The Kata Critic (Ep. 1) — Jesse Enkamp

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  1. I think you need to see my kata on my own channel so that i gained some pointers in order to adjust and improve my postures and movements ???????

  2. Hi! Would be great if you could check out my kata video! I’d appreciate your opinion on it.

  3. This is an amazing idea. It's already been massively useful to me. I wouldn't dare send my own kata in, like! But I'm learning from other people's mistakes ?

  4. Eheheh i recognised all the flaws of these three videos in my Katas. Need to improve a lot… Thanks for the advices!

  5. Awesome idea! But I do not envy you with the amount of videos. Hopefully one day I will have trained enough to send one through.

  6. Great, here is one I did earlier this year, first time in a long time Rohai. Used to be my favourite as a brown belt. (I don't think its shaky)

  7. Oh god am i embarrassed… My Kata was the first and i did so horrible ? At the time i recorded this, i was everything but confident with the Kata (which showed off in the first moves). Thank you anyway Sensei. I will try to aplicate all the things you said, especially the stances. Maybe someday i will figure this Kata out 🙂

  8. Hey Jesse (and other people)
    Great Video as always.
    Can you give me any advice for the turn in Gojushiho (Sho) Kata where you go from Zenkusu dachi sanbon nukite into kiba dachi and throw your hands out to the side (no idea what thats called?)
    I seem to never end up in a prober kiba dachi because of issues with keeping the feet paralel and also having wrong weight distribution (leaning forward to much).
    If theres anyone out there who already ate spaghetti with the Kata (Italian way of saying you know the Kata well) please give me your oppinion.

    While im waiting i will try to practice the headbutt part without looking like a retarded chicken?

  9. Orange belts should not be doing Unsu. His basics are years away. Before running you have to learn to crawl and then walk. People need more patience. What he should be doing is training Heian Sandan that's more his level and his Kiba Dachi needs a lot of work.

  10. I'm 12 years old girl from Indonesia, I'll be so happy if you check my kata. Here is the link

  11. Well done jesse thats actually good content. Can you please do the same thing for kumite pleasee.I also want to know what you should do when you are cornered while playing kumite. How to get out from that position cause I personally panic when im cornered and dont know what to do and I try to move when my opponent does a kyakuzuki and gets a point.

  12. Excelentes críticas, muy constructivas. Los comentarios de la cámara con movimiento, y el ruido al tirar el "bo" jajjajaj, no tienen precio ???!!!

  13. Thank you so much for the fun and educational videos! I think you're the only person doing videos like this for karate- definitely filling a void here!

  14. I am a yellow belt, can I send my Heian Nidan kata video so you can analyse it?
    (English isn't my first language too =])

  15. Hi i am ur subscriber and A brown belt in shitoryu karate can i send you my video of kata. Would you help me out in checking the mistakes and making the kata crisp and perfectt

  16. Good thinking it will improve lots of person kata and explain bunkai with same kata it allows lot of them to understand what is really kata is designed for how to fight

    Eg: uechi ryu katas not look like stylish as shotokan katA but it contains conditioning and way to fight.

  17. Really like the idea of this. Perhaps let us see the full kata in full at first then break it down? I like to see new katas and different styles.

  18. This kata critic is a good idea Sensei Jesse. It will help us learn and avoid doing bad habits. Can't wait for the next episode. 🙂

  19. I found the primary critique of the 2nd kata fascinating. Because in my style (Kenshikai, which is a descendant of Seido, which was developed by Tadashi Nakamura who studied Kyokushin under Masutatsu Oyama) the instructors very clearly say, "step, THEN punch." Maybe this is just for the beginner katas though?

  20. Love this..!!! Its funny its been 25+ years since I've trained and as I watched with you and on some points like timing stability were running thru my mind as u were saying them haha.. I trained for 7 years 15 to 22 age.. Was about to go for brown belt then life got in the way and next town only had a Mac dojo.. Would love to send a kata but I'm thinking it be very rusty haha maybe if I keep watching I'll get the inspiration to get this old body moving again.. Cheers love your videos

  21. Visualising the technique worked well for me!. To be honest!, he is dong better than me when i was in my orange belt!??

  22. Hi sensey, I would like you to watch my kata video and give your opinion. Is Kosokun Dai. Thank you.

  23. As someone who practices boxing and Muay thai. I find kata to be fascinating. To me even someone amateurish in their form looks super

  24. This is so cool! I would love to send a video of one of my katas (they are all on my channel currently), but I have improved since then and want to wait till I have a more recent video?

  25. I literally love your channel so much, this makes me feel like we're all a family even more, a beautiful community you've gathered.

  26. I love your take.
    I was a karateka at first and started training in grappling a few years into my journey.
    I have judged numerous karate kata competitions.
    My 3 areas that I look at are
    1) Feet. Are the stances solid. As a grappler there is no faking a solid footing. In striking it is the same. Stance is the foundation for everything.
    2) Are the blocks, punches and kicks delivered with proper technique. That is are they sound or just fast. I. e. are the elbows not chicken winged and punches and kicks controlled and not reaching.
    3) Is there a reasonable amount of intent in the techniques. Karate kata is not a dance recital. I don't deduct points if it looks like the person is enjoying themselves, but I think the kata movements should be done with deliberate intent/ focus. Blocks should be done as if the person is under attack, and strikes etc should look like they would cause damage, not chasing flys.

  27. This is a great idea! The stance is extremely important to keep it standardized. I’m focusing on this lately myself.

  28. I love learning from you, Jesse-san, even though I didn't send any kata (maybe one day, who knows…). Great video! ❤

  29. Excellent concept and something new for karate videos on youtube. Movement analysis, similar to what is done for alpine skiing, will definitely help a practitioner to improve.
    To further advance your concept, include computer graphics and before and after videos.
    You may want to incorporate the kata critiques with your seminars, it will be well worth it for the participants.
    Looking forward to your next video.

  30. Great idea and generous with your time. You must not sleep much !

    You are a supreme excellent role model for being good person and friend to all. Thank you for your positive outlook on life!

  31. Basta de Kata avanzados en principiantes !! HEIAN HEIAN, HEIAN, HEIAN y más HEIAN, hasta que tengan el nivel y madurez suficiente para ir conociendo estándares mas elevados.
    Es de muy mal gusto estar fomentando éste tipo de ensayos en practicantes que aún no saben pararse. ? adiós karate ? hola dinero $$$

  32. Hi there! I do not remember if at any time video was made about Ki in karate, use and specific exercises. I think it would be interesting … oss!

  33. I dont understand the reason for katas . I know that katas used to be like shadow boxing , but today katas are just a dance based on karate moves kind of like tai chi is to the forgotten tai chi chuan

  34. Hy Jesse-san, I liked your video so much that I would like you to give some comments on my Kata:
    Arigato! ?

  35. mate, I gotta tel you that… i'm a judo and bjj nerd and I want to ttrain karate just by wathiching your videos… you are great. Hello from Brazil.

  36. Karate and Taekwondo poomse . we look at the same things. power from the core not just arms, center of balance, strong consistent stances , timing of upper and lower body. I practice Taekwondo hapkido but I try to learn from all with open mind. Learning martial arts is like climbing a big mountain. at the bottom each path seems so far apart and different. As I get closer to the top, many of those others paths converge and seem to get closer to my own. I have learned much from you sir. thank you

  37. I wondered how the katas are judged when multiple styles participate. I like the constructive comments you provided in the video. Can you elaborate on other criteria used in judging?

  38. In the future, I may send a video of one of my kata. I truly want to improve as a practitioner and an instructor. Your feedback would be welcome.

  39. Onegaishimasu Jesse. I hope you have some time to check out my performance of Sepai. This video is a few months old, and I have continued to practice and improve since then, but I would be grateful for your feedback.

    Thank you immensely for your consistently top-notch content. Arigatougozaimasu!

  40. Kata is about continuous improvement of one's self. Nobody ever truly masters a kata. The point of the practice of it is to try to constantly improve. Case in point: my favorite kata is Gankaku. Some of you may know it as Chinto or Jindo, depending on your style. My sensei taught it to me in 1985, shortly after I attained Shodan rank. Fast forward almost 35 years, I still mess up and lose balance sometimes. It's not a technically difficult kata to learn, but it's an extremely difficult kata to perform correctly. Maybe in another thirty years I will have it! The true beauty of kata is that it can continue to be practiced regardless of age. Keep moving forward!

  41. I practice Goju Ryu karate and am currently working on my seiuchin. Might just be a difference in styles but i was taught for the opening moves to not turn my head forward until the hands come back down in the opening 3 sequences.

    Another thing which we're taught is what's called the "Goju exchange" when stepping straight back keep your hips facing forward until the last possible moment then snap into the horse stance forcing your hips to contract which adds power. I find it helps immensely with keeping those step backs straight too

    Great katas everyone! Keep training!!

  42. Enpi is another one that is deceptively easy, but incredibly nuanced. And most karateka don't do it correctly. In most styles it's an introductory level black belt kata. In my opinion of the typical sentei (selection kata) typically Bassai Dai, Enpi, Kwanku and Jion, Enpi is the hardest one of those four. Enpi contains movements which are very unnatural. It's a Shorin form, but most students perform it like it's a Shorei form.

  43. Oss, Jesse! I' am Norbert Farkas from Hungary, and I' like send you a link about my Kata.I'm practice the Sendo-Ryu Karate-Do (Way of Initiative).This style is very new (founded in 1987).The Kata name is Matsukei. Here is the Link: Thank you for your opinion!

  44. RESPECT to all Karate Nerds who filmed and sent me their kata! ? Your courage, humility and passion for growth is inspiring ? Stay tuned for the next episode! ? In the meanwhile, check out my website to learn more about Karate: ?

  45. I do hope to submit my vid to you as well Sensei Jesse. Feedback from fellow Martial Artists really means a lot!

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