Soo-guen VS Boom Taekwondo battle! It’s not over until it’s over [Guesthouse Daughters / 2017.05.16]

(Kangnam wins) Do I switch gloves? No, no. There’s no need. Just wear this. Boom is at a disadvantage. I’ve never done this before. Boom. I won’t hit your head. You can. (Really?) More than half of Boom’s face isn’t his. (K.O. before the match begins) Get ready! (Match 2: Boom vs Sugeun) (Match begins) (Nervous) (Sugeun’s sharp turning kick) (I am Lee Sugeun!) (A great kick that even surprised the athletes) He didn’t win any points, but… (I didn’t win any points?) He’s hurt emotionally. (Clean) You’re fighting with all your might. I’m sorry. I thought he was stabbing me with a pick. (Sorry) (Oh my) He didn’t get any points because we counterattacked? No. He didn’t hit the sensor. (Sugeun’s kick was a little too high) Continue! Go. (Defense mode) Then I have to aim your face. (My face is more valuable than going through pain) (He’s indeed the Taekwon genius) (This time I scored!) What? Wait. Your foot sensor didn’t hit the torso guard. The sensor didn’t hit the torso completely. I blocked your kick. No, you didn’t. Let’s try it again. (Is there a problem with the sensor?) (Nope) It’s working fine. Did I kick him too hard? I think he blocked it well. – It works well. / – Alright. You’re going to attack now? We’ll start? (He repairs his equipment) (Match continues) If you barge in, i will kick you. (He backs out… Not!) (What’s this?) (Misook laughs at Sugeun’s skills) He’s like a kid. (They’re fighting with all their might) (Chaos) Separate! (It’s so funny) No one won any points. (A truly clean match) I kicked him six times. (Speechless) Continue! No one scored. (This dramatic fight doesn’t seem to end) Ah! (Boom is K.O) (Misook is K.O. while laughing) I told you we needed to put it on. (We can see the pain on his face) No one scored. (Chills) Oh no. He got hit there. Wow. I got hit right there. I saw stars. Are you going to give up? (Boom gets a point from Sugeun’s foul) That only has been a minute? After all that? You really overdid it. I won’t do that anymore. (A dramatic match starts again) (Suddenly very timid) (Sugeun wins two points) His chest. Push. Push. Push. (They get in a fist fight again) (The dramatic end) Go, go, go. Go. No one is scoring. (Please let us stop) Why doesn’t anyone score? There are no sensors in the fists. Fists don’t have sensors. Don’t use your fists. Fists don’t have senses? Why didn’t you tell me earlier? You must use your feet. You still have 20 seconds left. We still have 20 seconds left? (Despaired) Wow. This is unbelievable. This is so funny. I don’t think I can kick anymore. Go! 20 seconds. Hurry. Go. Go. (20 seconds left!) Stop. (Boom wins four points in a row!) (Roll) Go. (Where do you think you’re going?) (Come here) (This is like a drama without a script) Run around. Run around. This is just a street fight. (The referee gives Boom another point) (Eight seconds left) The sensor didn’t read it. Continue! Stay inside. Stay inside. (Sugeun gets a point with five seconds to go) (He only has one point to catch up) (Boom goes off-course) Blue team gets a minus point. (They’re tied at 6-6 with a second left) (This drama is so much fun) (The competitors are about to die) (Only one second left) Stop. Overtime. Overtime. (Do overtime?) (So overtime begins) Go! (Whoever scores first wins) Look at Boom’s face. This is fun. (Look at him) Ooh, it’s tense. (Something seems strange…) (A silent warning) (Walking backwards) He’s looking at my balls. (About to cry) (It’s so funny) (Help me…) He’s aiming for them! Stare back then. He told me to stare back. (They’re both drained) Continue! (Just beat me) (Then I have to do another match) You can do it! (Forget it) Stop. (Lee Sugeun wins) Go against Kangnam right away. Go. Go now. No rest. Come! I’ll knock you out this time! You’ll be surprised if you get kicked. He hit me right on the spot. It hurt so bad. It didn’t brush by. He hit me right there. Really. Oh no. I’m too scared. (Completely armed) Aren’t you supposed to wear that inside? I’m not scared anymore. (His confidence goes up) This is the finals. KBS Match. Today’s finals is between Lee Sugeun and Kangnam. Lee Sugeun is well trained. That’s right. He’s an elite athlete! He gave up pursuing it because of his height. Kangnam came from Japan. Attention. Bow. (Kangnam: Day 1 of learning Taekwondo) Lee Sugeun is over 40 years old. I think his physical strength will be a disadvantage. (Kangnam vs Sugeun) Is it going to be young Kangnam or skilled Sugeun? The match has started. It could end in one shot. Let’s end it fast. Don’t. They’re sizing each other up. Kangnam, come. Sugeun. Where are you looking? Sugeun, where are you looking? Don’t look there, Sugeun. I’m scared. Don’t look there. Don’t do that. Kangnam! He’s making his move. (He attacks while Kangnam looks elsewhere) Lee Sugeun wins two points. Quick boy Lee Sugeun. Kangnam is surprised. (Sugeun continues to attack) Kangnam makes his move again. He blocked it. (Kangnam blocks the attacks well) – Minus! / – Who? He might’ve not understood well since he’s from Japan. That was my popular phrase. Who? Kangnam is warmed up now. (Kangnam wins two points with a surprise attack) He won two points. One point apart. Sugeun is drained out. Sugeun looks like he’s smiling, but he’s not. It’s because he’s tired. Good. He did a push and kick. Four to four. Kangnam is doing well. He may be able to win big. People are early adapters. Kangnam knows about the equipment. He continues to score. Sugeun attacked and it’s 7:4. Will Kangnam be able to turn things around or will Sugeun win? Start. He goes… Kangnam makes his move. (Kangnam is aggressive) (Sugeun goes for the right timing) Kangnam. 20 seconds left. 20 seconds. Kangnam is waiting for the right timing. He dodged it. 15 seconds. Is it going to be gold or silver? 10. 9, 8, 7, 6, 5. Five seconds left. Red team! Minus. (A minus for wasting time) Continue! (Five seconds left) (Four seconds left) (Three seconds left) (Two seconds left) (One second left) (Match over) (That was close…) Red team wins! The dream he had to give up because of his height is realized on “The Guesthouse Daughters.” Water, water, water, water. We must do a match over who will cook tonight. Misook and Boom are excluded for winning archery. Leeteuk and Dahey were in second place. Kangnam and Siyeon were last. You will kick. The team that kicks more will win and the losing team will cook tonight. (Today’s final competition) (The team that kicks more in 30 seconds wins) (Who will end up cooking tonight?) The final 30-second match. Dahey, get ready. Go! (She starts kicking) Faster. Faster. (Dahey begins to speed up) (I’m tired already) Go, go, go. Go, go, go. – I’m tired! / – You can do it. 20 seconds! (She has slowed down a lot) 3, 2, 1. Stop! It must be tiring. – Good job. Good job. / – I’m tired. Dahey did 53 kicks. (Leeteuk’s turn) 30 seconds. Go! (He starts off well) (But his face doesn’t look good) (One two, one two) (Where are you going?) (I’m drifting further away) (Look at how I’m smiling) (I’m dying) Faster, faster, faster, faster. (He keeps ending up lying down) – Get up. / – There’s no time. Stop. How many? – 75. / – Wow. 75. He kicked a lot. (Dahey & Leeteuk has total of 128 kicks) Siyeon can finish that. Let me try once. Go. (What’s that?) Oh no. Oh no. Let’s do it. Go! (We’re going to win!) My pants are the problem. Get ready. Go! Faster. Faster. (Doing it slowly) It’s like she’s going through rehabilitation. (Heavy? Siyeon is going through rehabilitation?) (But she’s getting faster) There we go. There we go. (But she’s tired) (I’m tired) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Stop. How many? 65. (Siyeon did 65 kicks) – How did I do? / – You did more than I did. 12 more than Dahey. More than Dahey. The recipient seemed more tired. (Kangnam’s turn) (Hidden talent, Kangnam?) I’m worried. Get ready. Go! (He’s fast) (Unbelievable) Kick more! Why is he so good? (Strong man Kangnam) (He’s determined to win) (He’s slightly tired) To the end. (But his body and mind are separate now) (He unwillingly looks cute) Stop. My feet won’t move. 75. Wait. Is it okay to act cute like that? (Booboo Kangnam) (Cute cute) I can’t control my feet. You were acting cute. It was 140 to 128. Siyeon and Kangnam win! (Congratulations) Let’s go make chicken soup. We’ll cook stamina food. Please come and enjoy later. Come and eat. Thank you. Go, Korea National Sport University Taekwondo!

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