Tae Kwon Do 540 Kick : Tae Kwon Do Round Kick

Hi, my name is Caleb Labarda, I’m a third
degree black belt, Tae Kwon Do, and I?m here with Expert Village. And, today I’m going
to be teaching you how to do a five – forty. Now, the second important kick that we’re
going to be using today is going to be a round kick, o.k., or sometimes you refer it as a
round house kick, o.k. It comes from here, we’re going to do it from the back, you’re
going to come all the way around, pick up your leg and kick to the front. O.k. that’s
going to be our round kick or round house kick, but today, I like to call it a round
kick. So, here, kick and back around. Okay. Now, you have to be able to do this kick,
you should be advanced at it before trying this five – forty, o.k. So, sometimes, instead
of doing a crescent kick in the five – forty, we’ll do a round kick, which makes it go faster
and a little bit more powerful. Okay, so once again, get that kick up, I would practice
on the bags, hit some paddle bags, or some just good punching bags, do some round kicks.
Make sure you pivot your bottom foot, come around, round kick, all the way back around.
One more time, from here, guards up, round kick, all the way back around. Stand and guards
up, o.k. And then when you do it practice kicking and putting it in front of you, o.k.
So, here, spin, round kick and down. Look at your target, o.k. One more time, round
kick, and down. Good! Just like that. O.k. That’s going to be a round kick.

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  1. I train Kendo, which is awsome for the streets of feudal Japan. Surprisingly Kendoka are never invited to mixed martial arts tournaments. Personally I'd like to compete in an mma fight using TKD BBJ and necromancy.

  2. Seriously, you can't even use weapons in the ring. How lame is that? UFC could be so much cooler. Professional wrestling qualifies more as "realistic" fighting than "mixed martial arts." If some fool ring fighter tried to start something with me, I'd just give him a swift kick to the groin. They never protect their groin or throat. They also leave wrist locks out of their permissable moves. MMA is a sport, not a fight. Typhon3808 is definitely up to par.

  3. What the fuck??
    For anyone who does Tae Kwon Do, Watch this again and decide wether this actually is a roundhouse kick, because to me, it looks like a high turning kick

  4. uhh no … most people who dont do martial arts … or people who dont know of them (not to judge u … i just want you to know ….. im not trying to be mean 🙂 )) … in almost ALL martial arts you make 1 of a few sounds when your fighting .. it gives you more force (its proven so) you say 1) Ahs ah .. 2) aye ah 3) key i 4) or just a hissing noise … most commely used by boxers and MMA fighters ….. i have been doing martial arts for a while .. sooo yea 🙂 hope it answers your question ….

  5. In my training, we use the original south-korean words for the kicks … and I think it is better to keep the traditional words
    … just saying … : /

    (B.t.w. this is called the Dollyo Chagi(roundhouse-kick) Dollyo = arc and Chagi means kick)

  6. I like how he pointed out the end position. a lot of people just slap with it and don't put any commitment behind it. also, if you push off from the ground with your back foot, it helps keep power in the rotation.

  7. @kboy3141

    Lol, must have been confusing the directly translated words(the ones that we use in Icelandic and are directly translated from Korean) and the ones that aren't.

  8. @kboy3141
    I have no idea, but I like to believe that we are passionate about doing them properly and the way they were taught…

    … unlike in the U.S. which is notorious for giving out belts Way too easily(Basically full of black belts that can't even kick higher than their own shoulders to save their life) and therefore spoil the quality of the sport and the meaning of carrying the black belt.

    The "belt-test"(as we call it) isn't usually complete until someone draws blood. 😀

  9. @kboy3141

    No not that brutal, but I mean, they tent do ether hurt themselves or hurt each other.

    Like, to get the third black stripe you needed to brake a brick with your bear hand which can leave a mark(especially after a couple of attempts) and the time before that the only way to get the red belt you had to wrestle with a 5. dan on the ground and steal it away from him… which left the red striped student with a bloody nose… stuff like that…

  10. well, he's obviously doing the kick, but its quite hard to explain when a demostration its better

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