Shiina was a finally share home First one actually telling you the true goal and the true mission of the chinese ccp and In this world, they were only mr. Fanon and on who were truly privy to this goal Lulla well after we tell you the true goal of the Chinese Communist Party if that does not bring the attention of the United States government European government and then did not get the attention of the people of China that 1.4 billion of the people in China all the world population Then I must tell you that we are Having the third world war looming at us and this time the winner is not going to be the you know state or the Allied Army, it will be the CCP and that will bring us to truly the darkest age of all time Welcome back to Australia’s only drew a politically focused YouTube channel Who tells you the truth about what’s going on? Not only Australia Asia China or Hong Kong, but I provide you guys with information that you cannot find anywhere else I’m gonna introduce you guys to a Former Chinese communist party member who realized how evil this Communist Party was? so what he did was he shifted a billion of his own money out of China moved over to the freedom of America and started exposing the evil CCP from the safety of America now he makes videos Predominantly now targeting a Chinese audience trying to convince them of the evils of their government And I’m gonna cut out all of the mandarins so that you just hear the English and you get an idea of what these guys are talking about but They’re pretty much saying what I’ve been telling you guys all along, but I feel it It adds more credibility to what I say when you hear it from someone who was actually in the Chinese Communist Party someone who worked with Zi Jing ping Personally someone who knows the inner workings of the CCP now when you guys watch this video and I’ll see you guys in the next video The whole world what they’ve seen now is the criminality they gangsterism of the Chinese counties party. This is outrageous That a g20 Country a country that sits at the table with the biggest most powerful Nations on earth has ordered Has ordered the beatings? the tear gas the rubber bullets and now with the CCP and their defenders and the West half have to understand is that It is literally thousands of hours of footage from brave young people in Hong Kong That’s now all over the internet. The image does not lie The CCP and their words lie, but the image doesn’t line if everything you want to know about She everything you want to know about once she’s shot. And the rest of the radical cadre is not all there Nice words about win-win and about everything they’re going to do for the world Right the new China dream if you want to see she’s China dream Look at the blood in the streets of Hong Kong perpetuated by the thugs in the Hong Kong police force To account to a publisher a condo to her face challenges poverty a fashion alert people know In fact that the mr Bannon that in the past two days we have observed what the PLA had crazy behavior at the Hong Kong Airport And then also that we have already verified Internally and with the rest of the world that some a piece of news that we have gotten In fact that it pointed out that the CCP is a crazy behavior In Hong Kong and in China as a CCP, they have monopolized infrastructure services, and the Legal structure and the finance structure of Hong Kong and then also laying down the extradition law in Hong Kong Their target is not merely Hong Kong. In fact that they have a more sinister Goal behind it. So perhaps that we could actually disclose that now you see that Finsih CCP at the 18th Congress the city in 1g shank right and then they had already been the setting of this internal anti-corruption committee anomalies in the past is the city is a City P this criminal and the deaths of ism of the party rule China But now that they don’t even have that only two families ruling China so that in effect They are now changing party Well into the family world in China The national resources of China into the hands of the two family and these two men and then they in effect had been Putting the rule in the Hitler’s era and Stalin’s era been to the modern world of China Kidnapping the 1.4 billion of Chinese people and 19 million of the party members And so that everything rests in these Truman’s hand and mr. Belman is the first person Bringing the truth to the world and that does understand no matter what China is talking about the China dream in 2025 2035 and 2045 these plans China and then also the federal initiative of China and China building the Hong Kong Macau and And the Pearl River Delta these things they were trying to Rule, not just Hong Kong. They’re trying to rule China Asia and Extend it to the rest of world and sell these two people’s and ambitions and now being presented to the world and that is shocking to the world of these governments like Mussolini’s Italy and and Hitler’s Nazi Germany this Russians under Stalin and you’ve seen it today brought into the 20th 21st century What’s most shocking is not simply their ambitions for world hegemony but how make it their ambition and how naked their grab for power is and how Anybody that believes in the rule of law will be cut down in front of them? That’s what Hong Kong emphasizes all the happy talk all the lies all the speeches and Davos Although all the money bribe money they put throughout the think tanks and the universities and the media companies to sing their praises All those think tanks and media companies and universities They all just should look at Hong Kong over the last couple of days forget the last 13 weeks over the last 13 years where they’ve taken people’s rights, but just look in the last 48 hours in the lies in the misrepresentations in the gangsterism right of these young people, you know hovering in train cars being beaten being beaten like they’re being beaten by the gestapo and that’s exactly what this is and now the whole world Season so all the lies was she all the lies. I want you all come to all come to life watch Us what? President Trump we need to be doing coming up next because you see that in the last 48 hours. Mr Fallon had not been asleep at all. In fact that he was very busy and then trying to mobilize a media support of what happened in Hong Kong to name a few for example that the committee of the clip present danger and then the New York Times and CNN CNBC and the numerous of countries such as that the leaders in Europe and the leaders in Britain and the other congressmen demisch McConnell and the groovio all Examined and he’s trying to he’s mobilizing them that you gave to lend support for Chaplin to Hong Kong. But what? Does he think what do you think from this abandon that? The President Trump and the US government will need to do well, I think here’s the power You know, I haven’t had to do anything with the US politicians because they’re mobilizing themselves you know Mitch McConnell who’s who for many years has not been that tough on the CCP has come up with very tough statement a Senator Rubio is really the leading Hawk now in the United States and his he’s been driven simply by the actions of the CCP The same with the people in in Europe Nigel Faraj came out with a very strong statement Yes a much stronger than Boris Johnson fact. He he called out Boris Johnson and President Trump not being forceful enough about what’s going on to the CCP and that is driven by the actions of the Chinese Communist Party to the innocent people in Hong Kong The Committee on the present danger did issue a very stark warning and a call for personal sanctions against Kerry lamb And the executives of the Hong Kong government and for the immediate act was a acquiescence to the five demands of the Hong Kong the Hong Kong protesters I think what’s most important though is that I think it’s got to be ratchet up now given the behavior of the Chinese Communist Party in the last 48 hours I believe you need sanctions personal sanction on she and once she Shawn and I realized President Trump is in a very tough negotiation Right now and he is kind of restricted or constricted by that negotiation But President Trump, I think if you look at his strategy is is very smart and by this I mean he understands that the Chinese Communist Party just responds to two things money and power right And that’s why he’s going right now and I think attacking on this trade deal and holding back so that he can’t be accused like they’ve accused the CCP and the Global Times and the People’s Daily have have said that miles and out of the black hand with the CIA or the black hands and back of the back of the uprising in Hong Kong the uprising in Hong Kong is a hundred percent the Hong Kong people and Once she’s shot and she should know when they’re finally taken down It won’t be the black hand of the CIA or the mi5 or mi6 of the British government or the American government It’s going to be the Chinese people the Chinese people are the ones that are going to take you down and they’re going to take you down because you have treated them like slaves and beaten them like animals You could have with a bubble My warrior friends and you will know that in the future that in front of not just mr. Beldon He’s sitting in front of this camera And we want to we need to destroy such an evil regime of the China Chinese Communist Party that we will not of course after our distraught destruction of the CCP We will not be doing any retribution of that regime But yet we must always hunt down the people in Hong Kong that Rendering the harm to the Hong Kong people and the fishing of the Hong Kong people Those Hong Kong officials. We must hunt them down and make sure that they take the responsibility yeah, I think that’s one of the key things is where’s the accountability and the responsibilities that carry lambs government right now the functionaries and Apparatus X in the Hong Kong government have to stand accused before the world of the lawlessness This is every day as a police riot Everyday is the riot police out of control Every day is the raptors the special tactical force that they’ve unleashed on the on the the innocent Peaceful protesters because the protesters are peaceful The violence comes from the Hong Kong authorities who are the running dogs of the CCP Of course, there’s no mr. Bannon. There are good. He’s going to be doing a lot more and then he is a Joining hands table with like many people many elites in many industries such as in the finance We have come past and in the military We have our products bulging and then we have senator Rubio and in the government even then mr President from vice president pens. John bolton and then also, mr Prepare they will stand together with us And then in the future they are going to central the hormone government and then the people who are involved Well, then yeah, yeah No, I think if you look at the continuation if you have in we understand that the CCP does not want any Embarrassment for their 70th anniversary of the of the founding of the of the of the Chinese state in that CC and the Communist Party on October 1st, but this Their actions in Hong Kong have now driven the Hong Kong people This is not going to stop and I think it’s only a matter of time before Sanctions as the committee of the present danger called for immediate sanctions of the top five executives in the Hong Kong government I think that we’re not too far away from seeing sanctions imposed on those individuals and they’re held accountable By not just the United States, but other nations of the world including Japan and the United Kingdom, France and Germany I also think that we’re not going to be too far away if the CCP continues their brutality if they continue the the Beatings that they continue the tear gas if they continue to treating the young people of Hong Kong like animals We are not too far away I think from the nations of the world standing up and not just stopping the free trade agreement with Hong Kong but actually holding Wan Shi Shan and she and others of she’s henchmen in the CCP to hold them responsible for what’s going on in Hong Kong? Thank you, sir may get this to happen. I hope America and the west of the worth of thought a recent by driven by perfect Student remember anything it’s a term rate justice. I think that’s a good point miles that I would like to comment on is that What why is the CCP if once she Shan is supposed to be such a genius that Bloomberg introduces him and Singaporeans? You know one of the most powerful guys in the world if she is supposed to be, you know in Davos, you know welcome as a new god of globalization if these if these individuals are so powerful and so emitted in so wise Why are they afraid of the rule of law? Why are they afraid of the rule of law and why are they afraid of bringing down the firewall in mainland, China? And why are they afraid of the rule of law on the deal that was made? That the rule of law will be totally instituted in Hong Kong and eventually in mainland China Why did they fear the rule of law if they’re so smart? It’s so brave and so all-powerful and so an impotent That they can be masters of the world and do one belt one road and made in China 2025 and the 5g rollout of Huawei and have a master plan of how to take over the world if they have all that and They’ve thought of all that and they’re that powerful Why are they afraid of the rule of law of just some young kids in Hong Kong? Why do they fear the young people of Hong the why they cower? And have to send the raptors the special tactical force and send the riot police and send tear gas and rubber bullets What is it about? These young people in Hong Kong That they fear the answer is that the Chinese Communist Party is an evil Structure isn’t evil organist Organization is because that you see that it is calling itself that Communist Party and they are the party of no asset but of course they are not just a party of new as it they have the most asset in a world they have Privatize all the national asset and then even the people the sexual lie Their sexual organs is in their own hand in their own control but with all these evil acts an evil criminal as they were worried about retribution If they were not doing power and then of course that you can see that all the people that they have destroyed in Ching Chang And then see dr. De pet and then they have also less Doland trillions and trillions of a wealth from the people they have to hide They have to hide from the criminal act. They have to say that are alive and that is why that they are afraid that There was three Very critical floor that they have is the mr belman if you know that you have met Rajesh and and you know MIT sleeping and I myself have met them Jew so we know very Well about what they are. We know that they are clever It can be quite smart, but they are not truly wise. They have no wisdom at all. They have no World Vision and They have no faith in their religion. So therefore that you know, they are because they are Clever they feel like they are quite smart. So they are full of hubris and therefore it is that downfall they committed all this foolish act and behavior the Ohio to who in order for the station come in? Good Shape our community So in short to summarize is that The CCP is an evil structure and they are Greedy and because of their greed then they have committed numerous Crime and they are in fear of that truth to eat out I would to be exposed to the world and also because that they are ignorant so therefore they are they have full of this hubris and said and then they will be foolish and Because they have no clue every little they have no faith and therefore That they don’t believe in all this at justice will come to them and that’s why The CCP that is a truth of the CCP. God my Supporters were asking that the 500 million are being killed by the CCP. Is this an accurate? Now I tell you that the 500 million including 300 million of the children or the infants features being destroyed by the one-child policy in China and then of course that there are people that who died from starvation during the tougher, British and then the cause that the rest of the people were just being killed and destroyed by the Communist Party and Eat any of their random art? What he saw what President Trump put the tariffs in today. He was under a lot of pressure not to he’s now fully engaged in this economic reward that the CCP has been running against the United States and I think his people come back to Washington over the next couple of weeks. It’s going to be even more Focus on what’s happened in Hong Kong. I mean, this is outrageous After 13 weeks is getting more violent isn’t it’s getting more violent not because of the protests of the protesters are the same innocent peaceful intelligent young people in Hong Kong It’s getting more violent Because of the out-of-control nature of the stability force the out-of-control nature of the police force the out-of-control nature of the Raptors the special tactical unit of the Hong Kong police which looks like it’s certainly PLA from mainland China and so all of this remember the CCP only exists Because the West allows it to exist the West finances it it allows it to launder its money and take the wealth of the Chinese people and put it into the west and The West gives of the technology once that’s all cut off Once the technology’s cut off once the capitals cough once the access to money laundering in this taking and stealing of the Chinese people’s hard-earned wealth Of which they don’t allow them to own any and that’s laundering into the West once all of that is cut off and people in mainland China and Hong Kong should know that every day becomes clearer and clearer of the culpability of the of the West in the creation of their Frankenstein monster Which is the Chinese Communist Party and particularly? The leadership of the Chinese Communist Party all of that is going to be coming to an end because it is an untenable situation That the West is party to this and that is where the accountability does where the pressure is coming There and on people like Carrie Lam and the running dogs of the Hong Kong government the running dogs of the CCP And so I think people’s anger only builds I think people’s frustration only bills and I think the account of transparency accountability and enforceability of the rule of law is coming to Hong Kong is that Exactly as mr. Bannon has a image that what we’re going to see next is that whether our hope is going to be like that at the time when the king was invaded or then whether we’re good to see that it’s going to be Entering into the Nexus of violence or the era now that what we need to do now is that we need to get busy Because the White House and the Congress are going to be in session after next week so that we must keep on putting pressure that to urge the Congress to make sure that the free trade agreement of Hong Kong is going to be Cancelled and void and then the most favorable nation status Must be taken away as you give him what he shall personally and the official Statistically must be personally be sanctioned and of course that the four people the five people of the Chinese the Hong Kong government and the officials must be personally be sanctioned and the tried and be taking the Responsibilities and these are all these things that we need to be doing. And of course that the China and the US must be economically decoupling the traitor an illegal seizure must be keep on continue to make sure that the talent is going to happen it nama CLE must be putting pressure decoupling is Definitely going to happen That is exactly what we need to be doing coming up Hong Kong so that can only in here to the interests of the whole world you as Europe and the Taiwan and Hong Kong now that at this juncture. Mr. Bonin and I are going to pray for the great of Goodness of all the 1.4 billion people in China and people in general two-bit con tomate Fingers Bandulus out here from me ups with them


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