100 Replies to “The Incredibly Strange, Sad Story Behind The World’s Most Ambitious Demo Tape

  1. One of the more interesting Vice episodes I have seen in some time. A very interesting fellow. Laz Rojas, I lived in my Toyota Sienna for over a year and actually didn't mind it. I never stayed in cities though. I was a national parks kinda guy. Just go North when it's hot, south when it's cold. You should be proud of pursuing your passion. Trust me bro, there are plenty of people out there who have sold their souls and their lives for a steady dollar who are a lot worse off than you spiritually and emotionally. You followed your heart, you got my respect. Keep swinging for the fences brother.

  2. What a great man. I hope He made it and get to produce his ideas.

    No everybody have the courage to stay true his dream, so I admire that.

    Is there anyway to watch the Showcase?

  3. Shit like him losing all his money and working so hard his whole life and not getting the success he deserves shows how fucking unfair this world can be. And on the other end you have dumb fucking people like boonk and lil pump who don't deserve any of the fame they have and didn't work for shit. Makes me hate this world sometimes

  4. this man's genius , way beyond his time . today almost everyone is into B-MOVIE's . sad how someone with this much ambition got ignored .

  5. I heard about this movie when i was a teenager. Im 40 now. All i can say is Wow, What an amazing person. This guy created a cult classic all by himself. Most of all I admire how he has chosen to be by his mother's side at all costs. Now that folks, is a man of value.

  6. What really makes me happy about this video is this guys passion and determination regarding his work. It’s so inspirational to see somebody pursuing their dream despite the criticism, despite the disappointment and difficulty. You go dude!

  7. I scrolled down the comments and scoffed at people who said that they were crying while watching this. But I'll be damned if I'm not here sitting on my sofa wiping away tears. Best of luck to Laz and his mom.

  8. The beautiful thing about outside artists is that they make things while other people only talk or dream about making things. They have the courage to put themselves out there and risk criticism, which is something most people don't have the guts to do. They have nothing but their own passion supporting them through the process.

  9. A literal creative genius, regardless of whether he “made it” or not. Even the makeup was incredible – for a man with absolutely no training or extensive practice, that’s incredible. You can tell from the tiny details and the way he pulls so many facets of film off on his own that he is a literal creative genius.

  10. Jesus fucking Christ I'm so tired of stupid people who can't understand power dynamics.

    Black people cannot be racist against white people because there is no system to back them up. Racists derive their power from institutionalised racism. If you don't understand the term, just look it up. There is no such thing as institutionalised racism against white people. Thus, a black person "being racist" against a white person has no power. There's no electrical socket to plug into.

    Furthermore, the characters he played in black face were blatant stereotypes. "Party Animal." "Rapper." Not "Doctor." Not "Teacher." Not "Lawyer." And yet, some of his lighter-skinned characters do portray positive roles—while his black characters are all portrayed negatively.

    This leads me into my final rebuttal—that of the idea that his blackface cannot be racist because he himself is Latino. Yes, both African-Americans and Latinx are people of color; however colorism is an issue in and of itself. Lighter-skinned black people face significantly more discrimination than those with darker skin. As a light-skinned Arabic woman, I can attest to this myself. And yet, even though I am Arabic—if I put shoe polish on my face and portrayed a "party animal rapper," you bet your ass it'd be racist as fuck.

  11. Why did The Room get so big and this has never fully blossomed? Laz has a huge talent and propensity for acting and writing, and his work ethic is palpable. From this vice production he also seems to be quite humble. There is definitely a market for a new Laz Rojas production, and it is undoubtedly deserved for such a determined filmmaker! I would go to see such a production, and buy a copy too. Laz, is this a pipe dream? May the world ever see a new Laz Rojas production?

  12. They met you at a motel not hotel …..ok this is how you can remember this ok….hotel is where rooms are accessible on the inside and motel is when rooms are accessed from the outside… now lots of people don't know this lol it was a question on a I Q test. USE it.. spread it round ……..

  13. Absolutely and positively talented Laz Rojas. You pulled off something Hollywood could only pull off with hundreds of hands. Yet, you did this all by yourself. You are the epitome of talent and walking by faith.
    Thank you for your work. May God bless you with everything your heart desires.

  14. Oh dear, dear, dear. I’m sorry. Life is difficult. You are really unique. You are so creative. Find a church, get help from the church for your Mom. You are so amazing. Just amazing. I’ll be your friend. I’m in LA too.

  15. I keep getting distracted every time the interviewer comes on camera because for the life of me i cannot imagine why anyone would wear a US Navy working blue uniform shirt because they thought it was cool. lol. he just looks foolish.

  16. Dear Laz,
    I just watched this documentary. I am wanting more. Your passion is amazing and unlike most people it surpasses trends, and time. Your aesthetic is what a lot of fashion and art magazines try to have, but they are just trying and copying "outsider" people like you. You are ahead of your time and like that you must persist to see what you were meant to do. I wish you luck sir. Maybe come to Canada and have free health care and more programs to help you back on your feet. sending love, and encouragement. Robyn in Montreal, Quebec.

  17. This showcase of Laz's work was Fantastic, Marvelous one of a kind! As I was watching I began to think about the super 8 projects and early work by Stephen Spielberg or Lucas and realized Laz is as good if not better in that his work required a level of dedication that scares the average person. My observation as to why he received the reactions he did when he submitted his work is because of the acted female parts he played. I think its difficult to figure out WHY you were doing all the acting. Its an uncommon way to showcase your talent only because no one has that much dedication and so it was hard to understand. Anyway I thank you and keep going Laz! you need to get your work out!

  18. Sometimes it's not the final product what sells itself, but the huge effort, passionate work and a honest story of a hard-working man. Incredible story and so much work in it that should be appreciated.

  19. Point Blank racism kept kept him out of Hollywood. They saw this man's demo tapes and they seen the passion and the talent that He has.

  20. It hurts to see that such great talent had to lie dormant for such a long time. The waiting period would devastate many people. Here's hoping that Laz Rojas will continue to pursue his talent, grow successful and guide many more strugglers in the years to come.

  21. Laz Rojas is a man with a heart too big… and sometimes that is a disadvantage 'cause life has many kind of faces and people with big heart only know one face: The real one.

    Even Laz Rojas that can do many characters, he is still a man with pure love and one conviction…

    Laz, Eres el Mas grande de todos, tu si sabes lo que significa el cine, tu si sabes lo que es el Séptimo Arte. Un abrazo a ti y a tu mamá.

  22. Nobody has mentioned that Laz was also the creator of the WolfenDOOM series of Doom WADs. That's what I know him from. I looked him up and found all of this stuff. Unbelievable to say the least…

  23. Most impressive!!! Man hollywood is merciless, so many hacks get rich and famous, yet plenty dedicated artists with real talent never get anywhere, crying shame really. Laz rules!

  24. I hate the fact that the world that we live in lets all types of coked out pedophiles make movies while genuine souls like his get to struggle all their life.

    How did we get to this place and why..

  25. For years I knew Laz Rojas as the guy who ran an impressive Mac Wolfenstein 3D page (which is still up) for a while. He made several inventive scenarios for the game like Astrostein (which is Wolfenstein in space) and Amerika the Beautiful (where you fight US skinheads), and thus left quite an impression on me as a kid. I didn’t know until recently after looking back over that stuff that he had this whole other story and creative side, but I’m interested to delve into it now, and may he and his mom rise from their situation.

  26. you are the inspirations sir. ;What these guys from vice has just accomplish must be commanded straight from devine undoubtedly' i love this piece of art and i would like to pay for [email protected]

  27. What I don't understand is the reason VICE, with all it's incredible connections and capabilities, didn't secure a steady position of employment for Laz Rojas (if willing and capable beyond the skills he demonstrates in the reel and doco) and housing for Laz and his beloved, devoted mother (and possibly nursing assistance). Having worked in the entertainment industries for decades, I know that the owners and management and staff and crew of the production company could have secured such within a month at the most. This is an example of the importance of telling complete idioms as opposed to those that are incomplete en cliche, such as, "it's who you know." It is not "who you know." It is "who you know who will help you."

    I wish Laz Rojas and his beloved mother the absolute best of fortune and life quality. 🙂

  28. Wow. Laz is such a gem. <3 He seems so dedicated and very intelligent! I saw on his website that he ships out copies of his work on VHS. If he was ever able to convert his stuff onto dvd, I would totally be down to buying myself a copy! Keep up the great work, dude.

  29. am I the only one here that remembers las for his badass Wolfenstein and Doom mods and not this acting video?

  30. Man what a great story and awesome couple of people. My heart goes out to you both. I truly hope you fulfil your dream and have a great future. Much love ?

  31. Is this inappropriate behavior? Should he not get an easy job to pay the bills and help his mother? They are literally homeless and he is still chasing his Hollywood dream. He seems like a really cool and genuine guy but my priorities are just different.

  32. Has anyone given this man any money? Like at all? He really deserves his due after this. It was just about three years ago that he posted about his status, I really wonder how he's doing. So sad this happens to artists.

  33. Say what you want but the man has a work ethic and determination. I admire that immensely. I'm surprised there hasn't been a Go-Fund Me opened for this man.

  34. Eddie Murphy totally ripped this dude off! Murphy with him playin all the main characters in the movie “the nutty professor” Hercules! Hercules! Hercules!

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