The Best Style of Martial Arts For Your Training

Karate is the best you got that all Jujitsu is the best all fights end upon the ground thats how come we are the best we We are never on the ground
around let’s…. You both are wrong today we’re going to talk about
combining your martial arts is it really MMA or is it better just to practice one
style stay tuned we’ll talk about it Welcome to Shihan’s Dojo I’m Shihan
Marty Husband we’re here today to help you build your martial arts skill and if
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have a new video coming out. The question for the day is basically What martial
arts styles do you combine in order to create your own style? Today we’re going
to discuss what are the best martial arts … well there really isn’t any one
singular martial arts that’s the best it’s all dependent on a couple of
different factors one is how good your instructor is or was when teaching you
the martial arts and two how open your minds are to being receptive to
different ideas and techniques most people who think there are martial arts
styles the best don’t often have the realization of the many different things
that can be wrong with their systems or may be that the fact that they just are
prejudiced enough that they don’t see outside of the box that they are in I
have to sometimes laugh when I hear people say well did you practice an MMA
style well it depends on your definition of MMA well MMA is not a style first of
all anybody think its a style doesn’t know what they’re talking about
it’s not magic martial arts like you see in the intro at the beginning there but
it’s important you understand that if you’re taking two styles of martial arts
you’re essentially doing a mixed martial arts now that mixed martial arts needs
to complement each other in covering weaknesses and stuff like that that’s
where the best martial arts come from you have to consider who’s your
instructors what they’re trying to teach you and what is missing in your systems
I think today people have a lot better grasp and knowledge of things but
sometimes I think I see too much into what they find on entertainment to be
the truth it’s not really so I mean I’ve talked to people who say well they want
to be able to fight within six months after they start learning something in
MMA competitions for example it isn’t going to work for you out there because
it takes a lot longer than that to train ask any athlete who’s ever wanted to do
something like that now if you’re wanting to do it for
self-defense yes maybe Styles okay for you but still in the
long run you’re still gonna have to think about other styles now a martial
art style does not have to be an Asian style it can be Savate it could be
boxing it could be so many different things greco wrestling to Krav Maga to
Sambo there are so many martial arts out there
however each of those martial arts sometimes have a tendency to be weak in
certain areas of the martial arts when you’re wanting to train in the martial
arts you have to ask yourself a couple questions one why do I want to do it too
how am I gonna get there and three who are the best instructors or systems
around that are proven around here when I say around here I mean your location
when the martial artist begins to examine their styles and techniques they have to
understand what they’re doing and what they’re trying to accomplish if you’re
taking something for self-defense do you think mixed martial arts is the way you
want to go I would have to say yes in the end but I do but feel that one thing
that people do not understand is they need a base style so if you’ve been
boxing for three or four years yes you need to jump in there and take something
else and and help build off that I think I’ve covered a lot of those ideas in my
cross-training videos you have to really weigh what you’re trying to accomplish
either in self-defense or sport when you’re thinking about that you look
around for all the different schools find the ones that suit what you’re
looking for now some of the schools out there will tell you all we’re the best
because we do this and this this well they may be good in their own areas but
you have to make sure find out who the instructor learned under what they’ve
done what their rankings are if they have a belt system if they’re not asking
how long they’ve been a coach now I say ask a coach don’t think because they’ve
been a world-class athlete that makes them a great instructor it doesn’t
instructors as a whole other thing we’ll talk about another time but you have to
find a good coach a good instructor is a good coach not necessarily the best
world champion that’s ever lived or anything like that it’s also nice to
find someone who can teach and be able to put it on the floor too now consider
for a moment though if you’re doing this for self-defense what type of
self-defense do you want to start working on now that’s a big question for
a lot of people some people want to do it for rape prevention some people want
to do it just for strict self-defense some people
want to do it for exercise but when you understand that that’s what you’re
trying to do you can better accommodate what you feel is meet your needs in
self-defense you have to think about what type of people could be attacking
me who are they how do I keep my mindset so when you’re
looking for the best martial arts you have to ask yourself where is it going
to apply itself me I’m a big person in saying you need a stand up style a
ground stop preferably jiu-jitsu of some kind with karate or Taekwondo or
Okinawan karate you have to make sure that each of those compliment there is
ground techniques and and throws in all of those other styles but their studies
are limited to the point where they don’t have the scientific concepts or
the better understanding of how to use them they only get into the sweeps or
maybe a few aspects like a hip throw or that they’re because they don’t feel
they need to cover any more than that while they do because not everybody can
do a hip throw but somebody might be able to do a different kind of throw
that they had bottomed in jujitsu but maybe they can do an Uke O’Toshi or
something along those lines from Judo or Jiu Jitsu now check out all the
martial arts schools in your area if you’re going to look at something but
remember these important things one check out that instructor make sure
they’re certified in what they’re doing and say they’re in some sort of
classical style such as karate jujitsu even Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ask their
ranking if they don’t have a least a third degree black belt in a lot of
those styles then they’re not going to be very good and I don’t mean that in a
bad way there are so many things that are missed in classical martial arts
that lower-ranked martial artists have yet to figure out remember they’ve got a
first degree black belt in any classical system that means they’re just a
beginner it means nothing more and that’s something a lot of people forget
so make sure your instructors qualified if he’s got a high ranking belt in one
style and a low ranking black belt in another he might make a pretty good
instructor I mean if he’s got a fifth degree fourth degree in a karate style
in a first or second degree in jiu-jitsu it sounds like the man knows what he’s
doing he’s able to combine that so that in essence is his mixed martial arts
make sure that these classes are separated on how you work your stand up
and then work yourself doing throws and on the
ground the reason I say that is if you can understand them at their own level
you’ll then be able to incorporate them at all levels that’s what’s important
number two is make sure you’re going to commit yourself that’s the one thing I
see a lot of students come out and say oh I want to do this and that and then
they realize it’s hard work number three is something to think about
– do they have the knowledge now understand something here there’s a
difference between skill and knowledge and knowledge is the basic way that a
coach understands the underlying principles each coach should be skilled
enough to help you with your own body type to figure out how you can best
compete or do your self defense nobody is the same everybody’s different that’s
what makes mixed martial arts so interesting for those who like mixed
martial arts that’s also what makes it good for self-defense small people can’t
handle big people all the time so you have to learn different training ways to
handle situations like that for self-defense if you’re exercising they
have to be able to help you set goals so you can do whether you’re losing weight
or building a muscle each of these things have to be considered so let me
reiterate there is no best style the best style that can come out of you is
how you train and if you train smart if you train wisely and you look around and
do real comparisons and not listening to people that had the opinion that their
style is the best you can actually judge better what would be great for you I
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on science dojo

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  1. This video covers how to get the best Martial Arts for you as well as giving a better understanding of what is really Mixed Martail arts. Please leave comments plus like and share us if you can.

  2. I've been trying to copy the shuto uke parries from videos on karate, to integrate with my boxing punching style.
    Even if I'm not doing it quite right, I think it will improve my hand speed. So far, it's really got me thinking more about ways of synergizing my footwork with my hand movements.

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