SuperKids Karate & Jiu JItsu Home School Offer

hey everybody kids love karate jujitsu
kendo all kind of martial arts kids absolutely love it, how do I know this? well my kids Abby and Keely (now 12 and 13) have been doing it ever since they were babies, like here’s Keely right here when she’s a tiny baby with my friend and my teacher
Royce Gracie, who’s a famous fighter I’ve been practicing a long time
myself. I started when I was 17 and it has had such an amazingly powerful
impact on my life in every possible way I can point to virtually almost every
success that I’ve experienced as coming back to the lessons that I learned in my
martial art practices starting all the way back with my first teacher Byunghoon
Park in Tucson Arizona. HE was just the most amazing person the practice I
have to tell you is extraordinary for KIDS. KIDS love it and so we now are
making our SuperKids program available for you that you can do right at home
and it’s fun it’s interesting… we’re practically giving it away,
I mean we’re we have all of our classes, all of our information, now is in the
form of a video series and a book series so that you don’t have to spend 40 years
like I’ve invested in my life to learn everything we’ve got it all down for you so
that you can really follow the process right at home… your kids can have a super amount of fun and learn skills that actually will help them throughout their
entire lives… we have our whole curriculum its designed
around these characters… we have 16 characters and the characters are in
charge of different items in our curriculum and so we unfold this step by
step for you and the nice thing about it is when kids have a martial art practice
to be able to move their energy and to focus on their self-esteem
it just flowers… then their focus gets amazing, their confidence like just it’s
incredible, and they are really becoming like super amazing problem solvers
because martial art practice is all about solving problems, especially the
practice that is our core practice which is Gracie jiu-jitsu… it’s all about
problem solving and real self-defense and why we kick … and we teach all this
kind of kicking and punching… the focus more is on actual self-defense and all
of the self-defense moves that we do Abby and Keely teach our whole video series… it’s all about the kids here and we’re inviting you and your family and your
kids into this very interesting practice you’ll get to meet Abby and Keely,
they’re gonna teach you a whole bunch of stuff… we’d like to invite you to become
part of this, in fact we’re happy to show you how you could actually make a
business out of this at home just like we did and it’s so fun it’s so
interesting just you even gathering a few people around you and
your household and setting up a little area where you can practice, can actually
become something, as it has in our family over the course of many years, we’d like to offer everything to you that we do at SuperKids Academy: Gracie
Jiu-Jitsu, Karate Kendo… our entire curriculum is available to you and a
place on our website we will put a little extension on there for you… and the kids will be able to see themselves on the web if they like… but anyways, all of our curriculum is available we’d like to invite you to bring it into your
household, play with it engage with us with questions we’re always happy to help you SuperKids Academy is here to help, you and your kids, learn all the foundations of martial arts right at home it’s super fun, and it’s very
interesting, come on board with us right here at SuperKids Academy of Karate, Jiu JItsu & Life Skills Click the link nearby for a totally complimentary trial and to receive our introduction Superkids Academy Book. Your kids will love it!

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