Tae Kwon Do 540 Kick : Tae Kwon Do 540 Kick Mat Practice

Hi, my name is Caleb Labarda. I’m the third
degree black belt, Tae Kwon Do. I’m here with Expert Village and today I’m going to be teaching
you how to do a five – forty. O.k. so another great way to practice, to start doing your
five – forty would be using a mat or something that’s soft and sturdy, that you can jump
off of. About right below knee level, o.k. I’m going to be using my mat right here, o.k.
it’s really good practice, it’s good! You can even have a partner on the other side,
holding out a pallet for you, you can be kicking it. So, from here you’re going to jump and
kick over, kick and that’s going to really give you the feeling of what a five – forty
looks like, o.k. So, practice from here, you’re going to put your knee up, jump over it, get
that kick, o.k. and land on the floor. O.k. now you are going to get a little bit higher
and it’s going to throw you off just a little bit, just cause you’re jumping off something,
so as you practice, you just want to slowly start using the mat less and less, putting
less weight on that foot, o.k. So, as you do it, you’re going to jump and using less
weight get over o.k. Now, you’re going to start throwing that kick out there, kick and
all the way over, o.k. And, that’s going to give you a great feeling of what your five
– forty looks like and what it’s going to feel like, o.k. And then after you get that,
start doing the spin, you’re going to step, spin, put your foot on the mat, jump and kick.
So, like this, jump and kick, o.k. That’s going to give you a good feel for the way
a five – forty is going to feel like.

22 Replies to “Tae Kwon Do 540 Kick : Tae Kwon Do 540 Kick Mat Practice

  1. ahh great advice, now all i need is a mat costing hundreds of pounds 🙁 I wonder if i could use like a solid box or would that be too dangerous?

  2. oh i rememebr like two years ago when my sensei introduced me to a 540 tornado. I was like so excited. but it took me like… two months to get a decent one. but a year to do a really high one.

  3. ITF Black belt "Rankings"

    1st-3rd degree = Novice
    4th-6th degree = Expert
    7th-8th degree = Master

    9th degree = Grand Master
    (Only a handful of these men; they have truely dedicated thier lives to Taekwon-do)

  4. Why practice this useless nonsense? You might break your leg or ankle. Be my guest. I will keep working my knees,elbows and leg kicks.

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