Speed drills for Martial Arts | Knee control Stances and forms training with resistance bands

Speaker 1: In Martial Arts, we do a lot of
different type of drills. I’ve demonstrated the front kick, the side kick, the round kick
and how it kind of relates with a sparing. We also have this basic strength conditioning
drills that we work on in martial arts. You can pull your bags out that you have in your
schools or even at your house. One of the first drills next is we’re going to go, what
we call, toe taps and toe taps, mainly, is where you’re working on speed, where bringing
that knee up, and you’re just tapping you toes up. That’s really going to help speed
and quickness; not necessarily strength but speed and that’s called toe tap.
The next exercise we’ve got from right there is when you toe tap from right there you want
to make sure that you just tap your toe. Just not bring it up but tap your toe and control
it. Next is slow. Now if you want to do this exercise slow, what that’s going to do is
develop more strength in those hip flex muscles; real slow with tapping and bring the knee
up and down. Bring the knee up slow, and just tapping, bring the knee up and down. That’s
a really good exercise for trying to strengthen that knee coming up and controlling that knee
and its real simple. All you need is your bottom of your bag, your big weight master,
and you can do that drill. That’s your number one drill.
The next drill we’ve got, come over here. Now this drill right here is really good.
You just take the bag off, and what we’re going to do is demonstrate. The main thing
here on a lot of martial arts we do a lot of what we call side thrusts, sidekicks and
its knee control. What you want to do from here is you want to bring your knee up and
you’re going to just kind of tap and then bring the knee back up a little higher. Now
thrust, re-chamber, now go down. Tap it, now put the leg down. Bring it up, just tap it,
tap the bag, pivot over, kick out, re-chamber and tap the bag and put it down and change
legs. Right, bring it up, tap it, bring it up a
little higher, side kick, re-chamber and down and at your side. Now what that’s going to
do is that’s going to develop those side flex muscles and so when you’re doing sidekicks,
you’re getting in the proper body position, you’re ready for a thrust kick. Now for another
drill you can do, it’s real simple. Off one weight master, we’ve got speed, we’ve got
strength, and also now we’re going to the side of the leg to develop a lot more side
flex muscles and everything. It’s going to help your flexibility as well because the
stronger those hip muscles are, the higher and faster you can bring those knees up and
that’s going to strengthen your maj…give you more height.
Next drill we’ve got over here is stances. Now I know in martial arts, we do a lot of
different type of drills up and down the floor. We do bag work, and we also do what we call
forms. Form strengthens the body. It also helps stances and flexibility. Next we’re
going to do a front stance. Now I think most martial arts understand, this is a common
front stance. Now it’s not what you use in a self-defense situation, it’s really used
to strengthen the legs out a lot more and help with flexibility and help with quads
to be able to do front kicks, and sidekicks. This is called a front stance. What he’s going
to do is, he’s going to step forward and as he steps forward, he has to control that balance
of the leg and also at the same time, when he locks his hip on the ground, this back
leg is being pulled on and he has to tense those quads up to lock the back leg. He’s
now solid; he has a solid base. Step one more time. Notice the whole time he has to control
that center of gravity, so he’s not leaning over, he’s not leaning back, his body’s straight
up and its going to make him a lot more solid right in here.
Notice what he does is he bends his front knee which will give it a lot more pressure
on the back leg, therefore is locks up and its solid. Now this is the front stance; real
common stance that we use in martial arts. Next we’re going to do a, what we call a back
stance or an L-stance and this… right here the weight’s on the back leg. Now what this
one does is its going to put a lot more pressure on a quad; its going to help the outside of
the leg, but more importantly, you’re going to notice, when you do this drill with the
bands on, its going to help that groin muscle right here; its going to make it a lot stronger.
When you’re sitting there, you’re going to spread those legs out, notice this band’s
pulling. When he spreads those legs out, that’s using
a lot of those groin muscles. Notice how his body’s and his legs… this one right here,
so when he steps forward, he steps forward, another back stance, same time. He has to
put his weight down softly so he can pick his front leg up and then also it builds that
back leg and that’s called a back stance. Even in the martial arts drills, you can work
on basic combinations, front stance, back stance. You can actually do your whole form
with the bands on as well, so a lot of martial artists, they practice their forms; pretty
well every day. You can hook these on. You don’t need a partner.
You can do this by yourself and just hook these on. Go through your stances. You can
go through all your forms and you don’t have to have that partner there sitting there trying
to hold and tug. You have your own control. You can adjust these bands. You can put a
double band on or a single band on according to what kind of conditioning you want to do.
That’s a couple of extra drills you can add to your training in your martial arts school
or even at home. Swing this way. Drop your knee.
Now I really hope you enjoyed all the really different types of training exercises we had
here today. The front kick, the side kick, the round kick, also the little drills on
the floor, the drills on the rail, also the bag workouts, also the stances, but you notice
the most important thing about martial arts training is you take every advantage you can
to make yourself a lot stronger and a lot better. These kinetic bands are awesome. They’re
going to help you on your way to becoming a lot better at martial arts. I know that
we train in our schools with this. It makes us ready and all I’m asking you, are you going
to be ready with the Kinetic bands because this is what’s going to make you great in
martial arts. I look forward to seeing you in the future.
We’ll be doing some more videos and get these Kinetic Bands because that’s going to get
you to be a great martial artist. Hope you have a great day.
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  1. @96679528 The Kinetic Bands are only available on our web site and are currently on sale.
    myosource . com

  2. i like the thing with tapping toes but the stances and the movement of zengutsu it`s not god!
    1. to wide (even if it appears you have more balance it`s not good)
    2. his front knee (doesn`t matter hidari/migi) it`s not straight ! tends to drop on the inside that will hurt his knee in time !
    3. when he make a transition move in zengutsu dachi he lifts his head i mean all his body must remain on the same level ! That will develop some musscles as well .
    P.s:Don`t take my comment as an offend!

  3. great video man great knowledge of ur stuff. one thing i might add is that it is important to also strengthen the opposite muscles that u are working in the video. this will prevent muscle imbalances which will throw ur posture off. work those adductor (inside thigh muscles) as well.

  4. I've experienced great gains in flexibility and quickness by using these bands. I tried using ankle weights but they were killing my knees.

  5. as much as I agree with the things mentioned in the video, those bands look hilarious! that said I am going to buy some shortly!

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