Taekwondo experience program gives visitors a chance to learn about the martial art

Evolved from a traditional martial art form,
Taekwondo has become one of the world’s most recognized sporting event. As an olympic discipline it has expanded its
global reach, with hundreds of countries practicing it either to compete on the grand stage, or
for self-discipline and a good workout. It was Hallyu or the Korean Wave before that
term was ever coined. Our Cha Sang-mi takes us to the place that’s
become a compulsory stopover in Korea for any Taekwondo enthusiasts, the Kukkiwon. Taekwondo is a globally recognized Korean
martial art that focuses on hand and feet movements. People in over 200 countries enjoy taekwondo
and nearly eight-million people hold black belts, according to the World Taekwondo Headquarters
or as it’s called in Korea “Kukkiwon”. Taekwondo has been an official Olympic sport
since the 2000 Sydney Olympics after its debut as a demonstration sport in the 1988 Seoul
Games. Kukkiwon offers taekwondo programs for tourists
and international students in Korean schools and universities to experience the sport for
themselves. Most of them have no experience in taekwondo,
but were impressed by the intensity of the session. “You don’t have to be a black belt – or even
a beginner – to try some taekwondo yourself. Just by practicing some kicks and punches,
these students from around the world can get a deeper understanding of Korean culture. “Apart from discipline we learn how to do
kicks and punches. I think a little bit of kicks and punches
go along way with self-defense.” “I learned what discipline is for Koreans
because they really like being disciplined because Mexico is really different and the
culture is different as well.” A long-time taekwondo master says he trains
students to relax when they are having a break, but to try as hard as possible when they are
working… as this is part of the philosophy of taekwondo. “An example that can be drawn from taekwondo’s
culture and philosophy is being strong yet gentle. There are movements which you deliver without
force. This is because our life has ups and downs.” “It’s a really interesting experience. It’s a whole different type of body movement
and it’s a lot more… reminds me of yoga where it’s sound, body and mind all together
and seek like one focus and one cycle. I loved it.” By engaging people from different countries,
Kukkiwon is helping to promote taekwondo around the world. Cha Sang-mi, Arirang News.

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