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  1. Some people are happy watching to see who the best fighter is where others want to be the best fighter so will fight anyone well that’s my opinion anyway.

  2. Eh, nice try. You got a lot of information confused/mixed up but good job overall. Your writing and vocals are 100% on point. Do a little more research and boom you’ll blow up quick. I’m hoping you do! Btw I subbed 😁👍🏽

  3. Wrong. The earliest semblance of MMA cannot be traced back to the ancient Greek Olympic games. Sumerians, Egyptians, Shardans (and other civilisations) had fighting games too (and before the Greek Oly).

  4. I was all about this, even with the confusion between King's Road and Shoot, etc. until the whole "eventually" thing about Royce and Shamrock. He choked him out in less than a minute. Shamrock stood out because of his look and he got what wrestlers call "the push."

  5. Great documentary some people think some of it's inaccurate but whatever some small stuff got left out who cares? It's good!

  6. Pancratia was introduced by alexander the great into india. from india it spreads sporadically into whole of asia to russia (wrestling and grappling) down to Southeast Asia boxing,gungfu,fist and knee strikes and used in war fights china, japan, korea, madjapahit tribes (who exiles shrivisayans) to the Philippines. from then on mix martial arts continued from fists, knees,sticks, sword and machete in asia and the Gracie family went to japan to learn judo and other disciplines. the rest is history

  7. The gacies are not mixed martial artists they know one style bjj and one person who gets forgotten about in mma history the guy who invented bartitsu the fight style of sherlock Holmes well the invented I forgot his name studied many martial arts and combined them to create his own mma

  8. dang… this is what I always wanted to see a documentary video about the whole history of mma. and this is really well made it's awesome lol. I love it! there should be a documentary or movie made about mitsuyo maeda he deserves it. but another thing you should look into is kudo daido juku it's from japan just like mma but with more protective gear like facemasks/helmets. anyways good video!

  9. Great video. So much info packed in to 22min. This could be a hour long with some video footage and interviews. That would make it easier to digest.

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