The Legend of Baron To’a – Official Trailer

Your father was a pioneer for the Polynesian people. You’ve been gone 20 years uncle. Some things move on. – Some things get passed on. – You live around here, bro?
– Uh, No. – I don’t see you for all this time. When my dad died this place went to crap. – That’s not the nephew I tell you about. He’s been in Australia too long! – Your father’s belt is gone! – He’s stolen my stuff. – Yeah its a bit tātau tātau around here – What’s yours is mine,
and what’s mine is yours, but it’s all good. That works best for those
with nothing worth borrowing, doesn’t it? Hey can we discuss the belt? Suits me. – When I heard you were
the Baron’s only spawn, I didn’t know whether to
piss or crap my pants. You know what you know what
I’ve concluding my bro? I don’t need to change my undies. – If it was your father going, no problem. – He knew how to handle
this type of people. – You must fight for the title. – You’ve been pumping boy? Just working on becoming a better man. Looking to better a man I’d say. – Not like your old man
though, he was pretty special. Whoa Is that your son? Sorry boy, I don’t know. Stay in school. Well dad had these back in the day’s ways. – but this isn’t back in the days. – See just go fight man. All right – This street’s got some stories Will you teach me some
of your wrestling moves? – Oh here we go boys! Here we go! Bro….

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