Takagi and Terrible will rampage until the end! #njwtl

Once again, I couldn’t save Manabu Nakanishi.
It’s very upsetting. But he’d never ask for my help, anyway. He stands on his own.
He bounces back on his own. That’s what Manabu Nakanishi is all about. Even I’m upset that I couldn’t save him,
I know he wouldn’t change a thing. That’s all. They were strong.
強かったな Strong?
あぁ Very strong.
とても強い Thank you, brother!
ありがとな 相棒 Nakanishi may be an animal, but you’re even wilder.
中西はさすが野獣だ でもお前の方がもっと強い Rampage!
爆発したな Today we faced 2 truly strong fighters.
今日の相手は2人とも本当に強かった But we weren’t afraid. We didn’t back down.
でも俺たち少しも怖気付いたりしてない We’re still very much fighting in this league.
俺たちまだ可能性は残ってるはずだ You all better be ready.
全員覚悟しろ Until the very end, we’ll keep rampaging.

9 Replies to “Takagi and Terrible will rampage until the end! #njwtl

  1. It's okay Nagata, you can't help those who don't want it. Shingo speaks Spanish now too? I'm jealous of the many bilingual people in New Japan.

  2. Takagi and Terrible will continue to rampage without end, and it's because…


    Whoops, wrong tag team xD

  3. Congrats again to Takagi and Terrible!!! Keep it up!!! ¡¡¡Muy bien, Terrible!!! Siguele adelante y muestra a las gentes de japon como lo hacen la manera de ingobernable.

  4. ワールドで見るより生中西は相当面白かったよ

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