Tae Kwon Do 540 Kick : Tae Kwon Do Kick Jumping Drills

Hi, my name is Caleb Labarda. I’m the third
degree black belt, Tae Kwon Do. I’m here with Expert Village and today I’m going to be teaching
you how to do a five – forty. O.k. now, one of the first steps in starting to do a five
– forty would be learning how to start jumping off your leg that you’re standing on, kicking
with it and landing on it, o.k. Now, so we’re just going to practice basic jumping. Jumping,
just for right now, pick up your knee, practice this, just stand on this foot and just jump,
and land back on it, o.k. Just get the feel for that, going up and down, o.k. And, as
you do it try to go higher and higher each time o.k. Now, after you get that, practice
going, jumping over your foot, so you’re going to stick your foot out like this, stick it
all the way out and you’re going to jump right over your foot and you’re spinning in a circle,
o.k. That would be like a small five- forty, o.k. It’s very simple, you don’t need to jump
high at first, it doesn’t look like much at all, o.k. But, it’s good practice, stick your
leg out, o.k. Jump over it and come out, o.k. And, if you can do it, start jumping more
and more trying to throw your leg out there, o.k. We’re not doing the spin yet, we’re just
practicing the jump kick over to see, get the feeling of the five- forty, so again,
foot out, jump, and over so, just like that o.k. And that’s going to be your set up for
the five – forty.

41 Replies to “Tae Kwon Do 540 Kick : Tae Kwon Do Kick Jumping Drills

  1. This video is to learn from you narrow minded jackass. If you studied martial arts you might know a little more about what your running your mouth on about.

  2. Well I don't think I am ready to do that 540, because I'm only an blue belt in
    tae-kwon-do and the only thing I can do is just the normal tornado kick and the butterfly kick a little.

  3. Not necessarily, spinning kicks are very good to use in a normal fight.
    I'm 15, and a 1st Degree Black Belt, and from experience in sparring, doing spinning kicks, and jumping kicks are good way to show off skill and to confuse your opponent. Not to mention the many ways you can follow a spinning kick with other techniques.

    Dodging is pretty easy, but you must have pretty damn good reflexes to be able to block a jumping spinning kick.

  4. omg tae kwon do is korean. plus japan capital of tokyo?!?! like seriously japan is a country and tokyo is a city

  5. in 1910 the japanese started a colonial government an the new goverment forbade all korean cultual activitys an speaking korean was not allowed so there is a japanese influence on tae kwon do techniques but it is far from japanese karate

  6. Hwarangs were first, the japanese got the idea of samurais from them during the wars they had back during the three kingdoms era.

  7. …Actually modern day TKD is a continuously evolving martial art and sport.Just look at the changes at the Poomsaes and sparring rules that WTF make every once a while.As for the origins of TKD ikcjjtt has absolutely right.But unfortunately few instructors know …Anyway.TKD is all about love!!!!

  8. it looks a bit like he's jumping (dance). just joking. this martial art is known for his hudge kicks and every martial art is made like it would be the best to defend yourself so ok it looks like other martial arts but every martial art does. the kicks are crazy when they are performed well. speed is power in this sport but if you don't have enough speed it is useless.

  9. @rockstr16
    Taekwondo was invented in 1945 by General Choi Hong Hi.
    but there was another martial art called Tae Kyon:)

  10. First! theres no influence of karate on taekwondo, taekwondo was discovered at south korea N it is a little influenced by kung-fu not any karate. taekwondo is much much better than karate bcoz it is very slow as compared to taekwondo. So at last i would like to say that the man coming on this video is not sucker he is professional and other already fucked up guys like this user smokeystyle is one of those (fucked up) say any thing so don't U thumb up such user who them self dont know any thing

  11. @Smokeystyle i think u r brain is expired bcoz u your self don't know any thing about taekwondo and ur commenting on others, fuck Ur knowledge N U!!!

  12. Ok dudes, I see there's a lot of "trolling" about which martial art is the best, and the only thing I can say is PLEASE GROW UP!!! Each martial art in the world (kung fu/wushu, karate, TKD, lima lama, etc) is unique and has its weaknesses and strengths… the best martial art is the one you practice with the heart, not with your body!!!

  13. i am a 2nd degree black belt in tae kwon do and i thing this guy really knows what he is talking about. I had to do a 540 for a belt test it was so freaking hard.

  14. I don't see how much damage that could make…(CRASH) OW.Vincent why fuck did u practice the 540 on me that really hurts!!!

  15. Makes me feel like I'm at Boot Camp. You talk quickly, but I'm used to it. Thanks for the drills, I desperately want to perform a 540, but just can't seem to do it. I always end up half-assing and doing a Tornado Kick.

  16. Big thanks !!!!! After tons and tons of tutorial videos on how to do the 540 spin kick I finally learned how to do that thanks to this video ! THank you again !

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