8 Replies to “Tae Kwon Do 540 Kick : Tae Kwon Do Crescent Kick

  1. hiner is right about the fact that it doesn't matter if the knee is bent, bending the knee before kicking actually helps building up speed because your leg is making a short whipping motion and speed most important in m.a.

  2. @shadowballer20 Different schools, different names. Also, congrats that she can do it, but this guy, probably bigger than her, will make it hurt more.
    You also realize he's only demonstrating.

  3. In Rhee, this is a crescent Kick. A Hook kick uses the same motion but it connects with the Heel. A Muay Thai Hook/Crescent Kick is the same way only they spin 360 to do it connecting with the whole foot toes to heel.

  4. Shiett, real Black Belt Taekwondo, this is no black belt people like you've seen in Ip Man, 20 of you come in and you'll be crushed.

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