Hello “Karaté Bushido Magazine”, welcome to the Venum training camp ! The gym is 1700m2, there is the tatami space behind me It is for MMA, Jiu-jitsu and Karate. We can see also the ring for boxing and muay thai. and kickboxing. We are entering the crosstraining area with a small area for bodybuilding a cage for crosfit, battleropes, tires… rowers, elyptic bikes… beautiful ! This place is for Yoga you can set color of the light you want it depends of the ambience choosen by the professor it is very pleasant ! there are 23 punching bags some classicals for classical hits and some bags in a perry shape for uppercut hits or another strikes path of kicks My name is Miguel Xavier Karate professor at the Venum Training Camp Now, I’m waiting for Mickael Borot to exchange about martial arts knowledge I’m happy, excited and very honored Hi Miguel ! Glad to meet you and thank for having invited me ! To this great place, Venum Training Camp Glad to make exchanges between our both styles ! Well thank you Mickael ! Welcome to this new concept ! We are in a 1,700m2 room as I told before Dedicated to martial arts, combat sports and cross-training And I’m proud and honored To exchange knowledge with you. So I will invite you to discover my style : Taekwondo I’m going to work with you On a combination I particularly appreciate : Infighting’s “entrance and exit”. Well for me, It will be… Well you know in Karate and other martial arts, there are Different timings : “Go No Sen”, “Taï No Sen”, and “Sen No Sen”. So I will focus more on “Go No Sen” that is composed Of a blocking move and a countering move And in order to fuel this principle I will use my favorite tools Such as a parry, an elbow strike, A punching attack, and maybe a takedown. We shall see later. OK ! I’m looking forward to seeing it… I mean to trying it ! Thank you ! Ok Miguel, now we will work on a combination : Infighting’s “entrance and exit”. So why infighting’s exit ? Because I think it’s a combat phase that can be Used as a “weak time”. In general, when we are infighting, The hitting distance or exchange distance is almost nil Then fighters often tend to relax at this moment. So I think it’s a great momentum to use To score points. Well first, we are going to work On the approach : how to enter the distance “ZERO”, This infighting distance. No matter the technique, All that matters is to seize the right time. So I will use The “Pi-chagi”, which is a hyper explosive move, A roundhouse kick from the rear leg To enter my opponent. So this first timing is Important for me because it will allow me, let’s say it, To surprise my opponent. As for you InKarate, it will be important to Play with distance, to play with timing, with feints, To manage to enter this “infighting’s “exit” game. So I will use A simple move : the Pi-chagi, a roundhouse kick We deliver on the body, on the dickey area. So as you know in Karate, we will try To use a footwork, To work with feints in order… BOOM ! to surprise The opponent. So my partner is immobile, but during A fight he can enter game I will hit BOOM And I will ensure the strike back f From my opponent in order then To pivot right after at 180° from his exchange zone And to be able to fight back As a second plan. OK ? I restart. So first : working with distance, With feints… HIT ! Strike back from my opponent We will perhaps use our forearm to to be able To pivot At 180° in order to to surprise the opponent With an infighting exit… And to score from the dickey area. Alright ? So it’s your turn to use the same technique. You are going to play with distance, with feints, there, And when you feel it you can surprise him Get explosive at this moment ! BAM ! Strike back ! Pivot ! BOOM ! Second ! Great ! Perfect ! One more time ! Hicham get more mobile ! With him, yeah ! Be synchronized With footwork… BOOM ! Surprise ! BOOM ! Great ! OK ! For the next hit I will let you choose The second technique. But we did An infighting exit hit on the body but it can be… Scolio ! It can be… Double ! It can be… Backspin, as you want ! I just want you to use A technique you particularly appreciate, To get out Of the infighting. What do you use for your second technique ? Second technique ? Yeah. OK well let’s go for a roundhouse first. Contact. Here. Great ! OK ! Hicham, get ready ! So it’s a down and up move. Go for the distance. Hop ! Get out ! Great ! One more time ! I’m sure. Nice ! OK ! We are going to speed up the moment where… Right now ! Hop ! We follow up so you don’t let Your opponent enough time to remobilize himself And to parry your infighting exit. OK let’s go ! Open ! Right now ! Perfect ! So Mickael, here is Nicolas Who kindly accepted To be my sparring partner for this demo. Merci Nicalos ! Thank you ! So as I told you earlier Mickael, In Karate and other martial arts, there are notions of “timings” It’s a principle of work, and We will focus on the concept of “Go No Sen”, which consists on blocking, And countering right after. And as I told you before I will fuel this concept by adding tools I like. These are personnal sensations I like a lot. So we are head-to-head, we salute, We are both with our left leg forward, very academic way, my partner Nicolas will trigger a “Kizami-zuki”, equivalent to a boxing jab, To the face so I will open him The opening is still here, and my rear arm will repell His forearm. The idea is not only To block, but also to strike. OK ? And simultaneously I have my opposite arm – left arm, I will prepare it to the shoulder Here, that is a set up, because what Nicolas Will do next is to link the forearm And “Mawashi-zuki”, like a hook, To the face. So let’s do it slowly it gives : So here I’m going to block his second timing And simultaneously there is a hit to the plexus So it’s a parry, and a hit At the same time. OK ? Let’s do it again slowly. So it gives : The parry and the follow-up. OK so now I’m here I will do what we call a lever with my forearm And my rear arm, so the forearm Will isolate his arm, Under my armpit, and ask it From the elbow. OK ? So one more time slowly it gives : That’s a wrap ! So starting from this moment I will stretch my arm, the right arm To bring him downwards. And then I roll his neck. This arm bothers me, So I remove it and take it back. I put him in an unbalanced state, Which will force him to slightly move his rear leg forward. So I move my rear leg, I still keep his arm Here, I sweep him, I keep his arm on reading, I press, With not for a dislocation, and then finishing move. Either a hammerfist, or a classic tsuki, or An elbow strike… Or nothing else. I just immobilize him, And I take my distance back to rework on something else. OSSU ! Off you go ! When you are setting up, As in Taekwondo you have “parasite” moves, OK ? So if you start from here, To block you have to do “ONE… TWO” So you will remove this timing. First you will host him here Here he comes and you just have to go down You see ? Instead of “one two” Yes ! Right ! Yes ! The simultaneous hit… Perfect ! Roll the elbow. Perfect ! The elbow… Go down…. Great ! Great now roll the neck. Remove this arm that bothers you, unbalancing, He goes inside. Move your rear leg. Yes ! Sweep ! Control his arm ! Exactly ! Either you hit, or you jus control his arm. Yeah perfect ! Perfect ! Amazing ! ONE ! TWO ! THREE ! Lever ! Lever ? Errr… The falling left elbow and the ascending right one. Perfect ! Yes ! Descend his neck ! Roll it ! Remove this arm ! Sweep ! Control, arm reading… And I finish by hitting or not. So other parasite moves because the are still In the reflection but… Because we are still studying. Exactly ! We are still studying so we can’t work On timing… The instinctive part doesn’t come right now. Exactly we need training and practice. But frankly it’s excellent Because… When we are faced to A high-level athlete, transferring skills come Very quickly. So you do ! You have a visual memory that captures the movement and the combination And then… It’s all smooth ! But also your pedagogy is really good Because you… You managed to make a slight transfer of My Taekwondo skills directly to the approach Beside Karate. Well I’m glad to see you liked. Personally I appreciated your approach, I appreciated This type of of body… infighting, this infghting exit With this leg remission. I’ll try to land it, On younger or elder students, And well I hope that someday Maybe we will meet at INSEP or somewhere else I don’t know. Well it would be a pleasure, but we see there are transversalities, And possible transfers between our styles, Our martial arts. Yes ! Well thank you Mickael ! Thank you, it was nice !


  1. omg, this is Olympic taekwondo which is equal ant to ballet.

    TRY ITF TAEKWONDO! This is the real original Taekwondo!

  2. The real reason people dismiss Taekwondo is LAZINESS. People dont have the patience to develop the level of flexibility and co-ordination to actually be good in it. Through TKD, and the way it improves your hip flexors, you can excel in most sports just for that reason. One head kick from a heavyweight like myself and the legend Borot here is all that is needed to fell any opponent of ANY size….trust me…The neck and the head can only handle so much force. The dangerous thing about heavyweight TKD fighters is that a few are very fast (like Borot) which is not "normal" for most human beings over 90kg, as well as the lighter weights being extremely quick. No pride here, just being honest. (2nd Dan TKD guy who has fought in a competition with Mickael Borot)

  3. Superbe salle de sport. J'ai pratiqué la boxe française, le kickboxing de 1994 à 2016. Aujourd'hui je pratique le karaté shotokan depuis 2ans, je suis ceinture bleue, au début l'adaptation a été difficile, surtout recommencer à zero ceinture blanche!! mais j'ai perseveré, mon expérience m'a facilité les choses et maintenant je m'eclate. Il faut respecter toutes les disciplines et ne pas hésiter à en découvrir de nouvelles. Osu

  4. beaucoup de défauts dans ces deux techniques, elles laissent beaucoup d'ouvertures et sont plus jolies dans une idée de chorégraphie plutôt que réellement efficace. J'y crois pas vraiment, ceux qui ont pu faire au moins un peu de boxe devraient être d'accords avec moi. Même si ces techniques devraient être bonnes en karaté ou en taekwondo dans la rue, dans une cage de mma, dans un ring de boxe thaï (ou n'importe art martial pied/poing) j'y vois beaucoup de défaut.

  5. Je trouve que les mouvements montrés par le prof de karaté sont trop long pour arrivé à la solution… et je dit pas ça pour dire que le karaté n est pas bien je suis pratiquant depuis plus de 30 ans…

  6. В такой красоте многим реально будет лень серьезно тренироваться .

  7. Face à des hommes pareil, je me sens tout petit humain. Autant de puissance et de noblesse dans tant d'humilité….
    Bon bah on va retourner s’entraîner à devenir des humains digne de ce nom les gars haha

  8. Its not about a Martial art that we learn but its about a personal discipline in learning

  9. Both are very nice. I feel taikwando Is more fancy kicks but with the right person can be very effective. Japanese style is more soft and focuses on method which is also good. Bruce Lee had it right when taking some from many and making his own known as jeet kun do. You have to know a little bit of everything bc you never know who you will face.

  10. This is awesome.

    If doctors can learn from each other about medicine, if mechanics can learn from each other about how to do maintenance on a car, if musicians can learn from each other on how to play or compose music, then there's no reason why martial artists cannot appreciate each other's style and learn so both improves.

  11. i have scene WTF style of taekwondo but not ITF style of taekwondo not all our techniques are similar

  12. @6:10 I knew he would go for the Ura-mawashi! Its one of the best point scores in Karate when you are up close. However normally its only used in Shotokan type matches where you go for points and not knockouts (as in say kyokushin).

  13. its like the tkd sports guy is trying to give a lesson on how to do mawashi geri..needs to work on his hara..and hips

  14. J'ai compris plus que prévu, mon français ne semble pas être si mauvais après toutes les années 😀
    Technique et mouvement super!
    Salutations d'Allemagne

  15. They are talking about kicks and fancy kicks and kicks and kicks. Karate is a full striking art using every part as a striker not just legs and legs legs.

  16. Super vidéo
    Je pensait me remettre au karaté ou aïkido mais maintenant c'est sur.
    Un grand merci
    +1 abonné
    ( PS: Ta salle est très belle )

  17. Belle salle en effet. Tres bien disposée avec un jeu de couleurs et d'éclairage ainsi qu'un beau materiel et un espace interne vaste.
    Les techniques sont interessamtes. Les techniques de Mr Miguel me rappellent certains gestes d'Aikibudo ou les Tchin Na de Pascal Plee. Par contre, dommage d'avoir intitulé la video :
    "Tae Kwon Do "versus" Karaté" car il s'agit d'un echange de connaissance et non pas d'une opposition. C'est peut-être plus attirant pour les spectateurs, je comprends..
    Bravo les gars en tout cas!

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