73 Replies to “The Legend of Bruce Lee – Episode 01

  1. Thank you so much for its English version ❤
    I was searching for its English subtitle…as insane… thank you so so much… I'm subscribing now.
    I hope I'll get here all the episodes in English

  2. Man.. I've been searching everywhere just for this soundtrack at 32:02 but i don't know what it is called

  3. I watched over 10 hours of this and its all about how stupid and stuborn BL was in his daily life. Even Ip Man kick him out his school twice. I was hopping for a less soap-opera series by the Chinese. Its like there is no respect on his "legend" at all

  4. Shao Long
    in chinese Shao = Small, Long = Dragon
    Its a very basic name, even vietnamese people have names like Long and such

  5. Awesome, thanks for the English dubbed version! 👍😊

    But question, how come on Netflix there’s 50 episodes but there’s only 30 here? Seems like some/a lot have been edited out in this English dubbed version, about 15 hours worth! 🤔

  6. Thank you,thank you.! I have been looking for this in English for awhile. I just subscribed and will follow you. Absolutely!!!

  7. I was watching episode 11 today and laughed…one of the thugs is wearing a Justin Timberlake shirt…this is supposed to take place in like the early 1960's before he was even born!!

  8. Some of the Part of Bruce Lee's Story and Life are Actually Not True. but some Half of it were very True Plus Inaccurate. but this looks Great.
    even though the story of Bruce Lee in this, some of the Part of the Story Isn't Real and Inaccurate but it's still actually Great and Dramatically Success
    Keep that in mind, people some of the half of Bruce's Back Stories weren't actually True but some of them are True/Inaccurate.
    they did their good job for making this Pseudo Biopic Story Series. Keep that in mind "Pseudo" Means Fake.

  9. Ha, bruce lee !!! vi os seus filmes todos.. adorei rever aqui as memorias. (as receitinhas da tia alice) apoiando seu trabalho com meu gosto…abraco de portugal

  10. No entiendo casi nada solo quiero que la bajen en castellano por favor 🙏🏻🙏🏻 pleaseeee!

  11. A melhor seria que eu já assisti muito bom a indeia de passar a teagetoria da vida deli para o bublico parabéns a familia

  12. Better to watch in orginal language with subtitles if not then the words and other things are changed bruce lee is my hero though and I will always listen to his battle call lol

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