The Grandmaster: The Art of Kung Fu – Tutorial 3 of 3 (Bagua)

Welcome to the Grandmaster’s
Art of Kung Fu Tutorial. Bagua, or Baguazhang, is a
system designed to face multiple opponents. The Bagua stylist’s movements
are a circle within a circle. The Bagua stylist can deal with
multiple threats while maintaining focus
on the main one. Bagua is said to have 64
movements, turning in circular patterns, attacking
from the outside. Snake coils around the back,
lifting like a moon. What is the fastest to reach
one’s objective? A straight line, of course. Or is it? Your speed was victorious
this time, but there are other ways. You have yet to meet the best. I’ve beaten the rest. What else is there? Hm. That should be fun.

63 Replies to “The Grandmaster: The Art of Kung Fu – Tutorial 3 of 3 (Bagua)

  1. Real martial artists, be it kung fu or weapon play have a long history of showboating. Partially to show off their skills, but mainly because that was how they also made a living.

  2. You fucking idiot, you don't know shit about wushu in fact you don't know shit about kung fu let alone you don't know what the fuck you are talking about. Go watch a documentary on the Shaolin monks and tell they wouldn't slaughter MMA fighters. It's because UFC is sanctioned as well as MMA as a whole to keep it from a bloodsport. Real kung fu artists are trained killers moron.

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  4. Lol … Well you are pathetic. Kinda sad too, keep dreaming lil boy. You're def just another kung fu movie nerd, shaolin monks are doing gymnastic nothing much more lethal than dancing….

  5. Ya you are just an ignorant nobody. Dumb shits like you talk a lot of shit with nothing to back it up. You must be a meat head loser.

  6. Not at all, I have valuable points. The fact that I did wing chun for 4 years is enough. Im not ignorant at all.I still respect the chinese martial arts but its not realistic nor effective for todays combat sports. You sir are butt hurt, thats all I have to say.

  7. Then why don't you offer any valid points then idiot. All you have done so far was talk shit. So you were referring to MMA afterall, then you realize that Muay Thai and BJJ are the main components of MMA. Everything else is subjective and optional. You obviously don't know shit and are a fool. Get the fuck out of here ignorant kid

  8. Combat sports is not effective in a fluid moving street fight from which most martial arts were designed to combat not for sport. With the exception of wushu (taolu forms) all martial arts are effective but only if the user is able to use it effectively.

  9. lol not at all, I dont know what u r talking about, you are butt hurt… Take a cup of tea son. You didnt bring any counter arguments, because you obviously dont know shit about martial arts. Keep being mad, you wanna be.

  10. hey mr. Bane i know lot of people are mad at u cause u said, that chinese Martial Arts cant stand to Todays fighting sports and u r saying that u know what u are talking about because u did wing chun for 4 years but guess what , 4 years arent enough to use it how it should be used if u make it wrong then it is weaker then every fighting sport because the others are just about power and not that easy to fail like Wing chun does, trust me dude im doing Wing chun since 6 years and ill go on

  11. Now to take on the city gangs in a homemade flashy suit that conceals my face and makes me impossible to miss in a urban environment.

  12. you're right, i watched the grandmasters, but there's no reason to point that out . It's obvious that donnie yen will always be the best to play ip man , but that doesn't mean that other's cant. I like some of the fight scenes in the grandmasters, there are some unnecessary special effects and slow-motions , but the story is good, Ip Man 1 and 2 will always be the best, but make sure you watch more wing chun movies or even Bruce Lee movies. Kung Fu is good and kung fu movies too so just have fun

  13. LOL you also have no idea of what you are talking about,
    i bet you're the type of kid that shits his pants in a confrontation let alone a fight.

    protip: i used to hassle a few guys who practiced kung fu etc back in high school, kicked their asses in a backyard fight, no seriously unless you are genetically gifted in athleticism, eastern martial arts wont save you from a broken face.

  14. @used_tissue, actually I've been in many fights, but I win and I lose some. It doesn't matter to me. They are fast and you only have split second to dodge or counter, I train in reflexes and speed. Not technique, I've seen capoeira and muay Thai fighters lose in street fights because they were to slow and concentrated on techniques. If your body isn't up to par then you have no business fighting I tell all my students just because you know MA doesnt mean you can't be touched.

  15. Ya you think you know me? I would crack your face in. I know wing chun and sanda. You the type of bitch who gets smacked up for talking shit. You beat up some rookies and you think you know what kung fu is? Wheres the bane kid? How come he isn't talking back you clown bitch. You don't know shit end of story

  16. It matters how far you are willing to take it to defend yourself. Fights are not fought with hands these days, it's either settle it with words or kill each other. I personally would never fight someone I could just walk away from, fist fighting is dead leave it to the professional/entertainment industry.

  17. @SyndicateOfPolitics, I avoid most fights as well, but I've been attacked by aggressive idiots a lot, so yes my speed and my knowledge and use of hybrid martial arts, I won very quickly. I train as if I am going to die and I push my students to do same. The backlash, because it is deadly knowledge I have been in court for justifiable homicide in one case and still receive death threats from his family. Avoid conflict. But defend yourself obviously.

  18. wow you're one hateful and angry kid… I don't see which comments you're answering to, but really, losing your calm like that makes you seem rather dumb and uneducated… but I hope people won't judge you on your online behaviour and that you're a good, intelligent person in real life..

  19. I specifically phrased it "the" mind. We all share the same mind with different experiences to shape our understanding of the mind. Anyway, don't worry about what I type here. You'll only read it in the context of your own experiences. <3

  20. Then why are you judging me you dumb shit hypocrite? you act all righteous but in the end you are exactly what you are criticizing. I have every right to defend myself from these online morons. You obviously are an idiot to make assumptions when you don't know shit. You already stated you can't see the comments I am answering to which means you don't know half the story you fucking idiot. Stick your nose somewhere else kid you come off as a pretentious faggot. Fuck off loser you don't know me.

  21. in order to master a style one has to master mind,body and spirit or "breath" if you will. every one is born with the same weapons ten fingers ten toes two hands two arms two legs and a crown.condition those weapons and technique will follow

  22. my teacher demonstrates for MMA classes, once was a ring fighter, and used to fight for money in rule free sessions. I personally have fought an mma guy twice my size.

  23. I just beat down a little kid and took his money with the stuff I've learned here, thank you for your tutorials!!

  24. Are her feet bound or is she just wearing heels? I know there was an old Chinese practice where women who were considered beautiful have their feet bound to looking dainty and pointed. I notice her shoes seem to look like that but have no heels.

  25. hey you put bagua but only a hint at the end of hsing I? Wheres the love for hsing i its way better than bagua imo simpler and more direct

  26. Watch my video on wing chun 🙂

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