Terence Crawford Vs Amir Khan Fight Review (Round 6)

Terence Crawford retains his WBO welterweight belt because of a low blow stay tuned. [Background music playing] Hello my friends this is a BobbieD coming to you from Talamban Cebu Philippines. Having an awesome time in the Philippines today Hope you are as well wherever you’re from Hey for those of you that are here for the first time want to suggest that you click on the subscribe button and the Bell notification icon so you can continue receiving fresh new Philippine videos motivational videos and World wide videos. Today, we’re gonna take a look at the Terence Crawford vs. Aamir Khan Welterweight championship fight round 6 from the Philippines! Crawford Khan welterweight championship fight round 6 from the Philippines. Yahhhhh hahaha What a Joy, such a joy it is again to come back to you my friends if you ordered the Terence Crawford Amir Khan fight on Saturday night you’re probably P/ooooo”d right about now because Crawford won via six round TKO, but it came after Khan was hit with a low blow and Khan Many people saying he’s told his trainer Virgil Hunter that he couldn’t continue, but after the after the fight Khan said he never quit so we don’t know for sure. But here’s a look at the punch that ended the fight. So as you can see they’re going at it and Crawford throws a short left to the body and it looks like From this angle. It doesn’t we can’t see but he hits him below the belt. Now the fight was held in New York City Madison Square Garden and the crowd started booing and hollering and out they were ticked off. Now the file by Crawford was a definite low blow, but it was ruled accidental and because it was ruled accidental then Crawford retained his title and Aamir Khan is Checked off with a TKO okay? So many people saying Khan knew he was gonna get beat and he’s quit. But he because he had gotten a low blow He thought he was gonna get the title because he thought it was intentional But it was not intentional so he didn’t get the title. Now. Here’s the thing about it before the guys got to the sixth round they had Crawford Ahead on all scorecards, so he was going to win the fight eventually either way So let’s take a look at the score cross. So as you can see Crawford was ahead on all three judges scorecards prior to the sixth round. In addition to that the Compubox stats show Crawford led in total body punches jabs and total power punches All this is proof positive that prior to the low blow Crawford was in full control of the bout He dropped Khan with a counter right hand in first round and then he outboxed him throughout the fight. Khan rebounded with a solid second round but Crawford was dominating and touching him to the head and the body consistently. [New background music] Question for the day. Do you think Amir quit on purpose? Leave your comments for me in the comments section of this video and As always remember to Like share and subscribe This is BobbieD, saying take care God bless and Peace! Amir Khan, you are a certified SUCKER!!!

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  2. He did not retain his title because of a low blow. He retained it cos he was punishing Khan and Khan quit!
    Khan was given 5 minutes he didn't take it.

  3. QFTD: Do you think Amir quit on purpose? Leave your comments for me in the comments section of this video. And remember to Like, Share, and SUBSCRIBE! Subscribe to our channel here http://bit.ly/2WYS5pd

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  5. I was a Khan fan before this fight, but Khan quit….he kept saying he's not a quitter at the post fight conference, but Crawford told him also that he quit.
    You dont get paid $5 million to quit. This was bad for boxing. Khan should retire, he is finished.

  6. Kahn was getting his butt kicked, it wasn't the low blow. He quit because he's a coward and already made his $$$. It was about the payday, not the sport for Kahn.

  7. If you took a low blow to the groin you would be incapacitated and doubled over on the ground. khan didnt show any signs of this and stood on his feet after so called been hit in Groin

  8. i dont think Khan quit, its very easy for us to judge someone but unless you are in the ring and you got hit like that only then can you say if the low blow was what caused him to not continue, ive know khan for many years, he rather die in the ring then to quit.

  9. It is a tender part of the body so I do think he had some validity to stop, you got to remember you need to being your A game to these fights and if he gets winded or pain near the legs you will just end up losing, ( he was losing anyway) but If theres a debate and argument for and against a low blow then its probably a low blow, just my opinion, I just think if I had a 6 pack but someone hit me in that part of my body the muscles wouldn't be as strong, defo not in the testicles tho

  10. People who never threw a punch in their life will say he quit. Sometimes in a boxing fight, you get hit with weird shots that finish you.

    Khan was getting beat up and bullied by then and the low blow to the groin simply took whatever fight left in him. I was once hit by a grazing blow to the hip that took my legs away. It looked so innocuous that people laughed. Trust me it hurt like a mofo. Khan never quit before and deserves benefit of doubt.

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