.sydney Ambassador: www.kungfu.sydney

I’m Tristan Fung from the International Wing Chun Academy in Sydney, and I am kungfu.sydney The International Wing Chun Academy was established in 1973 by my father Grandmaster, Jim Fung. He was widely known as one of the world’s leading Wing Chun masters and was famous for his one-inch punch. A strike delivered an inch from its target, which could send an attacker flying. The International Wing Chun Academy now has nine schools around New South Wales and affiliated schools worldwide. When the .sydney name space first launched I had jumped at the opportunity to seize a domain name with a relevant and widely recognised keyword like Kung Fu. I was also drawn to the fact that it includes a location in the address which I thought would allow us to more closely engage with our customers from the Sydney region. When I first registered kungfu.sydney, I was very interested to test the effectiveness of the kungfu.sydney, URL against our existing URL wingchun.com.au. So for three months I ran a test through Google Adwords I created two ads with exactly the same headline and ad copy. I was very surprised to find that the kungfu.sydney ad had a click-through rate of 86% higher than our existing ad. This translated to a significant increase in unique visitors to our website and 100% increase in online class bookings. the .sydney namespace is an opportunity for national businesses like mine to more closely target their sydney demographic. I am kungfu.sydney

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