Talent Show Vlog (Martial Arts Act)

what is up guys Seb Vlogs here, and I’m
actually doing the Talent Show as you can see from the title and a lot of people at
school has been requesting me to do the talent show again and because I did it
last year so here’s a few clips of the Talent Show so we are with my next-door neighbor his
name is Leo and need you to check out his SoundCloud which is really good so
the link would be down description for his SoundCloud it’s a really good rapper Yeah shout out Seb Vlogs Yeah So, as you can see right here yeah see that
see that see that a big stick right here so that’s my weapon bag for my for my
talent so I actually do martial arts if he didn’t notice and it’s as you can see
it’s very raining right now it’s been raining got my oh shoot what did I just stepped on
and yeah it’s a lot of people are requesting me and stuff yeah it’s yeah it’s been very rainy as you can see
there’s puddles on the floor over here it’s very puddling it’s very wet see
that’s a very dark cloud right there As I said before the talent show is a lot
of people has been requesting me to do this talent show
and at first I actually didn’t wanted to do a talent show from last year cuz you
know I give it a shot and I tried yeah but then around January a lot of people
have requested me to do the talent show even though I did it last year and I was
like that so that got me thinking about it and so I thought about it and I was
like yeah sure I’ll do it and even if I did try to do the talent show again I
want to do more stuff and that’s why I’m basically do from last year I did three
forms and I broke one board and then I broke two boards but with the same style
so I did so I did I did the iron palm so I basically hitting the board with this
palm right here now I’m gonna be doing like a mixture of that so what I’m going
to do is that I’m going to be doing two weapon forms and two hand forms to make
them more even and I’m gonna be doing three styles of breaking the board so I’m
gonna be breaking a board by just kicking we’re just basically this the
first time I’ll be kicking on stage and then after that I’ll be doing a
one-inch punch and then after that we’re gonna be doing two boards so those two
styles are gonna be involved with one only one board and I’m gonna be Elbowing two boards and it’s about it and basically gonna be a little bit more
longer than what I had from last year and it’s going to be more fluent because
I basically just learned all my mistakes from last year and yeah it’s like a few
videos from earlier today from my practices as you can see well what I’m
going to do so here’s the videos and I’m going to you to the next day “Practicing my performance” “The Actual Day” okay it’s actually the actual day of the
Talent Show and earlier today it was really raining and my reaction coming
out As you can see right here Oh No Oh shit, I’m going to get soaked Yeah so we’re
gathering up all into the auditorium we’re gathering everyone here and we
basically like get it all set it up so we’re gonna have one more practice like
a runoff and before everyone goes into the to the auditorium to watch and
see what happens ♪ you know you’re still number one ♪ ♪ But girls they wanna have fun ♪ ♪ Oh girls just want to have ♪ Hey turn off the song Okay Okay Give me a decent song like… No get off the stage first of all Please give me a song No dude seriously it’s literally three twenty two we have to get started So tired ♪ I knew this girl that was stressed ♪ ♪ Because her stomach was stretched and everyday she wishes ♪ ♪ That she failed the pregnancy test ♪ ♪ she was mad at her man ♪ ♪ Because of how we didn’t had a plan ♪ ♪ Before he went in raw ♪ ♪ And created a problem that cannot be resolved ♪ ♪ She really wanted to have an abortion ♪ ♪ Because to her this baby wasn’t important ♪ ♪ And to top it all she had no one that was supportive ♪ ♪ The Baby Father wanted to take a break ♪ ♪ Because he thought like he was going insane ♪ ♪ And her remembrance were in denial ♪ ♪ Those afraid that when she needs help, it’s the number she’s going to dial ♪ ♪ Her emotions were a mixture of pain and rage ♪ ♪ She was all like God has her in a mental cage ♪ ♪ she refuses it to be real ♪ ♪ And at that time that’s how she feel ♪ ♪ Especially when she has the baby concealed ♪ ♪ Then thoughts start going through her mind ♪ ♪ That how she wishes, that she never had intercourse for the first time ♪ ♪ Which caused her to grow a baby inside ♪ ♪ She doesn’t wanted to be a parent ♪ ♪ So she praise that she has a miscarriage ♪ ♪ Ain’t that tragic a women who doesn’t get encourage for what’d happened ♪ ♪ To the unborn children ♪ ♪ To the unborn ♪ ♪ To the unborn children ♪ we are now backstage and yeah we’re just waiting for
nearly an hour yeah all right so I got the official
paper you can see me right about here yeah yeah and these are other people who is
performing and basically about it so my switch the camera to you Not like that Alright is this better okay yeah this is way you want So am I actually going to be able to make it to the Talent Show Who knows, he has like really big things I guess yeah I have things to do
so I can’t hold the boards for Sebastian yeah it sucks we can still follow me on
Soundcloud yeah he was actually holding the board’s
last year as he didn’t notice and he was actually about to do it again but we
have someone else to do it which is fine because you know we have support around
here yeah and spotlight we already did Oh yeah and also shout out to Mani he has a YouTube Channel and does some random stuff basically so shout out to him Wow I went outside and wow it’s actually kind of cold and raining too Damn Oh man it’s locked, dude this is locked dude I wish I could get some water because I’m so thirsty right now Dude I’m so thirsty right now okay so we’re inside of the guitar room
this is the room we’re staying in and we are basically almost ready for the
talent show to start it’s six o’clock already and we’re ready for another hour
so by thirty minutes everyone’s gonna be crowding in oh it’s going to be exciting OK guys I’m going to get ready in three, two, one and… See, this is my belt over here Yep, we got all here, oh man Oh man OK I’m actually really excited for this And I hope everything goes well for this, I hope You want to see something cool, I could do a Round off Oh my god guys I’m gonna go next I’ve done this last year and hopefully
everything goes well for this and yeah I know last year in this really
unbelievable and no matter what happens I hopefully everything goes well
hopefully I break these boards with these knuckles I’ve been practicing
all day and you know oh you know but hopefully I’ll be able to do this so
here be seeing footage of my performance and yeah so here we go “Eagle Claw” “Three Section Staff” Mistake Butterfly kick needs some work “Daoxan” “Advanced Sword Form” Gathering up all my Chi “Side Kick” “One Inch Punch” “Zero Inch Punch” Oh shit I messed up Let me try again There you go “Zero Inch Punch” “Iron Elbow” all right he’s gonna try something Ready It’s already broken
that’s the secret knock Mind blown Wow I just got out and oh man it was so good but I kind of missed on the zero inch
punch which I could got it out out in one try But I got it to 2 at least and my knuckles like nearly
bruising like it’s all red you see you could right here it’s actually really good and lets go to the winners and see who won So apparently I didn’t win the talent show
oh that doesn’t matter because I want everyone to see what I do I don’t really
care about winning or losing I just care about the amount of people
to see me experience what I do so yeah so please leave like and a subscribe button
and I hope to see you next time and it was a good show today kind of bruised my
knuckles could see right here yeah see it’s not in see like look at the
difference between this this knuckles and look at this one this one’s more in
this one’s more out so yeah so please leave in like subscribe
and hope to see you next time

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