The FIRE ALARM went off but it wasn’t HIS FAULT – AmeriKick Internationals 2019

[FIREALARM} All I did was drop my bo… He dropped his bo and it went off. Its all Winton’s fault. Mom?… Mom?… [FIRE ALARM BLASTING] [DG & Pia Intro Music] Okay guys, so welcome to the new video it is just me… I’m DG and that’s Pia! and together we are a DG and Pia.
We do lots of stuff and we LOVE doing that stuff. And the stuff we are doing this weekend is that we’re flying all the way to Atlantic City New Jersey to compete in AmeriKick…
…Nationals whatever the next word is but AmeriKick in the NASKA circuit. But we’re gonna head over there right now so let’s go [SPINAPORT SOUND] OK. Woah, ok guys. So we just SPINAPORTED across time and space and went from Hollywood Florida International Airport all the way to the tournament area the
next day on Friday We’re time-travelers. guys.
So we’re here. We’re gonna warm up
with to infinity Here we go. Here’s Team Infinity, there’s Dennis. There is… Noell yeah
let’s just let’s train
let’s do this guys BAM
[FIRE ALARM] [FIRE TRUCK SIREN] We’re gonna die! Im sorry. Im sorry! It’s all my fault All I did was drop my bo, that’s it.
I dropped my bo. He actually dropped a 540 and then the ALARM went off I can’t do this.
I drop my bo… WHOOO WHOOO!! [MUSIC] okay guys…
oh it’s zoomed in okay guys so
they just finish this fire alarm We don’t know what happened but we’re back here training weapons divisions were supposed to start 45 minutes ago so we’re pretty good on schedule right now we’re doing really well we’re warming up
we’re doing sections here we’ll put you on the table so you can watch us do sections There you go [MUSIC] that was so nice [BACKGROUND MUSIC] [CROWD CHEERS] Oh [LOUD CROWD CHEERS] [UPBEAT MUSIC] KIAI Nice Pia, Nice KIAI KIAI so we just finished the trad challenge
divisions I got 5th. Sofia got 1st. Woah! nice
Give me high five
Tha was sick! [CROWD CHEERS] C’mon Diego C’mon Dennis [CROWD CHEERS]
Nice Yeah, there we go!
nice speed. oh! Oh!
Can i be in the vlog? Yes, Julia. you’re in the vlog Turn that off… [JEFFERY LOVES CAKE – BEACH LASAGNA PLAYS ON THE PHONE] Beach Lasagna. Beach Lasagna. Good morning guys. So, we just woke up. DG is right here. he just did his beautiful hair [MISS AMERICA SONG PLAYS] La manita, la manita
{the hand, the hand} he cut himself on the dull side [LAUGHS] Diego, I rather do just sword now Maybe, no.
[LAUGHS] KIAI You just won…
I won! Ok, go chicken Look, the looser has to act like a chicken for 30 seconds [CHICKEN NOISE]
[LAUGHS] Alright guys… wait
why is it upside down? Benji’s V-log Oh, there we go.
You were upside-down for a second. That was rude Day 2 The AmeriKick Internationals We got the V-Log going down [BEEP] Hey, wassup guys?
It is PJs part of the v-log here we are at AmeriKick
I don’t know if you heard There’s more Dennis Everybody loves more Dennis [BEEP] [MUSIC and Tournament Background Noise} KIAI Ok, guys.
So we’re going to go to the elevator. Yes, not that one..
Like..Yes…oh… BYEEEE!! [MUSIC] [CROWD CHEERING] let’s go John Chestaaahh! Oh, Um, you missed.
Sorry… Good sh*t Censor it. Censor that.

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