Tai Chi Martial Art Applications : Tai Chi: Wrist Grab Defense

In this sequence we are going to be doing
a martial application of a wrist grab using wave hands like clouds so in this one always
looks so nice when people see wave hands like clouds and many people say oh it’s just so
pretty but what can you do with it? How is this useful? Somebody comes up again being
a tough guy, giving me a hard time if I try to use strength but if I use my body then
nothing for him anymore and just keep pushing downward. So the idea of the mechanics of
this again if we have this line here and he is pretty strong, Ray is a pretty strong guy,
I can’t do anything here, I try to pull away, he doesn’t let me pull away but if I use my
body and turn my hips no matter how strong, he is using a lot of strength right now and
if I turn my body already he has lost a lot of his strength. Now all I have to do is turn
my body, again turning the hand away if I need to I just throw him away. Sometimes it
is enough to get away and this is why in cloud hands it is very important to turn the hand
away. If I don’t turn my hand away then we are still in a battle and as soon as I turn
my hand away then he gets thrown and I’m released.

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  1. hmm, looks very similar to a basic variation of aikido's katatetori dai-ikkyo. it's nice to be able to notice the universal threads amongst the different martial arts. thanks for sharing.

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