THE FOREIGNER Official Trailer (2017) Jackie Chan, Pierce Brosnan Action Movie HD

Give me the names of the bombers Everyone’s already inside! Bye Dad An explosion rocks the city today Twenty-thousand pounds for the names of the bombers. That’s not how we do things here. – Hello – Mr. Hennessy, he’s here again. – That’s five days in a row now. What does he want? His daughter was killed in the bombing. Mr. Hennessy, please find out the names of the bombers. I work for the government, not terrorists. You used to work for them. I don’t know who the bombers are. I don’t believe in you. It’s him. You will tell me the names of the bombers. He’s trained, maybe special forces. Stop! She’s wired to blow! He just wants you to know he can get to you. What is going on? He thinks I know who blow up his daughter? Do you? I’ve half the city looking for him This old man running circles around a lot of us. He’s ahead of us every step of the way. Open it up. You have no idea who you’re dealing with. Yes, I do. Do you?

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  1. already wacthed this..its very funny and confused me bcoz there are scene that one of the bombers shows his friend their plan on the laptop..but turned out that laptop (HP) shows Windows Boot with Automatic Repair!!! haha i wonder do the director know that??? or simply their are not serious to make that scene…

  2. Just watched the film, very good. Seeing Jackie play a serious role and doing it well is refreshing. What I'm glad about above all is that he got his revenge.

  3. This movie is freakin badass. At least we can see how scary it's when a good man like him being pushed too far

  4. awesome movie. Jackie is old but effin great. Love the different look serious but still same bad ass JC movie. Very touching movie too.

  5. 1 thing i learned…veterans who fought in vietnam war are baddass AF but yeah they lost to vietnams which makes those vietnam farmers far more scarier

  6. Great action drama movie with a very believable story of intrigue and treachery.
    Jackie Chan delivers as a very believable vigilante hunting for his daughters killers but it's Pierce Brosnan who dominates this film which a strong convincing portrayal as a former IRA member
    now politician who slowly unravels a complex character who is key to the whole story and his best role for many years. Great supporting British cast as well.

  7. 坊主 君は春日井のJinかね? アンテナ?目安に君達の方から?其れは飛行機が出てくる。╃ ホングコングは自爆するであろう、沢の水とGASU汁の間違えも起こすであろう⚠ 時はもうない短いで‼本体にしかutenと思え⚠ 何uo考えておる⚠日本国内は目の前である。╃ BOKE❗ 李 龍 、 吉沢和孝ヨリ.⭐?

  8. One of Jackie’s greatest “serious role” performances next to The Shinjuku Incident.

    Movie was so phuccin good, Highly recommended.

  9. at 1:02, imagine jackie calling you everyday at the same time saying something hella creepy with the same tone he used there

  10. Wong Fei Hung. Monkey. Inspector Lee. All of them played by this legendary kung fu master one man army! All these years currently being 60 something and Jackie Chan is STILL IN HIS FUCKING PRIME! THIS DRAGON CONTINUES TO SOAR WITH SERENITY AND RIGHTEOUS FURY! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! JACKIE CHAN IS THE MAN!

  11. someone who is very extraordinary and very successful in all of his films and I really like all the movies????????????????????????????JEcki

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