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  1. Thank you very much so very nice movei??????????????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Nice and lovely movie.. I like the movie so much.. Am so exited to watch.. .. Am watching it from Ghana.. Nice post

  3. Since it’s dubbing in India-english, i was waiting for them to sing acha – acha when they were on the beach.???. I felt like watching India movie instead of Chinese movie bcoz of the accent?.

  4. smoking is dangerous to your health my ass… Get rid of all fuel based engines first it emits poisonous carbon monoxide and other deady subtances. i have been smoking for almost 40 years now and still in good health.. i have my yearly overall check ups..

  5. i was surprised when i listen that 90`s Techno song in the club scene, it's a very rare track, the track name (who cares) is Andrea Visconti – Bubbles

  6. لا يوجد ترجمة عربي . زي واحد عاوز يخلف أولاد كيف بدون زوجه . النجاح مع العرب وتقيم العرب اكبر من اي تقيم

  7. What an idiot hearted old man greedy to everything but he can not fight buy himself except using a gone idiot old man.Kill him that old man he is an root of evil.

  8. funny sub but luv the story, why india just cannot get rid of or R meanwhile the chinese cannot say R no matter they tried, i guess that is how the cookie's crumble, hahaha

  9. At least it is english. I enjoyed the movie. Some scenes were so sad. Good always wins out! ??very interesting and entertaining!!!!!

  10. Indian telugu hero jr NTR movies
    ( RRR next movie and
    Bahubali director ss Rajamouli)
    Student no 1
    Jantha garage
    Nannaku premato
    Arvindha sameta
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  11. The heavy indian (bordering ridiculous) accent turns this movie into a comedy. Chinese people should not be dubbed by indians. Their pronounciation is waaay of too.

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