Teaser de «La tumba de Bruce Lee»

TOWARDS BRUCE LEE’S TOMB Julián, all this talk about Seattle… it’s fucking insane! Are you really gonna do this? You’re crazy! Lately you’ve been wandering aimlessly in the city, but getting on a plane to go to that bullshit seminar… The fact you’re going along with this is beyond me. How can you connect Bruce Lee to this marketing stuff? You’ll get on board with anything… You’re just using Bruce Lee
to get some sense of meaning. I was embarrassed, having to sit there… pretending this is such a great thing
and everything’s falling into place. Fuck that shit! You’re talking
about getting close to a corpse! “My life’s objective for the next
three months is being near a corpse, and that’s gonna give me
some kind of euphoric emanations”. Do you really understand what you’re proposing? It’s fucking unbelievable! I didn’t wanna say this before, but
the only thing you’re doing is drinking. I don’t know if you’re gonna find
this whole new world in Seattle… but what you’ve already found
is the world of fucking alcohol. You’re sailing on a boat that’s inside of a fucking bottle! You’re drunk, Miguel. Look, Bruce Lee didn’t even have a moustache! I never said I wanted to look like Bruce Lee.
I just want to be near him. How can they live like this?

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