The 5 Most Dangerous Elbow Strikes – Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do

[Instructor] Today I’m going to show you five most dangerous (smack) elbow strikes in JKD. (upbeat music) Elbow strikes. One of my favorite weapons that you can evolve and utilize as a Martial Artist. Now, why do I like elbow strikes so much? Because this is a natural weapon that you have as a human being. So, for men or women this
is very very dangerous, very deadly. You don’t need a lot of development like for punching you
gotta hit the heavy bag, hit the punching bag. Elbow, with a little bit of training, I’m going to show you today the simple body mechanics. You can generate a lot of force and power and knock someone out with this weapon. So, when it comes to elbow strikes. Strike number one. Very simple is what I call the Side Elbow Strike. Obviously you go horizontal. Okay? Horizontal like this. To the side, like so. So, when it comes to self defense this strike would hit like that. Across someone. Okay? So, like that. With speed it looks something like this. (whoosh) (whoosh) (whoosh) So if I’m here, now notice, when I do the elbow I did not wind up and hit. From here, turn. Here, turn. So from here I’m not doing this. I’m from here. (pow) [Partner] Oof! [Instructor] That’s it. [Instructor] Right? It hurts. [Helper] Yeah, whew! [Instructor] Yeah, from here it’s a snap. (Boom) It’s a snap. Like that. Okay? So, that’s The Side Elbow, and then you have your Upward Elbow. Now when you thought of upward elbow, again I don’t wind up like that, and I throw the elbow. I throw the elbow just like this. See my hands? And every single time you throw an elbow make sure your other hand is not like this. You don’t do it like this. Here. This stuff is always in front of you. Right? (whoosh) Right? (slap) So, Upward Elbow, like so. Now how to use it. You could be in this kind of close quarters. Here. Right? You see that? Or he grabs. Here you could hit the stomach. (smack) You can hit the chin. Right there. Or the head, you can grab the head like so. So, imagine this the head. (pow) Like that. (pow) One coming down. (pow) One up Now the key to elbowing a lot of people make the mistake. Look at my bone. If I elbow this way, you see my hand? That’s not good. Just look at my bone. The key is this, very minor adjustment. Look at my bone. You see that gets bigger? Again. Neutral. Turn. Just like in business. Sometimes those minor tweaks, minor changes, small hinges swing big doors. In this case it’s the same. Turn, like that. See my bone? And you don’t hit with your forearm. You hit with the tip. This is like a knife. This little part. Your entire body force, this part goes into someone’s eyes, someone’s neck, someone’s temple, or rib cage it’s going to hurt. Okay? So you turn. You see that? Turn. So, Side Elbow, Up. Now when you doing the Upward Elbow make sure it’s not just like this. Just like an upper cut. How you throw an upper cut? Your whole body. You see my whole body? From here (whoosh). Whole body into it. Your whole body (oomph) into it. Like that. And you’re hitting through the guy. So I’m not aiming here. I’m aiming… if this is the chin, I’m sending it up in the sky. From there. Hip. (pow) So, Upward. Now, Downward Elbow, the third one is this way. This way. Now when to use it. If someone grabs you… Here. You see that? Here. Slowly, boom. Boom. The back the back of the head or the neck. Very deadly. Because this whole thing. Slow. I’m letting my whole body drop on him. It’s not a “Oh! I’ll touch you.” No it’s not. So, it’s like this. Go. It’s this kind of power. Right? And there’s no power there. I’m just dropping my hand, right? It’s like this. (smack) You hear that? (smack) Right? I’m dropping my whole weight. Just like when you’re falling this is that kind of power. That’s actually from Chinese Martial Art. Very, very dangerous. (smack) Again, I’m not hitting here. I’m not hitting with
the soft part of my arm. I’m hitting with my tip. My tip. Again, right there. Downward Elbow. So, first one. Side. (smack) Second one. Upward. Third one. Downward Elbow. Fourth strike, elbow strike very dangerous is your Back Elbow. You’ve seen this in self-defense video when someone grabs you from here, right? You can hit Boom! Right? Or, sometimes you see some danger from on the other side. You can hit here, right? Or sometimes, he could be in this kind of situation. It’s faster when you (whoosh) like that. Again, you go across, back with this. Not this. Not the soft part. This. This. Right? Back elbow. Now you can also vary just a little bit. Where it’s not this coming from that angle. It’s coming from this angle. I like this strike a lot. Because usually when people grab you hit the groin. And this is the groin shot. And you don’t… Remember, if you watch my other videos, you don’t slap the groin. You pull and you fucking rip it out. Yes. You fucking rip it out. Right? Right there. And now here you see that? Very natural motion. So, like that. Boom! So go (Ba-boom). Very powerful. This directly to there. I’m not using any force, but he can feel like, Holy shit! If you get hit on that you’re probably going to have a bad day. Right? So that’s the Back Elbow, and the last one is called The Cut Elbow. Now, the Cut Elbow is similar to the horizontal Side Elbow the only difference is this. Look at the angle. Side Elbow. The Cut is like coming down like this. You see this in Wu-Ti a lot. You see that? So it’s more like a cut to the temple or to the eye, the corner of the eye. So more like a cut. You see that? It’s more of a snap, and it looks like this. Right? Like… That. More like coming up. So, horizontal, side, cut elbow. Cut elbow. Now the Cut elbow is good because it’s fast. It’s snappy. Now here’s the thing. When you combine these different elbow strikes. It will look something like this Okay? So you’re doing your thing, right? You’re doing your shadow boxing. As you can see, (whoosh) (whoosh) (whoosh) It looks something like that. (slap) Now when you combine it with trapping. I do it slow. See that? Right? Right? Now when you combine it with different things. Very, very powerful. Very dangerous. So there you go! Those are The Five Dangerous Elbow Strikes. Now, when you practice with a partner (sigh) be very careful. Be very careful. I’ve actually seen partners, training buddies, accidentally cut the guy with their elbow, corner of the eye. Straight to a hospital. Because when you hit someone’s temple it’s deadly. So, practice with caution. DO NOT go full force. You don’t need to go full force to know, oh that’s going to hurt! No. It’s going to hurt. Tap. No. You going to go full force hit with a pad, go with a heavy bag. It’s okay. On partners just be careful. So comment below if you have any other questions, any martial art questions, comment below. I’ll make future video based on that. Make sure you hit the Subscribe button. As you can see, we’re growing very, very fast. It’s a global community now. So, hit the Subscribe button below. Hit the bell, turn on notification. And check out my other martial art videos if you’re interested. Check out. Until next time, my friend.

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  2. Dude your technique and speed are pretty damn incredible. I’ve practiced traditional Okinawan kenpo for 15 years and in just watching this video I’ve realized I’ve been throwing elbows wrong my whole life. I can’t believe how much my mind was blown when you showed that simple yet completely game changing tip to turn your hand to enlarge and expose more of the bone to cause more damage. I’m def subbing to your channel.

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  4. I was shown told that an upward elbow strike could break an opponents leg if you countered opponents kick or flying kick and you were good enough to aim at the Arch of the bottom part of foot. Is This True? OR us there Good defensive blocking elbow moves you can show in next video?

  5. "What I Do" !!! Love the shadow striking Techniqne also? For Me, Very relaxing and fluid . Excellent Video for Practice . Thanx Dan Lok .

  6. Elbow is a very hard part of the body and once it is use against someone it will inflict vicious damage and probably traumatic head injuries to you!

  7. Interesting video Dan :-))) I study KRAV MAGA, KAPAP version … what you show in this video is used in training …only in defense situation.

    For me, educating anyone is to try to teach him to confront any situation ( as possible) in his life …

    Bruce LEE was a genius in his art … Just like Albert EINSTEIN in sciences …

    From France, amicalement BobbyFR94

  8. Elbows are my favorite . 1st Dan female Black Belt. I can easily blast through several boards with an elbow strike and I only weigh about 100 lbs.

  9. I am black belt in Taekwondo.. These techniques is awesome.. I starting practice ing it.. Really it improve my matrial art skill and level

  10. Elbow strike at the tip of elbow move consists of horizontal, upward, downward, back, cut. Never wide swing elbow. Doing it correctly combo beautifully and this elbow going to destroy and smash everything… Sifu elbows are very very dangerous.

  11. I accidentally injured my friend because of this elbow technique, honestly it travel so fast that, even I was genuinely surprised as well as my friend does. The damage was also devastating, my friend got a blue eye now. Very dangerous indeed, try with a helmet on.

  12. Very accurate points, as I've noticed these techniques from being in and watching street fights. When one of the fighters stands there fairly relaxed and then with little to no telegraphing the speed and surprise are usually quite effective. And most times the one who explodes from shorter distances, ( like famous 1" punch from Bruce Lee) shows that if proper techniques are used, linking the chain, explosive, unexpected and snappy strikes and follow thru strikes are more effective in real world unpredictable fights. Just watch these small, fast and unassuming stances from some of the " underdogs or less confrontational" fighters just completely surprise and usually knock out their bigger/ stronger opponent, who had no chance orl little time to react. Proof that everything in the video was on point.

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  14. Dan, I've been watching your videos and enjoy them very much! I am 5 feet 1 inch tall and weigh 95 to 98 lbs. Would this technique work for me? I'm in my mid twenties. I don't want to hurt anyone badly but I want to defend myself in case I'm attacked. I don't want to be a victim.

  15. elbows are the best thing to do for the crap talker that thinks they can come into your personal space…and that space is elbow length away,always remember that.Confrontation is a serious event,you dont have time for nose to nose bull crap,when some one comes to you for the nose to nose (what you gonna do about it stuff)thats when you bamalam!!

  16. @Dan lok i appreciate your your videos on jeet kune do ive been practicing for 7 years on and off ive been putting alot of tactical jkd training to use in my sparring matches also being relexed and. Being non telegraphcal with my techniques i gotta say that your videos are greatly appreciated keep doing the good work.

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  19. I like the way you break down the strikes. My hand is messed up from an old accident, and striking with it probably hurts me more than it would someone else. It is nice to have these as well as open hand strikes for potential defense scenarios.

    Not sure if you have one out, I will check, but for someone with experience, yet is disabled, would like to see a video about using devices similar to those disabled or older persons might use, as far as defensive capabilities are concerned.

    Thinking of things like ambulatory aids like a cane or canadian crutch to quickly disable an attacker. Disabled people make attractive targets for criminals.

  20. You are basically using your lead hand mostly, so in jkd what strikes do you do, with your rear hand?

  21. 25 years ago I was learning wing tsun in Germany…. I was at school for two years… One special day Mr. Leung Ting and Mr. Kernspecht came to an event… I saw them both in reality…. It was a nice experience 😁

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  23. Dan
    Watched your elbow strikes video. Found it very informative n useful.
    Kudos to you. Looking forward to your next video, especially street fighting emphasis techniques.

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    Your fan from manila.

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