The Cannibal Generals of Liberia

100 Replies to “The Cannibal Generals of Liberia

  1. and.. things go from bad to severely f'd up..

    to: Johnson & Taylor who overthrew Samuel Doe & brought instability to Sierra Leone:
    how do you expect loyalty & peace to accompany your regime when the ascent to your throne was full of bloodshed & violence…

    and history always proves:

    you live by the sword
    you'll die by the sword…

    you only lived to prove what everyone else knew:
    that you're a batch of imbeciles
    smdh.. .

  2. Mental illness is the main issue . Too many wars death destruction, indescribable psychological trauma. Tall tales don't help much, Vice! Maybe if you spoke some Crio, you'd be able to better confuse the audience. Lame!

  3. Liberian News: And this just in, a war has broken out between General Ebola and General Concentration Camp

  4. I wonder how many western liberals know that Liberia was given to ex-slaves by America and was to basically be America but completely for blacks and by blacks with no 'evil whitey' screwing things up for them. Worked out great.

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