Tai Chi Martial Art Applications : Tai Chi: Attack From Behind

In this segment I’m going to be showing an
application of an attack from behind. Using preparation movement and ward off. It doesn’t
matter ward off left or ward off right, it is really up to you. The idea is preparation,
then step out and ward off. And as you notice, it is sometimes a little different what actually
we do in the Tai Chi form than what happens in application. There is another variable
involved. We just practice the form to get the general idea. So, if someone grabs me
from behind, I sink and come around and ward off. So the idea, if he grabs me from behind,
if someone grabs you from behind, what are they going to do. They are going to pull upward.
So, what you would do is sink, and create space, then step and ward off. Also, I can
have elbow energy, and then I can get out of the space. But really the whole idea is
to get out of it. So, as soon as he goes to grab me, I open and I’m out of there, creating
space. And then if I need to, I can turn around or I can come at him with the elbow energy.
There are many, many options. But the main idea when somebody grabs you from behind is,
number one is always sink because they want to pick you up. You want to sink and you want
to create space because they also want to get you tight. So you want to drop and get
out and create space so you can then move.

10 Replies to “Tai Chi Martial Art Applications : Tai Chi: Attack From Behind

  1. the footwork is also important as with any attacker who comes from behind; it can be a valuable suprise. Sinking, wraping, and turning of the waist are important keys with footwork.

  2. This isn't awful, but it does take the assumption that you haven't been firmly grasped and are already being held.
    It's easy to break out of someone's grip before they have a tight hold, but there are ways Taiji can be applied to escape once you are firmly held, as well.

  3. thats a good idea it goes with the "least resistance" idea of tai chi…you constantly lift your body weight as you go about your day. the easiest thing to do logically is to stop liftin stop exerting.

  4. ive used this technique in actual combat and it has saved my life. except in my situation i followed with horse's mane rather than ward off – but that initial pose in tai chi, the getting low, it works.

  5. what are the Tai chi techniques to get away with a ground fight hold. A very common one for instance: Mount position or wriggle out of a naked choke?

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