Successful Home Defense Teaches Us Some Valuable Lessons

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  1. Stupid girl! My wife would of ran to the kitchen and grab a butcher knife and would of stab the robber or die with me but calling the cops would of take the robber enough time to blow my head off and my wife. Luckily the robber didn't take control.

  2. Very easy to judge how people act on these situations, until you find yourself on one… When i lived in Vzla, visiting some family at the capital ( Caracas), me and my cousins took the car to go retrieve some painting that was being restored for the family, as soon as we close the doors, engage the car alarm and start walking towards the building, two motorcycles with 4 guys in total stop behind us. 3 of the 4 get dow and run into us brandishing what looked like Glocks with extended magazines, shouted something i can't remember, and proceeded to grasp my female cousin's purse. On that moment, my mind just went blank. Only managed to notice their guns, their black hoodies and covered faces, and specially their eyes. I couldn't move but i could see that these guys were fucking stoned. My cousins started fighting for the purse with one of the assaillants, i wanted to scream "STOP!, THEY WILL KILL US!", but i couldn't move, didn't even manage to put my hands up. Luckily the dudes just took the purse and went away. And after they were gone, my cousins crying and yelling, i could only hug them. But i still didn't feel fear or anger, just relief that this didn't end like many other assaults, in their victim's blood bath. Now i'm just trying to figure out how to be more assertive if that were to happen again.

  3. 💯 of home 🏡 invasions don’t happen in the home try talking to a squirrel 🐿 many of his nut 🥜 are stolen in the backyard! Oh I am sorry 😐 are we talking about people?

  4. I would have grabbed a kitchen knife or something = being 1/2 the size of attacker you need an equalizer. =Grab the gun then cut his throat.

  5. Set up her side boyfriend to get robbed. She didn’t react at all till After the struggle. She just watched calmly

  6. What a waste of a uterus. Your man is getting his butt handed to him trying to save all of you. Pick up a pot and start going to town on the intruder's head and yes, I am a female and doctor's would have been picking cast iron out of that guy's brain for hours.

  7. Grab the gun, deflect it, kick him in the nuts and push him over the stub wall to the right of the stairs.  That place is a split level  house with stairs going from ground level down to a basement. He would have14 treads=8' plus the stub wall another 42-48".  Total of about 10-12' fall.  That ht of fall would probably cause injury or worse especially going over backwards with or without the gun.  He'd be disoriented for sure, giving you a chance to get the gun and shoot him if the threat was not neutralized. I probably wouldn't have thought of that at the time tho.

  8. NO offence but why don’t women ever do anything in those videos. I mean her boyfriend/ husband could have been killed like wtf 🙄

  9. Well if I were her the first thing I would have done is grab a frying pan and conk the robber over the head several times then I called 911

  10. If you’re gonna be a coward and do this type of shit to ppl then others shouldn’t have trouble snitching why tf would you cover up for a coward ?

  11. The best possible situation may have been her to run up behind and put him in a choke hold while he then has to deal with 2 people and no control of the gun

  12. I would like to see that statistic! I am sure most of home invasions happen in someone else's home. Especially if you are the invader.

  13. Statistics show that 100 percent of home invasions happen in your home…lmao no crap i guess thats why they are caledl home invasions 🤔🤔😂😂

  14. Def a set up by the chick… At 1:05 he aimed the shotgun at the girl and focused all of his attention on the guy (in blue) as if he knew the girl….like ""ok shes cool….but you dont move mf!!!""

  15. Guy in blue shirt did what he could do with what he has. With that said guy in blue shirt hopefully after this happened got rid of the tramp, bought a pistol with a carry permit and finally went to the gym and aquired some strength and skills so he doesn't get ragged dolled so much next time

  16. The amount of cringe in the comments is staggering, but not unprecedented. It's like word salad flying at me at sub sonic speed.

  17. That girlfriend is definitely apart of that robbery. Shes still looking at her phone while a robber is standing there with a rifle/shotgun. I bet she text ol boy to let him know to come in. Almost reminds me of an episode first 48 or snapped

  18. If my woman sat there and didn't get up and smash the motherfucker over the head with something, she's no longer my woman

  19. if she wasn't running to get some Combat boots and stomp this guys shit in , leave her.

  20. To the people here who are attacking the girl here. You're the first to shit your pants. Everything from the girl's point of view happened in 15 seconds. Your pants would have been so shit that you couldn't even get up. In the 15 seconds after the shock she quickly regained her composure and called the cops. That was certainly more than you shit could have done in such an exceptional situation. People like you are the first to take out the cell phones and make videos instead of helping in an accident. In such situations there are 3 possibilities that correspond to the original instinct …. run away, freeze or attack. Attacking is still the part of men, but also an exception. Basically we run away if possible. With his campaign, the good guy also endangered his girlfriend's life. Here was luck on his side. Most deaths result from the escalation of such a situation. Most people come out of this situation unharmed or at least alive if they remain calm and do what the aggressor demands.

  21. John Korea: statistics state that 100% percent of home invasions happen in your home..

    Everybody else:

    Me: (thinks of that African meme) in Africa every sixty seconds a minute passes

  22. I mean hell call me crazy but I will put 1 or 2 two by fours on a mount in front of any doors in my house at night and if I'm at home alone

  23. One house you don’t want to go invade is John house I promise you not going to jail you going to your casket and is you charge him without a weapon and you think you can take out John we all get the breaking news… from there your going to the hospital cuz John is chunky but he noes judo grappling and some mma lol love my guy John I don’t get tired watching his video I go thru all of them plenty of times cuz I done watch all his video that what motivates me to protect my family I’m from Trenton New Jersey and I go to UFC gym that Frankie Edgar Eddie Alvarez and Marlon Moraes not that I train with them but I seen them training there is located on Robinsville New Jersey 10 min from my house

  24. Everyone saying she was in on it but sometimes people just freeze in complete fear. We also don’t know the back story, what if she was pregnant? What if her kids are in the next room?

  25. How is that girl just gonna watch? Probably let that dude in 😂 If that was me i would've looked for the hardest object near me and try to bash in the intruders head

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