100 Replies to “Tai Chi for Beginners Video | Dr Paul Lam | Free Lesson and Introduction

  1. Thanks for interest to join the Tai Chi for Health Institute, please go to our website and you will know what we do and how to join us. the address is taichiforhealthinstitute dot org.

  2. Thank you very much for all these great video’s, Dr. Paul Lam. Tai Chi is rather new to me, as is my arthritis, but I find your video’s and instructions quite inspiring. After following the free online lessons, I just ordered the Arthritis dvd’s (and handbook). I am looking forward to continue!

  3. I just started with the TAI Chi. I have experienced great relaxation, and taste and recognition of my body. I hope someday to be able to learn all the steps and that they leave me without looking at the teacher. Thanks for your cooperation.👍👍🙏

  4. Thanks Afzal: lots of work by many of my passionate colleagues, we love to share tai chi for health.

  5. Thank so much for providing these free lessons for beginners. I have been suffering from arthritis many years now and I hope that i can find relief and if possible, healing, by follwing these exercises. I am grateful…


  7. Great to hear, I have worked with many people with background of dancing. Professor Jerry Pearson gave a great talk about the connection of the two arts and show his video "Tai Chi First Life" You can read about it and find the link from my latest Newsletter. Please go to taichiforhealthinsitute dot org and click Newsletter at this month's issue.

  8. Great to hear from you Don and thanks for your positive feedback. It was based on studies on learning and 40 plus years of teaching experience. And I love sharing tai chi! Hope to see you in one of my workshops.

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  11. I will be working with my husband on these lessons. He has been diagnosed with MMR Multifocal Motor Neuropathy. Balance has become a serious issue. We sure hope it will help him and my panic attacks too!

  12. I just came across this video a few days ago and I already feel better! Thank you Dr. Paul Lam, I needed this in my life.

  13. I dream Tai Chi techniques your body to become a charging volt it means that your body must block totally and must move the arm 🙋 like a robot movement like Z or like Egypt paint that the arm in Z form youl feel the charging body when you do release it towards the target the Tai Chi was like a taser because the Tai Chi force are electric charges by your own body? Tai Chi Volt techniques 😇🌏🎭

  14. I did extensive studies into tai chi and what I can find about the creator of tai chi Chen Wanting, he was a retired army general. He was famous for his martial art skill, why did he incorporated Chinese traditional medicine and the ancient understanding of nature into this art, making it so different from martial art. The ultimate purpose of tai chi is to cultivate qi, all these clearly pointing to tai chi for health and harmony. When one have this understanding, tai chi and its essential principles make perfect sense then. That is not to negate tai chi being a great martial art, but the core of tai chi is health and harmony.

  15. Just discovered this lesson. I only watched it, and tried walking. Hhhmmmm-I am going to do this! I am going to do this with my old, overweight husband. We will get stronger together. Thank you!!

  16. "Do not grasp for magical effects and exotic foreign seeming teachers,

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  19. Rajdip thanks for enquiring about online lessons. Please go to my website onlinetaichilessons dot com

  20. Tai chi amzing exercise trying to try to do it every day so thankful for these videos going to keep working and I really enjoyed it

  21. Thank you DR Paul, for you're program to help me lose weight, this is very effective workout, it worked at the beginning but i was getting sore in my back for standing up too long that I had to sit down. My body got warmed up with you're exercise, it worked. Thank you.

  22. You are welcome Michael and when you can find a Tai Chi for Health Institute certified instructor and join the class. It is a great way to improve tai chi and find positive friends.

  23. I stumbled across one of Dr Paul Lams taichi/chi kung Vhs tapes about 15 years ago. Thank you for posting these videos. These are life changing techniques to the person who is willing to try and understand the concepts of qigong or taichi and practice it daily.

  24. Thank you Jim, very heartening to hear your comments. Tai Chi has transformed my health and that is why I am so passionate about sharing it around. Keep up with the work! Hope to meet with you in one of my workshops. Check out Tai Chi for Health Institute website.

  25. really good video ….very gentle and easy tostart…..I appreciate yu making this for free in youtube

  26. Hello Lunar butterfly: interesting way you express it, I believe the most simple things are the most profounded, the key principles that make tai chi magical are seemingly simple, yet contain the true essence of nature. I really enjoy learning from people who can express the depth of tai chi in easy to understand way, rather than mysterious ways. I tried to explain that in my latest documentary anyone can learn tai chi. if the link does not come through please google the title and my name. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYri-E97ksk

  27. The first free lesson is there, we cannot offer all lessons free much as we wish to. To produce a good instructional dvd takes a immense effort, time and cost. The cost of buying it is a small fraction compare to the benefits of the full lessons. Many thousands who have paid and used my lessons gained many benefits who have attested to that.

  28. I got a dvd from the library but finding it confusing, however, i am healing from a fall down stairs from a shoulder injury, still in a lot of pain. What tai chi exercises do you recommend to help in healing up the shoulder? I imagine it may also be stuck energy. Thank you kindly.

  29. Thank you for sharing youe knowledge with us Dr. Lam! I hope I could someday come to one of your workshops in Sydney 😊 more power to you good sir!

  30. Johnaliz great to hear from you, there is a will or wish there might be a way, be great to see you in my Sydney workshop. I also conduct workshops around the world esp in USA. See the Tai Chi for Health Institute website (tchi dot org) for the list.

  31. Eva I am not sure if you are saying that a DVD from library, but not my DVD that is confusing? In any case our team work very hard to make my DVD very easy to follow, and many studies have shown they can help improve many medical conditions, for example the Tai Chi for Arthritis program is shown to improve mobility, reduces pain, prevent falls and many other health benefits. Without knowing you condition, I cannot tell you which one is the best for you or what my dvd can do. I suggest you work with your health professional, show them the description of my programs, they and you can find out more and try out the first lesson free at onlinetaichilessons dot com or dvd at taichiproductions dot com. You can also watch what can tai chi do for you? the benefits of tai chi at online lessons website. Good luck.

  32. Lilu: interesting that I think I am from UK, I live in Australia and spend at least three month in USA teaching. My daughter and many other members of the family live in USA! be nice to meet, you can find my workshop list at the Tai Chi for Health Institute website under workshops by Dr Lam… go to tchi dot org (cannot give you the link as YouTube blocks it, just substitute dot with . and no space in between)

  33. PLease go to the website taichiforhealthinstitute dot org and search for the instructors near you.

  34. The only way to learn this is thru personal or group instruction. Visual aids like Dvds or yotubes are practically useless, It is only helpful as a supplement if DVDs or videos come from your teacher.

  35. this was a really good video, the doc explains the movement well and demonstrates it forwards and backwards, you need some room for ambling around at the end but totally worth it

  36. Excellent.What a really nice gentle man,I really like this video,the voice over does pop up annoyingly,he does spoil the video,I don’t see his purpose when dr Lam does it perfectly

  37. So pleased I found you you on YouTube. My yoga teacher Jean Walters used to talk about you a lot . Jean passed away a few years ago so again very happy to have found your channel.

  38. Good to hear from you LIsa, sorry about Jean. Hope to meet with you in one of my workshops.

  39. While I agree face to face teaching is great, I have met many people who after learning from my instructional DVDs only – most of them did very well. Most importantly they gain better health and enjoyment. Do try it, give yourself time, and follow my lessons as though you are in my class and my instructions.
    It is certainly a great supplement to classes, you can find Tai Chi for Health Institute Board certified instructors around the world from the Institute's website. Its website is TaiChiforHealthInstitute dot org, which is number one on google search.

  40. I'm 17 but I get quite bad back pain. I also have issues with concentration. This is to the point where I can't sleep very well because I'm constantly getting distracted and worried. I have recently started tai chi and it is an amazing exsursise for me. I'm already feeling a slight change. Thank you ❤️

  41. This is nice. Thank you. I just recently started yoga and enjoy that as well. I've only been to the chi gong once… Because I work night shift it's hard to do in morning after work. But thanks to yoga and these videos I think I'll really practice this more. Taichi is easy and relaxing. Thank you very much.

  42. Dr Lam ,I am interested in learning tai chi,which dvd do I buy,the beginners or the 24 forms dvd,both seem to have been bought by beginners

  43. Karen if you have not done tai chi before, it is better and more enjoyable to start with Tai Chi for Beginners.

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