The Karate Kid 2010 – Hypnotized Chinese Martial Artist

: Hey, this is Marc Savard
along with my assistant Jacky from the Comedy Hypnosis show live in Las Vegas for six nights
a week. Tonight, the show is over.
People are gone home. The theater is quiet. And we’re just reflecting. Tonight’s show
was fun.: It was really fun. It was a lot of
fun.: What was your favorite part?
: Well we threw in a routine that was something we haven’t done in a while: deadly
martial artist.: Wao, wah! Haha. It was so
funny.: It was.
: And the lady, she was great.: She was great. She translated very
well.: Because of course, I don’t
speak Chinese and the martial artist does and they either heard a communicate.
Well, we don’t want to ruin it. Check out the clip.
Paparazzo. There’s a foreign language translator here.
Oh it was you, alright. The rest of you just continue resting.
If you wouldn’t mind, come on up for a second. I appreciate you being here.
I’m forever thankful. I don’t speak the language. I’m glad that you’re here.
How long have you been a translator.: Seven years.
: Wow! That’s awesome. Oh, that’s so great.
And if you don’t mind, if you could, in Chinese, go ahead and invite master guru Eric up for
a moment, I want to interview him.: [speaks Chinese]
: Now if you could ask him
how he’s enjoying his trip to Las Vegas so far and what he likes the most about it.
: [speaks Chinese]: [speaks Chinese]
: What did he say?
: He said that there are many beautiful women that have given him great pleasure.
: Oh, oh.
: That’s awesome.
Now he’s going to be doing a demonstration, a martial arts demonstration.
Just some kicking, punching combination, some deadly combinations.
Not simple things, pretty complicated. Six, seven, eight, or ten moves each or whatever
it is. I don’t know. I’ve seen his videos online, you know, the
whole kung fu master videos. And I think he is absolutely phenomenal.
If you could ask him why he does all that yelling, like the waa and stuff like that.
Why is it important to his heart?: [speaks Chinese]
: [speaks Chinese]: What did he say?
: He said it’s mainly for intimidation and to move the bowels in the proper…for
strength.: I see. No that makes sense. It makes sense.
Okay, now he’s going to be doing the demonstration. Let him get into his own and he calls up.
You and I call up the moves. I’ll call up the combination of the move in
English, and then you repeat it in Chinese so that he understands it and then he can
demonstrate that one. Is that okay?
Now tell him, obviously, that he’s going to be showing it with an imaginary opponent,
please make that clear because obviously he’s deadly. We don’t want anyone killed. You know
what I’m saying? And I’m sure he understands that. But just
to make sure.: [speaks Chinese]
: [speaks Chinese]: Yeah.
: Okay, good. Perfect. Why don’t you and I stand over here so that
we are not in the way and tell him to go ahead and get himself into the zone.
: [speaks Chinese]: Alright. I’ll call up the
move in English, you’ll repeat it in Chinese, and he will demonstrate the move.
Alright, here we go. We start off, ladies and gentlemen, we start
off with the killer dragon move.: [speaks Chinese]
: Ladies and gentlemen, the killer dragon move.
There it is, ladies and gentlemen.: Next, we’re going to show you the venomous cobra, the venomous cobra.
: [speaks Chinese]: Ladies and gentlemen, the
venomous cobra. There it is, ladies and gentlemen.
: Next is the psycho grizzly
bear with rabies bite.: [speaks Chinese]
: Ladies and gentlemen, once again, the psycho grizzly bear with rabies
bite. There it is, ladies and gentlemen, phenomenal.
: And then last, we’re going
to show you. You may have read about this in the news.
He was cornered by 19 men in a back alley and he was the only one who did not have to
go to a hospital. Ladies and gentlemen, this is what we call
the Shanghai multiple high hoax: [speaks Chinese]
: Cornered by 19 men in a back alley, this is what he did.
Ladies and gentlemen, master guru Eric.: Thank you so much. I appreciate that.
Now if you wouldn’t mind doing me one more favor.
If you could say one, two, three, sleep in Chinese so that I can work on both of you.
: [speaks Chinese]

87 Replies to “The Karate Kid 2010 – Hypnotized Chinese Martial Artist

  1. The truth is… Eric is a real martial arts master and all of those moves are clearly practised. He once wrestled a Polar Bear nekkid. Sorry Marc I think you have been duped by Master Eric.

  2. dude im starting to understand how hypnotizm works but can you give me a quick explination? and do your volunters ever think it wont work on them and it does? haha just wondering man

  3. @HypnotistMarcSavard I have been a part of little charades like this. Although my friends and I have been part of the same 'show', she swears it worked for her…I laughed and played along. There is no way I would willingly give up control of my mind for someone else to use it as a plaything. There certainly is a type of mind control involved and is greatly used by 'powers that be'. For one to give up control of their mind is the dangerous will of handing over their rights as a person.

  4. @HypnotistMarcSavard Yes, I've never studied it, but I imagine that the people who have the most resistance to the concept are the ones who respond the best. Is that right, Mark?

  5. you are a GOD at what you do! one of my dreams is to see and volunteer on your show one day. being a hypnotists myself I can see how brilliantly you do it in all your videos. there is a reason you have a show 6 days a week! 🙂

    Please keep up the amazing videos Mark.


  6. hell no thats not martial arts im in martial arts thats nothing and ive been to chine for 2 years of lessons been to 30 tournaments and won 26 and ive never ever seen that move or heard of it oh move *moves

  7. interesting how the pieces just add up, great show, when you coming to South Africa?, WOULD COME TO YOUR SHOW, NEXT TIME TRY MAKING THEM SPEAK ZULU, HAHAHAHAH:)

  8. Everyone can speak chinese like that? or this is not even chinese? I mean how she know what he say, it's feelings sending by heart or voice tone??

  9. Hahaha! Neither one are actually speaking Chinese. It's just their interpretation. How it sounds to them. In hypnosis they think they're speaking perfect Chinese. Ah, the subconscious.

  10. you should try not letting the guy your commanding here the english command. like you should whisper to the girl "kick" then she translates in 'chinese' to the guy. See if he actually would understand it or just do a random movement.

  11. because they can hear him talking in english, and their subconcious still understands everything he says

  12. This is truelly amazing. The thing I still wonder is: how did someone like you get started? One person must have been the first that you hypnotist so how did you get into this?

  13. I have a question for you Marc. How long after the show do people generally remain in a suggestive state? Like if you "woke" someone up and sent them back to their seat could I walk up, tap them on the head and say "sleep!" (or whatever you used during the show) and have them fall right back in?

  14. Marc, when you say you discovered it at 19, does that mean that it is possible to "learn" or "suddenly notice" that the people are reacting to your manipulation 'within seconds'? I always have visions that this must be extremely difficult & takes a long time to learn requiring tuition, learning how to recognize you have them, let's say, "locked" and ready for manipulation. Fascinating stuff anyway. All your videos are most enjoyable.

  15. Very very entertaining..I like to be in in hypnotism.I have always wondered how it feels like to suddenly be someone who I'm not..

  16. You have to remember that hypnosis is an incredibly emotional state of mind. So smiling and laughing does happen on stage with volunteers, in fact there have been some volunteers that literally cannot stop laughing for the entire show!

  17. So I understand that the guy's subconscious can comprehend what Marc is saying, so that it looks as if he really does understand the woman's "Chinese," but what I don't get is how does she understand him? When Marc asks her near the beginning to translate what the guy said in response to being asked how he's enjoying Vegas so far, the woman responds "There are many beautiful women who have given him great pleasure," and he nods as if that is exactly what he was trying to say!

  18. Amazes me how so many are quick to judge as fake, with nothing to back it up!
    I guess you got but hurt because you tried at one point and didn't go under.
    I am sure if it was considered Fake as you put it that he would not have a show 6 nights a week in Las Vegas.
    Really kid, go back to school, study, then come play with the adults when you are a bit more intelligent.
    While in school maybe check out the background to hypnosis, think you may be surprised it's even been used in operations.

  19. Marc, love the clips but i have to ask if i am the only one complaining here, but the music soundtrack over the vids really does spoil the atmosphere and enjoyment for me watching and listening to the characters played out by those under hypnosis.
    I always assumed music was a backing track meaning quieter than the audio track, any chance loosing it or quiet it down so as not to spoil the clips.

  20. This would just be the woman believing she is interpreting what the man is saying. The "interpretation" is usually pretty general, and not hard to disagree with as you can see.


  22. I've often wondered what would happen if you hypnotised someone and had them do something they were actually an expert in. What if the guy actually studied kung fu or the girl actually knew Chinese? Would they call you on the b.s. while in trance?

  23. There are two kind of people: who understand what is going on in the stage and who dont hahahahahahaha obviously it is not chinese

  24. Aaron Sherpa perhaps doesn't understand that the gentleman giving the martial arts demo and the translator were in a hypnotic trance and only were acting out their imaginations based off the suggestions given to them. No, the hypnotized subjects were not actually speaking the authentic Chinese Language, they spoke it as they imagined it would sound. To reiterate, the hypnotized subjects were acting out there imaginations, but they themselves really believed that they were translating and speaking Chinese.

  25. OMG the people here commenting about chinese being not real chinese or even close… are even funnier than what Marc is trying to do :))))

  26. FAKE FAKE FAKE and there’s one basic common answer to why this is all staged!!.however it still is funny but definitely staged!!

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