The Female Taekwondo Fighters Of Kurdistan: Fightland Worldwide

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  1. Good luck to all of you, I'm a Taekwondo fighter too in Erbil Kurdistan,I have been to this hall, I wish you success,  I hope your dreams come true one day, Kurdistan is not Iraq. LONG LIVE KURDISTAN  

  2. I fucking love the Kurds!! They are the best of the best! They believe in equality and progressive values, while remaining true to their faith and right to a homeland! I'm of Irish background and I feel very sympathetic to the Kurdish people and their fight!! May the Kurds get their original homeland back. Sending positive thoughts to all Kurdish people!! Your not alone, there are many who aren't a stranger to injustice! Peace!!

  3. I really like kurds, They are not religious fanatics like arabs. I hope Kurdistan becomes a country so these players can play under their country's flag.
    Well done Zena, i wish you participate in Olympics and a win a medal. 
    Your Indian fan
    (Taekwondo black belt)

  4. Excellent fighters.  Zena, you are beautiful in spirit, mind and body. Many blessings and victories to you and your teammates and may you attain your goals in and out of the ring.

  5. I had chance to see your video through one of Korean web site. I didn't have much knowledge about Kurds but this video was very interesting. And the Taekwondo coach's mention about equality between male and female in sports was impressed. wish all of you good luck!

  6. Well done Zena, i wish you participate in Olympics and a win a medal! love and greetings from Chechnya! and you are pretty and dangerous!

  7. Zena xan barasti to jegai shanazi bo emai kurd. Barasti zor lehatwi w ba hiwai sarkawtw bo toi gul :).

    Biji kurd u kurdistan.

  8. I never imagined there would be a real…. ZENA… "THE WARRIOR PRINCESS" except this Kurdish girl is much prettier!! and she can "actually" fight!!

  9. So pretty too 😉 This is who the U.S. should be helping but we have a shit president and our country has no clue what its doing.

  10. Such an nice video heval i am a kurd from germany and regard you so many Lovley greets and hope for your the beste zena Xanim. Silav u Rez

  11. ئافةريم بو ئةم دا يكو با وكةي كة بةروة ردة يان كردوي بة را ستي جيكاي شا نا زي بو ئيمة ي كورد سةر كة و تو بيت .

  12. I'm as a Taekwondo instructor, i know your skill and ability and also I'm as a psychologist, I understand your mind. You are good, clever and beautiful. Wish you the best. Good luck to all Kurds and Kurdistan. Greeting and love from London.

  13. Zena We as kurds are Proud of you really,wish more woman will take your step and make the difference in their lifes,keep going until you wil raise the kurdish flag in the international tournements,Dest xosh kiche kurd,min be hemu shéweyek pishtíwantim,slaw u rézim,le hollanda we.

  14. Good for them. I always had a lot of respect for Kurds. They seem to be about the only hope there is for the middle east.

  15. She's beautiful and has the heart of a Lioness, Kurdish men must be so proud of their women. I wish I had a wife like her.

  16. Ehh 0/10 IGN. Didn't see any 540 turning kicks, Jump Spin Hook Kicks,720 Turning kicks, Hurricane kicks, Guyver Kicks,not even a tornado kick… Scott Adkins does not approve ( ._.) , then again for WTF Taekwondo , I guess this is ok….
    jk jk ?? Very pretty, Independent girl with a strong spirit?❤, good step in the right direction ?. Those parents are very supportive and cool! ?

  17. strange topic 🙂 there aint any offical country named kurdistan..she might be a kurdish citizen living in iraq..The referendum for independence of the Kurdish region in Erbil failed in 2017..

  18. Kurdistan are best fighters in the world . And not only in taekwondo but in MMA they are beast. Love u Kurdistan. Keep on Progress☺

  19. I love ur parents ur blessed to have a Muslim parent that let u make all ur choices and be there for u biji Kurdistan✌?

  20. Kurdish TaeKwonDo Instructor Hossein Abdulrahman from Erbil,Iraq is a special and inspirational man. He is a true Warrior Poet. His young lady champion Zena Jabbary shines. If it's possible, her beauty is only exceeded by her warrior spirit, and lovely, supportive family. Instructor Abdulrahman teaches his students well. The beautiful sentiments he espouses of equality, tolerance of gender, religion,and nationality are paramount. Someday let us hope that Peace, Love, & Kindness reign on our Earth and that violence is only warranted to prevent the continuance of unprovoked aggression.

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