[SUB] Ma Dong Seok/마동석/Don Lee_Super Deep Cleansing Form Commercial (2017)

Student ID #17, Yosemi (20) Student ID #15, Ma Dong-seok (22) Oh? Senior Dong-seok Cool.. Who’s that! oh! Senior Wash it with this It’s okay This is better than soap It’s okay, just wash it with water So get it and use it later Semiya, What do you think a strong man is.. Yes? I look like this skin I think this is a hot heart Senior.. Senior Dong-seok too cool I’m so excited Sister! Look here Take a look at the cleansing The impurities is tight clean! this super deep cleansing foam Hello I am Dong-sik, the twin brother of Dong-seok Sir!this is.. full of bubbles! It’s great for sebum and exfoliation! I know, I know Oh! Are you going to buy all of this? Semi Ucha I heard you met my twin brother Dong-sik yesterday Ha! Similar Where did I put it? I come to give you Senior, are you okay? Semiya, what do you think a strong man is Yes? Even if i get so dirty I keep protecting woman I need to go to bathroom Senior.. He is so cool Look at this fluffy bubble Hi, I am Dongsik Do you want to try this? It’s a bubble that’s blown out of proportionally Hey there! Semi! no Semiya! Hey that’s.. Did you hear that? Senior Dong-seok is going to study abroad today What? Senior Taking off? Semiya What does a strong man think? Yes? I never make a woman cry I’m not going Senior You always have a face big face Ha! Do you want use this one?

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