Taekwondo Kicks : Taekwondo Step Behind Side Kick & Jump Side Kick

In this clip we’re going to be learning how
to do a step behind side kick and the jump side kick and we’re going to put those two
kicks together. O.k, so a step behind side kick, you’re going to go step, behind, side
kick and that’s going to be your offensive side kick. Offensive means attacking, so that’s
going to be our attacking side kick. So, step, you’re going to step behind the leg and kick.
O.k, so that’s going to be your step behind side kick. In the foot positioning, you’re
going to do your step, behind, now, look at my foot how I pre-pivoted and then through
your side kick. So, one more time, take a step, behind, see my foot positioning, this
foot’s pre-pivoted to my side kick. Now, let’s go ahead and take that into a jump side kick.
So, you’re going to, from here, step, behind, side kick, now both feet are going to jump,
chamber, kick, tuck the bottom leg in and set it down, to a jump side kick. So, you
could see as I combo both of those kicks, they work great and those two also go together
and they compliment each other. So, step behind side kick, jump side kick, when I land on
my jump side kick, I land on my bottom leg first and then I set my kicking leg down.

44 Replies to “Taekwondo Kicks : Taekwondo Step Behind Side Kick & Jump Side Kick

  1. in tkd, black belt means nth.i've defeated several black belts while i was still green belt. the standard of tkd nowadays suck big

  2. if you pull up your leg like he does you will get kicked in your nuts!
    you have to keep your leg close to your body and launch it as fast as you can sideways not upways!

  3. i'm pretty sure he's just showing off his flexibility. But a side kick to the head is quite dangerous (causing KOs) so i guess you win some and lose some =]

  4. Good for demo but if your your opponent knows what they are doing they will nail you as soon as you step in!

  5. That's why I said if you're opponent knows what they're doing! Step in side kick is no good for sparring or actual self defence. Good for breaking though!

  6. his step side kick is good, but his jump side kick has bad form. he needs to chamber his leg when he jumps, instead of swinging his leg up as he jumps. secondly, when u do a jumping side kick like that, ur meant to land on both feet at the same time

  7. looks pretty, but no hips = no power. Maby thats your point, but people have alot of problems with American Taekwondo, because of things like this. Sorry to say it!

  8. @Haloman728 man i WISH i could land that kick without it getting blocked any tips oh and i woulda ducked thats the only thing i can do right lol

  9. @ercjlee101 agreed, his left is in an arcing kinda movement for the jumping, his side kick needs to be straight out or its a turning kick

  10. @Haloman728 im sure if you actually landed an obvious kick like that on him while he was actually trying, he must be pretty bad

  11. @TheTaekwondoGuy Because a step-through side kick is a good way for beginners to learn the technique.

  12. Good demonstration. However, your kicks "swing into place"; there's not much chamber. Chambering is where the power comes from.

  13. клоун, ему надо начинать с отработки правильной стойки, судя по его ударам

  14. @UnderclassHero473 you are able to execute moves like this in mma fights and and it helps? You rarely see moves like this performed in Pride/UFC for example. Cung Le is probably the only fighter who attemps a variety of kicks that actually land and hurt his opponents.

  15. @TheMrCokeCola depends on how you telegraph it, if you can disguise the step up as a simple move forward, then unleash the kick, can be an effective surprise, but only if used right. To make simpler, make opponent think you are moving in to get closer and reform stance.

  16. bla2 comment other kicks not good , but in real fight there no chance to trow a perfect kick .. just kick &hit .. perfect kick but not hitting something is totally useless .. ( sorry for my bad english :3)

  17. @Indabaz lol, im food critic who cant cook. It's been a whiel since ive posted this comment and a while since ive "retired" from TKD. needless to say i cant kick as well anymore, lol.

  18. That step behind side kick looks even more pointless than a tornado. That step is an awfully risky moment, a kid can tip him over at that moment.

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