Tai Chi Movements : Tai Chi: Step Back & Repulse Monkey

Working on the movement of step back and repulse
monkey in this segment. I like to call this movement keeping the dog at bay or calming
the angry dog. So when we come here from step back and repulse monkey the arm always crescent
moon, arm always crescent moon. We have a sense that our arms almost as if they are
holding a ball. If we think of it as if in front of us is like an angry dog growling
at us, growling at us. We’re calming that dog down. I step back without movement, if
I try and jump back of course this angry dog is going to lunge at me. But if I’m very calm
and very still step back in a very still motion, this hand floating up, forty five degrees,
be careful not to come too far back not to be too tight. You let that arm rotate so the
elbow is down the arm in front of the body. Now I sit down one hand pulls back, one hand
comes forward again, calming the angry dog. So we were here at repulse monkey on this
side, we rotate let the arm rotate keeping the arm in front of the body and what I mean
by that is to not pull it back behind the seam.

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  1. All your videos I have found seem to be how to fix problems.  Do you makle  videos how to do the moves so I DON'T LEARN MISTAKES for you to fix.  i know no moves presently and want to learn properly.

  2. I wonder how much these movements have overlapping physiological mechanisms that are exhibited in hand gestures during many people's verbal communication. After all, the origin of language has roots which seem to be hand or gestural based. You can see this with our genetic cousins.

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