Tai Chi Class Learning A Push Hands Technique – Las Vegas Kung Fu Academy

This is a quick tip for Chinese Tai Chi Push
Hand. Kaitlyn and I are going to demonstrate one of the first things that you learn in
tai chi, which is to redirect force. So she has her right foot forward and I have my right
foot forward. We are going to get into our tai Chi stance and what we are going to work
on is when someone is pushing against your chest like this. Now this is like a worst
case scenario for a Tai Chi practitioner. You don’t want to be where your arm is pinned
to your chest like this, but when we are here it does teach you to move your hips. and..
so the first thing the first drill that I teach in my Tai chi class is to take your
hips when someone has their hand on you like this and they are pushing in, and you are
going to redirect this incoming force by turning like this. Now the beauty of Chinese martial
arts is that they take something very simple like this and they turn it into a drill. and
so what we are going to do is we are going to take turns doing this same drill. My daughter
Kaitlyn here umm.. is going to push in and I am going to turn. Now it’s my turn I’m going
to pin her arm to her chest. She’s going to turn her hip here and redirect the force.
I can no longer push her off balance, because she’s redirected the force outward. So now
we start here again. I turn. Start here again she turns. We start here again, I turn. So
it becomes a repetitive drill. Kaitlyn place your hand on your hip like this, and we are
going to have a slight forward lean to our bodies. Now we take this and we try to smooth
this out, and make this into a very fluid, relaxed drill. There’s is no need for power
when doing this. I would rather you relax and take things very slowly. So this is push
hands also know as Tui Shou. One of the great masters umm.. Ma youh Liang, which is a Wu
style tai chi master, He said: your tai chi training is incomplete without a comprehensive
study of push hand. it’s only really, a full art when you can share, between two people
the feeling of Tai Chi. and umm.. I would really love to have you as our next Tai Chi
student. If you are interested in our Tai Chi Classes please give us a call.

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