10 Replies to “Tai Chi for Beginners 05 – “Awareness”

  1. Thank you for demonstrating the self-defense applications of the form. This truly enhances one's understanding of the individual moves and combinations of moves for the sake of applying proper technique. Exercised with control this understanding reduces the risk of injuries to one's self and trainig partners. Woe be to any potential assailants in the street, however, as control of good technique also means control of the force redirected back to the attacker. Great job with this training approach. Many praticioners seeking only the health benefits of tai chi are learning movements of the forms and passing them on without any understanding of proper technique. Over time this dillutes the preservation of the art by changing tradional forms and the original purpose of the moves. Commend your excellent kung fu and attempt to pass on expert knowledge.

  2. Thank you Thank you Hoover couple, for making this wonderful video ….. you guys rock !!
    17:00 LOL love how you demonstrated the moves applications in self defense.
    "OMG its that sweet Veronica….LOL"

  3. Thank you for the videos. They are a great way for a beginner like me to get some basic knowledge of Tai Chi. Many of the episodes mention an episode on the transitions. This is where I'm getting lost. When is this going to be published?

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