The Fated General, The Untamed castmembers upcoming dramas, Jade Dynasty gets sequel already?

Hi guys, Marcus here and welcome to Chinese
Entertainment Update September 8th 2019 edition. In this edition, Jade Dynasty is already getting
a sequel and The Untamed castmembers have upcoming projects but first.. The Fated Generalis an upcoming costume drama starring Zhang Ruoyun and Rachel Mao. I last updated on this drama a while ago and
since then not much has happened but I wanted to reintroduce it because one,
some of you might not have heard of it and two, I am really looking forward to it. According to director Zhang Jian, the project
took seven years to prepare. He started filming the drama in 2016, and
took his time to ensure it’s quality. So far, I am impressed with the trailer and these stills. The Fated General tells the story of Huo Qubing,
a heroic general who never lost a battle. He was born an illegimate son to a lowly maid
but rose to become a celebrated warrior and one of the most distinguished generals in
Chinese history. Zhang Ruoyun stars as Huo Qubing, the master
tactician and warrior and Rachel Mao co-stars as Zhen ‘E, a lowly maid
who becomes his confidante. Zhang Ruoyun recently starred The Evolution
of Our Love with Crystal Zhang whereas Rachel Mao recently starred in the modern
drama Delicious Love with Mike Angelo. The Fated General’s supporting cast includes
Bai Yu as a brave and loyal general, Alan Yu as yet another victorious general
and Li Hongyi as Huo Qubing’s subordinate and close comrade. This drama looks like it is right up my alley. It checks all the right boxes – heroic leads,
inspiring story and plenty of action. On Baidu, it says the drama’s slated for 92
episodes but I’m pretty sure they’re gonna trim that down. More on this when the production team announces
something. Jade Dynasty 1, the wuxia movie
which stars Xiao Zhan and Li Qin, has ramped up promotions. They have trailers, music videos and now these
new pics as their September 13th premiere date approaches. The movie tells the story of a kid who is
taken in by the Qing Yun Sect after his village is completely massacred. There he begins to cultivate his skills but
when he finds out the truth behind his parents’ death,
he succumbs to his rage and demonic tendencies and becomes the Qing Yun Sect’s enemy. The movie is directed by Ching Siu-Tung who
has a background in martial arts choreography so we can expect some pretty good action in
it. I’ve also noticed that in all the Chinese
and English language review sites including MyDramalist, the title has now been
changed from Jade Dynasty to Jade Dynasty 1. Does that mean that sequel in the works? I think it’s pretty safe to assume so. Afterall, this movie is based on the novel
of the same name which was also made into the drama Noble Aspirations with Li Yifeng
and Zhao Liying. That drama ran two seasons with a total of
73 episodes. So I think it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch
of the imagination to think there will be a Jade Dynasty 2. Maybe it’s what they’ve seen in the final
cut, maybe it’s presales, but whatever it is the producers seem confident
enough that Jade Dynasty 1 will be a success. With the overwhelming success of The Untamed,
Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo gained tremendous popularity. And although the two stars got the majority
of the praise, their co-stars got their share of the limelight. Here’s a look at some new upcoming projects
for The Untamed castmembers. Xiao Zhan has four upcoming dramas. Probably the most anticipated one, even though
he plays the second male lead, is The Wolf. In it, he plays a chivalrous bounty hunter
who is secretly a prince. Needless to say The Wolf is a highly anticipated
by many people, myself included, but at the moment there just isn’t any sign
of a premiere date. The drama wrapped in September 2017 and its
latest Weibo update was in August 2018. Since then, its star Darren Wang has already
had four movies premiere. The Wolf will probably be one of those that gets a sudden air date with like two days notice. That is if it’s even going to air at all. The second drama Xiao Zhan has awaiting release
is The Joy of Life which stars Zhang Ruoyun and Li Qin. In it, he has a supporting role as an undercover
spy. This is another highly-anticipated costume
drama. Its last Weibo update was in December last
year but still no official premiere date yet. Another drama Xiao Zhan has coming up is Douluo
Continent, a fantasy wuxia based on the novel Soul Land. And lastly, one that I’ve done quite of bit
of coverage on, the upcoming romance drama, The Oath of Love, in which he stars with Yang
Zi. Additionally, he also has the movie Jade Dynasty,
which I mentioned earlier, coming up. Wang Yibo has two dramas confirmed on the
horizon. The first is Private Shushan College in which
he stars as a highly talented swordsman. And the second is Super Talent in which stars
as a young superhero. Both these dramas started shooting before Wang
Yibo blew up in The Untamed so now that he’s huge perhaps the productions
will do what they can to expedite the premiere dates. Xuan Lu who played Jiang Yanli has seven dramas
coming up. I’ll just mention the one’s she stars in and
the more significant ones. She was in the repulican-era drama Arsenal
Military Academy as the mayor’s daughter. She will star in the supernatural drama Hours
Eye as a woman who has the ability to see people’s souls. And she will also star in the romance drama
Rainbow Heart with Godfrey Gao. Yu Bin played Wen Ning and has only one other
drama this year so far. He had a supporting role in Return The World
To You with Yang Shuo and Guli Nazha. Wang Zhuocheng who played Jiang Cheng has
four dramas – two modern and two costume. The two modern ones are Walk Into Your Memory,
which is currently airing and available on Youtube with English subs,
and Cupid’s Kitchen with Ethan Ruan and Lareina Song. The costume ones are Rouge Debt with Leo Yang
and Kelly Yu and Sword Dynasty with Li Xian and Li Yitong. Sword Dynasty is another wuxia drama that
I am very much looking forward to. Liu Haikuan who played Lan Xichen has a supporting
role as a universtiy student who joins the revolution
in the republican era drama Farewell To Arms which stars Zhang Han. Zoey Meng who played Wen Qing doesn’t have
any upcoming dramas listed. So that’s it for today guys but while I have
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all in the next one. Cheers.

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    The princess was taken care by wan gong gong who wanted to use her as a pawn to take revenge on the current king whom he believed separated him from his lover the empress
    So wan gong gong told the 8 year old Princess that the current king killed her father cos he wanted her mother as imperial concubine.The mother died by committed suicide
    The other baby the Prince was sent to frontier to take care by the tribal family by the imperial concubine's brother who was later killed without informing zhao huai ann, his good friend on the baby boy status
    Time moved forward
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