Tae Kwon Do 540 Kick : Tae Kwon Do Tornado Kick

Hi, my name is Caleb Labarda. I’m the third
degree black belt Tae kwon Do, I’m here with Expert Village. And, today I’m going to be
teaching you how to do a five – forty. O.k. tornado kick is going to look like this. You’re
going to be guards up, you’re going to spin, and turn around here, o.k. Let’s do it one
more time, you’re going to spin around, look at my target, ready, spin, and throw that
foot out, o.k. That’s going to be your basic set up for your five – forty, o.k. If you
don’t have a tornado kick down, you’re not going to be able to do a five – forty; you’ve
got to make sure you have that tornado kick down first, o.k. So, now, breaking down a
tornado kick, o.k. I’m going to pre – pivot my foot, I’m going to pick it up, turn around
toward my target, o.k. Now, I’m going to line up my knee with my target, now, I’m going
to jump, switch legs, do an outside to inside crescent kick, right through my target, o.k.
So, one more time, o.k. Pre-pivot the front foot, turn it all the way to the back, spin
over, I’m going to look over my shoulder, pick up my foot, point it all the way towards
my target, jump and kick, o.k. So, one more time, fast, spin, and kick, bam. And, that’s
going to be a tornado kick, all the way to the starting position.

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  1. atlast a video witch explains and shows how to do but im sure this is the 360 i can do a 360 tornado and its basicly what is been shown the 540 you spin in the air 540

  2. It is a long range type martial art. It is really effective when combined with other martial arts.
    Like Wing Chun(which is really close combat) or jujutsu.
    If you want to learn how to kick, taekwondo is the best way to go in my opinion.

  3. The flair is there because we love it! It's good to watch and even better to do. In a tight space, just use the thrust kick, back thrust kick, side kick or the punches and elbows that Taekwondo teaches.

  4. A big problem is that American TKD is especially big on flair and wasting energy, but some of the old school korean masters can do some damage even in up close situations. I learned when I was younger from an old Korean master, but he left. When I was older I found a new dojo, but it was an American master and the training was practically worthless. All they wanted me to do was kick fast to score points, they were tournament farming instead of teaching a real art.

  5. he lifts his leg to late in the spin and wastes energy and spins on his landing opening his back up to his opponent.after a tornado kick is executed you dont spin becuase there is every chance you'll miss,unless your very good,better to be facing your opponent so you can use your hands in a barrage of punches,and guard your head…

  6. also,the landing kick should be more like a turning kick for maximum damage,not a cresent,and instead of just jumping,you really need to launch yourself to maximise your momentums power inflicting potential.

  7. mma is also a sport all combat sport will not meet the demands of self defense if u wana learn self defense take up a martial art that focuses on self defense

  8. i agree with you on the mma is more 4 1v1 i mean can you imagine being in the clinch when theres 5 guys punching you in the head i think tkd is a good sport and alot of the moves are useless in a real fight like in alot of other martial arts but the useless ones often require a lot of pyhisical stuff whicth is great 4 for your fitness

  9. he was just teaching the move, he possibly will be able to do it fast and with power, but if you do it's really fast when teaching someone they sort of get confused

  10. i don't personal care if it doesn't work, i find the martial art's as a challange for one's self, so i know if i can do this kick, i would be able to do so many other things, i do martial art's for reason's other then fighting, i wish more people would do the same

  11. i like doing the kicks not for martial arts or self defence but i think it helps with your parkour thats why i do it anyways im trying to do a "540 kick" theres a good tut by the urban assasains on utube you should try it rather than this so called 540 kick

  12. k, now, k, once you do that, k, you will be able to kick them, k, in the head, k, it will hurt alot, k?

    fuck hes annoying

  13. MMA = Mixed Martial Arts

    You can have Tae Kwon Do as your base and be a successful MMA fighter. I have seen Muay Thai fighters get completely tooled by TKD practitioners. I would like to see more moves like the Tornado Kick in MMA. It would make it much more exciting.

  14. hey now. there is no need for mutual disrespect. that's the problem with a lot of martial arts practitioners now days

  15. he does a terrible tong kick thats the name of this kick "TONG" in korean
    no tornado whatever he almost kicks with the ankle he ;s got to twist more the shoulders and the hip at same time

  16. He said this is the "BASIC SET UP FOR YOUR 540." Not this is a 540. He clearly stated, "IF YOU DON'T HAVE THE TORNADO KICK DOWN, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO DO A 540." He did not say what he was showing was a 540. Listen to the teacher carefully.

  17. THIS is third degree? Hm. Why is he so off-ballance then? Kinda sloppy altogether. Looks like a guy who got his belts (somehow) without getting the form down.

  18. you do not i mean do not over expose your back like that after your kick you do not spin again my god this guy need his red belt back

  19. Yes, because spin kicks are the only techniques in TKD. Thank you for your magnificent insight into my form of martial arts.

  20. your welcome…. i do send out the challage that if you are anywhere within the 160- 145Lbs range come to the WKKA tournaments useing your TKD and well see where you go from there ….. oh and FYI its NOT point sparring witch TKD is sooo acustome to its full contact with 16 once gloves bare shin. if you think your TKD is the shit hopefully well see you at one

  21. I weight 155. But I would be happy to tell you that I will not be attending these tournaments. TKD has taught me speed, reflexes, and power. That's all I need in a real fight. Your tournament would be no different in the showing of these abilities than mine, which I won the state championship for KY in.

    By the way – work on your grammar. The whole "with 16 once gloves bare shin" doesn't make sense.

  22. Oh I understood what he meant, I was just being a smartass. lol

    We actually didn't have shin pads in TKD until a year or so ago, they're kind of annoying too.

  23. i don't see why, when i was in a tournament we were only allowed to kick to the torso and head, which were padded. are you allowed to kick to the legs in your tournamenT?

  24. @ilovetightpussiez
    What kind of response are you expecting? Belt photos? You post is pointless wouldn't you agree?

  25. @Darkwolf0505
    Not if you force the crescent down as an axe and land it on the shoulder. It can be pretty effective too. Just an observation. Nothing is ever quite so clean-cut.

  26. @MysticNinjaJay
    Unfortunately, just as Wushu is now generally perceived as only a single synthetic martial performance art, rather than it's earlier meaning indicating any Chinese martial style or a blend of those, MMA also means a little more than its obvious abbreviation would assume. It also stands for certain not so liberal rules of combat (not that the so-called "pure" arts don't suffer this – some more and some less). It's like prefixing TKD with ITF or WTF, it cuts 1/2 of TKD out of it.

  27. @parahumanoid ya that should be pretty effective i myself prefer to do a round kick in sparring and use my instep when breaking boards but the crescent into an axe would work very well too i think that would be a little bit harder to pull off in a sparring match though

  28. …. i have done TKD and a tornado kick is not a spining crescent kick it is actually more effective if you trun your hip, more and do it like a roundhouse.

  29. @MysticNinjaJay yeah it would be more exciting. but sad to say.. that the last time i saw somebody do the tornado kick in the UFC, way in the older days, got smashed by a wrestler. cheers dude!

  30. @truknayr23 Shogun used to do this move on occasion in PRIDE but I never saw him land it flush. It's really more flash than anything. Not something you need in your arsenal and has a low probability of landing. There's actually a Kickboxing video out there where this guy lands a Tornado Kick in the opening seconds of the fight as his first move. It was awesome! But for MMA you need striking and grappling. There don't seem to be many Tae Kwon Do fighters willing to transition to the sport.

  31. @topicmanon rolling faster, and moving faster (and explosively) your hip towards the target when you are going to kick

  32. @ThePKChris lol you mad bro? I was just saying he did not do one. its always good to display what your teaching.

  33. you really dont understand the videos.. He shows the BASICS FIRST of doing a 540 kick. first you gotta learn the tornado kick wish is 360..

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