SYSTEMA KHOSROW HELLY Maintenir à distance une personne 2

We are always in this mental game to project the future
in the past, and then we make a deduction in the present. If anyone understood, because …
(Laughter) “But if he does that,” “But if …” … We’re not in the si.
If my grandfather did not have one, it would be my grandmother. You see, it’s going to be very, very far away. Do not live in if.
If I develop cancer … When I develop it I will see it Do not do that. Do not try to alternate the program,
because you are in the wrong, you are losing your time and your energy. And the result of that, it will be that
you will go back home convinced that it does not work, because as EVEGUENI MATKOVSKY says I ask you to pedal the bike from there to there.
I turn my head, I come. You are in the cockpit of an airplane. But you are not surprised if your planes crash. We are not pilots
I ask to pedal from there to there. Stay on the bike. Pedal slowly. If you need the 2 small wheels put it.
Do not be ashamed. This is the learning process. Do not change it. We only test ten minutes of combat
third generation. When he bends over me, I have to leave. He plugs but it’s not that. He is coming. Hop! it is done.
(Word muttered) If you see that someone happens like this, (Sound). End of the story.
And there is not even that. You see aggression. You see the tank coming in like that, you’re going
run away like that. That’s when the guy gets tricked. Do not push like that. Nobody cunning pushing.
You have seen a pickpocket … (Sound effect). This is robbery, there, it’s not pickpocket. Pickpocket, five times in the subway,
he does that. He gets used to you. It makes you sleep, because the movement … It is touching. So a sixth time, he’s doing that. He’s leaving.
There is a whole process. It’s not a trick, at that moment. It’s an aggression. You do not change things because
you will not have the same result and you will always be amazed from here, what. And you go home,
worse … it does not work. So you did everything for it does not work, because you have not
listened to the instructions and you did not follow the instructions. When I come, I come with cunning. I’m not pushing. I’ve come tricky. And then I tell him “Cours”. And there, he pushes me, quite simply. It surprises you because it’s simple.
But no one believes in simplicity, because it goes without saying. Before you remember you scratch your heads when you
ponder. Now you scratch your phones.
(Laughter) Because the intelligence, we took it out, put it in there.
Stay simple. All the efficiency is in simplicity. And work slowly, so still good, and do not do that.
And as soon as he sees us, that’s it. “I already did, sir” … It’s good. Do not be surprised that the program is simple,
because it’s supposed to be simple. Do not turn it in something that was not meant to
It’s really simple. It’s okay ? Second question. We do not know how to coordinate that. But if he catches me,
the thing that kills in an urban situation is doubt. Is it true or is it not true? No. You see a tiger is a cat.
There are grunts but for you it’s a cat, is it true or not it’s a shock. When it’s (only a tiger), good, it’s a shock. I imagine the shock. ” You want to see
the size of the cattle? Go away ! “. “Oh no, I can take a picture, anyway,
before… “. (Laughter). Curiosity useless. If it touches, it’s the triggering signal. You attack. I did not say
to counter-attack. If it touches, consider it like a … Hop! It’s a signal. If it touches, he wants to get me down. You did see
great [*] ? There, he was nice because he posed. But now, go with your head like this (Noise).
And when your head touches the ground, the weight of the person, it’s ping and we turn off the light. (Noise). So if that’s me
touch, yes … As soon as I touch, he will do something for a pie either he returns to me because I have
the same signal. All the more, if he catches me. He can not do two things at the same time. He will do
than one of the two. But whose [*] is he going to do that? Do you esteem yourself happy? If he catches you, on both hands
that he is free, now you know where the first is. So you have only one problem to solve
instead of two problems to solve. Which is it? It was not in that one. So it was in the other.
Maybe he will show the picture of his mother. I do not care. (To laugh). Yes. If you are in the scenario
here with a big S, highlighted in fluo, I bring you the scenario. Why ? You always think of losing. If it’s a reverie,
dream that you win too. Why ? It’s forbidden ? it’s forbidden to dream that I’m strong, that I can cope
to dangers. Still, they say I’m just shit. And then I will lose in the face of danger, me? How did you live 35 years, 40 years up
today ? Or 20 years old. There is still work.
(Laughter) But see, the program itself is simple.
It’s self-protection. It’s not a model fighter of ju-jitsu, systema, mixed with krav,
ju-jitsu, thing. It’s not easy. It remains real. He’s there. That’s it, he’s leaving. That’s it. And you do it,
Anyway, in a nuturelle way I do not drive I see. So we said: every time the other, it turns, – ouaaa –
you will turn. You are already in non-contact. (Sound), and all that. You were sending a text message. You speak with
your front passenger. And you see a Fiat coming. You trust the trick. Otherwise, every day, you have
an accident. You get off the car, you forget everything. You have all the reflexes that you need. You know it.
And you practice it daily. By bike, you do the same thing. On foot, in the street, you
do the same thing. As soon as I put someone in front, I forget that I exist, that I have a life, that I have reflexes,
who are good. I use it every day. Everytime that I open a door handle, I’m trying
to do my Brazilian ju-jitsu or African ju-jitsu. With each step that I go up I gave a knee in the air I do not need to knee. I ride
the steps. Its good. I kneel. Why do not you start in that direction?
Yes, but I do martial art. So I’m supposed to be assaulted no more than others. As Fred PERRIN says.
Last year, how many times did you fight? And the year before? There is a strong chance that next year no longer. It is called
positive deduction. Its good. And that, now, look. Here. Here. When I come, see me, if I come like this,
he stops me anyway. If I put my hand in the pocket, he pushes me anyway more expeditious (laughs).
Because he saw. So the idea is that he came to be cunning. It’s the same exercise. But visually, it’s a little different.
Viewing. There, I came because I had prepared my action. I want to come tricky. So he stopped me: “Sir, that’s enough,”
etc. He pushed me. Now it’s the same exercise. I arrive. He does not know me. He stops me. Shoulder.
And as soon as my hand goes somewhere, it grows. Shoot. Here. Its good. It divides the time of … He goes away. And me,
in my action, I … This is a small variation of the exercise. You come like that to trick. The plan was already established. Come.
And there he stops, he says, “Well, this is the moment.” So… So I can change, just visual.
The exercise, basically, remains the same. So…
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