Takanakuy: Fistfighting in the Andes

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  1. Hey yo bro, been forever since I've seen ya! What you get me for Christmas this year? BBBOOOOOMMMMM upper cut mf'er….

  2. For Christmas I'm gonna get me one of those masks and sock my neighbor in head…. then he won't know who did it, kinda like a secret Santa…..?

  3. Wish they brought a professional boxer to Takanakuy, it would be fun to see a professional fight these indigenous fighters

  4. If you were wondering a lot of the houses are half way built, because you start paying taxes for houses when they are finished.

  5. Oh my gosh. You have never had a fight in your life. That was awesome. lol. Love you man. You really need to learn how to defend yourself. I can't stop laughing, sorry.

  6. I would've launched one of those little peruvians over the mountains but then I'd have to go hiking to shake his hand.

  7. Letting the western white demon man that controls the earth through say
    Tan we all needto pray against this people and get rid of them

  8. Dude fought before and still messed up and going easy on him and wasnt even that good kuz got beat up by the fight prior but props though for actually geting in there?

  9. My neighbor plays his music too loud and it pisses me off…I'm starting to think things through. Merry Christmas neighbor…POW!!!

  10. I love how they send a liberal nerd to go to a super rough place to try and “gonzo” journalize one of the toughest stories. Lmfao he seems like he doesn’t belong there at all. Sticks out like a sore thumb.

  11. Man my neighbors bitching about my air conditioner dripping rust stain down my wall below my window. I cleaned it, greased it, it still drips rust water, we need to settle this the old peruvian way…

  12. 17:13 oh man the struggles of having glasses lol whenever I do an activity with a helmet or a face mask, I'm like, should I wear my glasses under or over my mask? Or should I even wear them? Then I cant see? Fml lol

  13. https://www.google.com/search?q=tintin+chez+les+picaros&client=ms-android-wiko&prmd=ivn&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjUl9a1v4zkAhVJZ1AKHacBAdwQ_AUIFygB&cshid=1566134036703&biw=320&bih=441#imgrc=BqHe4JO9hKTOWM

  14. This is for the "civilised" people Well the human body is a vessel .You eat then you shit . You're angry and then hit something that would stop you from committing any mass shootout in a movie theatre .

  15. This is rad ! I know where I'm going to spend next Christmas. With my MMA training, I should do well and hopefully be popular with the young lady's.

  16. Celebrating the Prince of Peace by mauling one another, must be a mix of Catholicism and Paganism. No redemption by Christ

  17. man im impressed with how well the host fights, he lost but he got some good blows in and came at him with intensity. Especially due to his generally nerdy vibe.

  18. Ol' Thomas fits right in there at the start!!!

    I quite like this fella, he was on the first Vice I watched about a crazy ship skipper looking for,the giant garbage mass in the Pacific.
    They didn't find it.

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