on making one.

  8. Woah. This has better fighting and bending graphics than the last airbender MOVIE. Can only imagine what these guys could do with the show if they had a big budget and awesome actors to make an avatar film

  9. I wish you guys did more of these IRL videos from things like avatar and others, you guys do it so well 🙂

  10. Loved it! Being Asian American myself, it's so great to see an Asian cast for an LoK fan film, especially since so many people still think the paler characters are canonically white (deadass argued with someone who thought Aang, a Tibetan monk inspired character, was white because his eyes were big and gray and I'm just like…. no hun……) The martial arts film style was great and appropriate—those long takes were awesome. The acting was a bit stiff at times, but ahhhh I'm just in love with your Korrasami scenes. What a power couple <3

    And ayyy some good ol Jackie Chan cantopop for the bloopers!

  11. The fight choreography was great, but I think the sound effects of the hits was a bit unnecessary, if not kinda cheesy.


  13. Awesome!!! Really love this, especially korra acting, choreography and the costume. But a bit more improvement on the other acting.. But korra act so adorable ???. Good work guys!! Cant wait to see more ???

  14. I hate things like this where the shows has people that don't look Asian but they choose Asian actors.

    This is made by students so i get it

  15. I love the sound effects when they fight it sounds like old kung fu movies to me which makes me happy and the Kung Fu in here is badass you guys should make this into a series since Netflix is remaking the Avatar as a series on Netflix

  16. So a number of things, I love the choreography of the fight, it actually felt very much like the show, I am not so much a fan of the effects for the bending but I feel they are completely passable. The casting is good, I feel Korra's costume is just about right with the exception of the hair accessories (Can't think of an actual problem with them, they just don't look quite right for some reason). All in all, a very fine video. 7/10

  17. This actuly really cool. I love the fight scene. And " the avatar is my girlfriend who do you think wins all the fights at home?"

  18. It's not that bad, but it's not great either. The acting and the sound effects are all that needs improving, else you're golden!

  19. Amazing and fabulous job .. just improve the acting abit and change the bunching sound effects

    By the way where I can get assami and korra instagram?

  20. This is already way better then the avatar the last airbender movie just like how dragonball z world of light was better then dragonball evolution

  21. I wonder what it would be like if all of this was real cause it would be pretty lit! I am a water bender

  22. This is so awesome! There isn’t nearly enough good fan stuff for Avatar. These nine minutes were way better than anything M. Night. Shymalamadingdong could do. PLEASE make more Avatar stuff!

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