36 Replies to “Tai Chi 24 form – slow motion

  1. The first time I heard about mindful meditation, I thought it was ridiculous but I found out I was regretfully wrong .. I hope I am wrong about Tai Chi because these movements look very silly to produce any benefits at all

  2. Lovely. Who is the Martial Artist? I am a Tai Chi teacher and will share this with my students via my Facebook page ~ Qigong for Health with Suzanne Norton. I would like to give credit to the Martial Artist.

  3. Ohh she is so beautiful! I thought my thighs were in fair condition from standing in the intro crouch on the trains going to and from Tokyo all these years. But she must have thighs of iron!!!

  4. Very lovely and helpful in slow motion. For those of us just learning the stance is quite wide and exaggerated. She has very strong thighs.

  5. Seven and eight seem to be understood by me to be moves with the name Ward-Off (Rollback) Press.-Ernie Moore Jr.

  6. It's 3:43 am but I'm so stressed and lost in a sea of thoughts so I will get up and start this right now. Wish this will help in de long run.

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