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Come here, I want to show you something. Your sensei teach you how to fight with spear? No. Too bad. Maybe he teach you how to be coward. Leave message. This is your teacher’s fault. If he were a man with honour you would live… …but he is not. Enough! Uncle problem with Miyagi, not with boy. No. You have problem, old man… with me.

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  1. I always go 1,3,2. As far as I'm concerned, this was Mr. Myagi's most dramatic fight. I like 1. I kind of like 3. And 2 is my favorite. It's easy to see the directing similarities between these 3 "Karate Kid" films and "Rocky" and "Rocky" V.

  2. Chozen was nice he could've just stabbed miyagi with the spear end of story is why he didn't just do that its not like chozen hadn't already killed people playing dirty karate .Miyagi was oblivious to this attack and it could be cost him dearly .When it comes to street fighting don't bring a gun or a spear if your not ready to use it clearly chozen was not ready .Honestly Chosen knew he could beat and kill miyagi and like johnny Lawrence he took a dive because it was his sensei who was to face miyagi I dont know why everyone thinks miyagi beat chozen he didn't .

  3. In cobra kai season 2, the miyagi do karate dojo gets smashed up by hawk and certain cobra kai members, i was just wondering if it was a referee or an easter egg for chozens return to the cobra kai series.

    Back then in the 80s chozen destroyed the miyagi do family, dojo. Then you got hawk in 2019 that destroys miyagi do karate dojo in Californa.

  4. What makes me feel disappointed with Daniel is the way he's always being beaten and humiliated by the enemies. From the first until the third movie. I didn't know what was on the director's mind.

  5. In all the Karate Kid films this is the only time that a Opponent actually gets a actual hit in the back of Mr Mijagi which does not even phase him as he makes short work of these cowards

  6. Daniel was suppose to be getting better and better throughout the series , but it just seems like he got worse and worse.

  7. 0:54 Well, you live longer by being a pacifist, Chozen!!!!! So I'd say that's good teaching!!!!! ;*D

  8. 2:14 Chozen really thought one of his henchmen was going to be able to beat up someone who learned karate alongside his uncle???

  9. I wished I was Miyagi do, but I'm always Cobra Kai. I faced so much crap in life, I lose my temper. Go berserk and always win. But I'll never lose respect from Miyagi

  10. What I want with Chozen: In Season 3 Cobra Kai, CHozen helps Daniel get Miyagi Do back on its feet to face Cobra Kai in the All-Valley after apologizing to Daniel and seeking forgiveness.

  11. How’s it possible that Mr. Miyagi knew what was coming @ 2:33? And not when he got attacked while defending Daniel?🤨

  12. Why do they keep 'testing' Mr. Miyagi? Jeez. Leave that old man alone before he puts you in a hospital bed.

  13. Chozens surprised look when miyagi chops through his thugs intrigues me. Did he think his boys could really take an old master out thats worthy of fighting sato??

  14. Here's an interesting thought, although all the characters including Kreese describe Miyagi as an old man, the actor who played him was the same age then as Ralph Macchio is now. In Cobra Kai, neither he nor Johnny Lawrence are described as "old man".

  15. Well how come with all his wisdom and care and well doing, Mijagi dojo gets demolished in every movie…

  16. Miyagi was always there when Daniel needed him but now he's gone, just when Daniel needs his guidance the most

  17. If Miyagi had shown no mercy at 2:50 then all would’ve been right in the world. Instead Daniel’s life is put on the line at the end by a dangerous psychopath let loose.

  18. As far as trolling goes,

    Bugs Bunny will always have "Sir Loin of Beef, Essence of Myrrh, Milk of Magnesia, Quarter of Ten"

    But Chozen will always be the keymaster of "Act of Coward"

  19. this is one of the rare times where Miyagi (Pat Morita) does all his stunts (fighting) with no stunt double. He did a good job.

  20. I love how people think chozen is the strongest villian in the karate kid series just cause he did this 2:24 just cause he hit mr miyagi and was the only person to do that dont mean s*

  21. Still watching in 2019
    I never understood why the plants and vegitation were destroyed.
    They were harmless. 😿
    Love from Michigan 💜
    USA 🇺🇸
    Peace ✌

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