The Healthy Habit Of Krav Maga Martial Arts

When you make a healthy
habit a priority, the payoff can be a big one. This next man is
sharing with Jackie how Krav Maga helped him
reach a healthy weight. (techno music) – [Jackie] Sometimes the best
way to pick up a healthy habit is to see what works for others. – I’m Patrick, I’m an attorney. My healthy habit is Krav Maga because it’s fun
and challenging. (machine dinging) – So Patrick, to start out,
for those who don’t know, let’s talk a little bit about
what exactly Krav Maga is. – Krav Maga is a
self defense system intentionally designed
to make it easy for people to learn and execute. So as I understand it,
the gentleman who came up with it basically adopted
different techniques from different disciplines, picking whichever ones he
thought were the easiest and the, let’s say,
energy efficient to use. – And you have a
pretty inspiring story of physical benefits
once you started it. – Right so I started about
three and a half years ago. I came in 40 pounds
heavier than I am today, and lost those 40 pounds
in the first year. If you put a lot of
effort into these classes, you’ll hit exhaustion
several times an hour. If you stick with it,
everything will be affected. One thing that you’ll
get in almost every class is a good cardio workout. (machine beeping) (lively music) – And it’s not just
physical benefits. There’s also mental benefits. This takes a lot of focus. – Yes, yes, and one of
the nice things about this is you’re, you need to be very
present throughout the hour. Very stress-relieving. You normally walk out both
tired and pretty happy. It’s a fun hour. What you’re doing is fun. You feel good about
yourself physically. You walk out of
here pretty relaxed. – You’re very busy as well. You’re an attorney,
you work full time, but you still manage
to fit this in. – Yes, well you gotta
make choices about what your priorities
are and so at some point when you decide
this is important, you find something
else to not do. If you make it a
priority, you make it in. I have the benefit of
having some flexibility deciding when I work and
so I choose not to work when I wanna be here. – [Jackie] If you have a
healthy habit, share it with us on Facebook,
Instagram or Twitter, and you can see it featured
right here in the show. (upbeat music)

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